5'1 126 Lbs 520cc inspira natrelle Silicone Breast Augmentation - Tampa, FL

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I actually won my breast Augmentation on the radio...

I actually won my breast Augmentation on the radio. I lost had my daughter 8 years ago held onto the baby weight for years finally decided to lose the weight and rock a bikini lost 30 lbs then had a fit pregnancy and now have a 3 month old. I won a boob job right before I got pregnant. After two kids and weight loss I have nothing but skin left.

So I had my consult and we decided on 500cc mod plus silicone allergen Naterelle
Since my consult I have been so unsure if I made the right choice!!! So I have been on this site non stop! From what doctor said about my bwd and breast tissue he never discussed anything but 500cc and let me pick the profile. I think i want to change the profile to high profile but I was looking for a little more natural but he more I look the more I want to make the switch to high profile. Any input is welcome! Also I am terrified that 500cc will be huge!

Wish pics

My horribly engorged boobies

This is a picture of my engorged breast! The pain was so bad I had to put frozen veggies on them haha but this is an idea of what I'm expecting.


I have one 425cc and one 500cc very little difference

Sizers 500 and 425

It didn't load yesterday. I can barely tell the difference. I can't wait to have clothes fit me rather then falling flat on my chest

Another upload attempt

Finally definitely made up my mind

500cc Silicone high profile natrelle. I have about. Three weeks to go and I really want to stop stressing about size and profile and type just ready to be so excited I cannot wait to fill out my clothes.

This BA had kept me so motivated postpartum!

So I had my son 4 months ago and I had an awesome fit pregnancy. Before I got pregnant I was in the best shape of my life then won boobs then got pregnant :) now I'm back in shape and lost all the weight it's time for boobs!!!!!! I so deserve it! you can work on every part of your body aesthetically but not boobies!

Before photos

So I wanted to get a bunch of before photos so I can post afters here I am with a Chest ready for some breast

2 days after my BA

So I was never nervous jus so excited I got to the surgery center. Filled out my paperwork and went to the back talked to Dr Adams showed him my wish pics he was hilarious and ensured they would look way better! And make me feel super comfortable. Went bathroom them went in the surgery room. Where I finally felt pretty nervous but it happened so quick I didn't have time the nurse and anesialogist asked me where I was from started feeling loopy then I guess I was out. Woke up in a lot of pain couldn't open my eyes and didn't want anyone to talk. I kept hushing the nurse to be quiet while she was giving my boyfriend post op instructions. So needless to say that was the worst pain. And now that it's over I feel pretty damn tough for making it through that part. It's been 3 days of just meds and rest and I feel okay just lots of pressure.

3 days PO

5'1 126lbs started as a deflated 34b probably 34A 520cc natrelle inspira silicone cohesive gel


Still felling high and tight boobies in my pits but finally feeling good enough to stop the pain meds. Excited for these sisters to drop and fluff!! Not much incision pain only bruising on one side

Loving my new girls

They are still high tight and spongebob square boobs but I know there potential and I love them already so boob regret or greed feel like I chose the perfect size and the perfect surgeon dr Adams is an artist!!!

One week Boob bday

Not any crazy changes still some discomfort slowly getting back in the route of everything but taking it very easy as I want good end results. I'm so happy with them and the choice!!! Had my first post op and started massaging yesterday
Dr. William Adams

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