34 Years Old, Finally Straightening Up This Crooked Boneyard - Tampa, FL

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Day one: Oh, this will be easy. Just a bit of a...

Day one:
Oh, this will be easy. Just a bit of a pain to remove the trays. No big deal.

Day 2:
So, day one, I followed everything by the book. Only consumed water when my trays were in. Inserted and extracted the trays just as my dentist instructed. I nommed on a "chewie" like a zombie in the apocalypse. I want to make sure these little bastards start moving around and getting their shit together.

Back story time!
My teeth have always been a huge issue for me. It has caused me anxiety that has plagued my life since I was 6-7 years old.
It sounds so dramatic for something so superficial, I know.
Kids are cruel, man. Adults can be even worse.
Unfortunately, I had to fix 20 years of abuse and neglect before I would be qualified for ortho treatment, which included 15-20 fillings, periodontal treatments and a cleaning. Feel like I should take my teeth out to dinner to apologize. Ugh.
I've always wanted to straighten my teeth. My top row front teeth have been my biggest issue. I honestly never paid attention to the mess that was going on with the bottom teeth. Crowding like a mall on Black Friday, y'all. I was more impressed with the ClinCheck video of my bottom teeth getting shifted into where they should be. If this works like the treatment hopes to go, this will be so worth it.

Some notes:
-R.I.P. my nails.

-Coffee, I miss enjoying you and not slamming 3 cups like I just lost at Beer Pong at a frat party.

-I've been a notoriously slow eater my whole life. Dentist said not to have my trays out for more than 30 minutes at a time. I feel like the pie eating scene in Stand By Me. "DONE!"

-The little studs she fused to my teeth have hindered me from being able to chew much for a while. Guess I'll have to resort to a diet of cake. Aww yiss.

-Is there something I can do to stimulate my gums to help this process along? I'm aware of AcceleDent and Propel, which my dentist doesn't offer, but I'm looking for more of an "organic" approach (i.e. rubbing gums, applying heat, etc.)

-As stated above, I nom on chewies like it's my job. Is there such thing as too much? I bust out one of those baby pool noodles once about every 30-45 minutes and go over all of my teeth thoroughly.

-I am really interested in knowing some more about AccelleDent and Propel. Specifically, are there any long-term effects from it? I have had periodontal treatments (some pockets being 5-6mm) so I worry about damage to teeth that have already lost so much bone.
-Also, is there a way to request my dentist to offer those AccelleDent/Propel treatments? I hate to come off like "Hey, thanks for fixing my grill, but this is going to take forever, so if you could go ahead and just get this rolling with expensive tools you don't yet have..."
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