Lower Eye Lids - Bag Removal W/ Laser Incision - Tampa, FL

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This is my 2nd day after my lower bleph procedure....

This is my 2nd day after my lower bleph procedure. Incision was made with a laser.
The difference is amazing. The doc said he was happy with results and I totally agree.
I have been icing my eyes constantly for the last 2 days.

I do have some bruising along the tear trough, but I actually have less bruising than I was expecting.

I still have a little swelling, but nothing significant.
Immediately after the surgery, I don't think the swelling had formed yet and was totally amazed, the bags were completely gone, and the skin looked fairly tight. I was concerned the skin might be saggy, but it looks normal.

I am 46y male.

My only bit of anxiety was some very small drops of blood after I got home and starting applying cold packs. It was really just some very minor specks and they went away.

Because my doc used a laser for the incision, I did not need any stitches.
I highly recommend this since recovery time is supposed to be faster, and based on my experience I think this is true.

I don't want to jinx myself but so far I have to say my appearance is so much better and fresher looking.

My understanding is that bruising may take up to 2 weeks to go away. So I will have to figure out how to try to hide this for work somehow.

Right now, I have a little swelling, which isn't getting an worse, but it also doesn't seem like its being reduced with the ice packs.

For day 3, instructions say just use ice packs for residual swelling but I don't need to apply all day.

Luckily, my eyes don't feel dry, so I haven't had to use dry-eye drops. I am using eyedrops with antibiotic.

I will try to provide another post on day 5 or so.

Day 6 - The bruising is now pretty minimal. You...

Day 6 -
The bruising is now pretty minimal.
You may not be able to tell by the pic, but most of the bruising is yellow.

It also looks like I still have bags, however that area has flattened out quite a bit.
I had a lot of fat under the eyes to begin with.

Right now the tear troughs stand out prominently and is still giving me a baggy appearance under certain types of lights. My skin is wrinkled, textured along the tear trough, so I probably should have listened to the doc about also doing some resurfacing as well, but I chose not to.

I was hoping the tear trough would not so visible so this is my main concern.
Is the remaining swelling causing this tear trough to be visible or is it related to the looseness of the skin?

This is about 3.5 weeks after surgery.

This is about 3.5 weeks after surgery.
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I did a lot online research and I don't want to provide his name, but I will say he is prominent on the web.

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