34 Yr Old, 3 Kiddos and Excited of the Thought of Great Body. Tampa, FL

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Well, I am 5'6" and 128 pounds...yeah, skinny, I...

Well, I am 5'6" and 128 pounds...yeah, skinny, I know...too skinny for a bbl(but I rather butt implants though)well, I will start by saying that I can't wait for my butt implants..I have been hiding my body from boyfriend, friends and people(specially in the summertime) just because I don't feel comfortable in my own skin..I tried the gym but never got the results i wanted on my butt..sooo, cosmetic surgery it is....:-) I decide to share my story because I think it can help girls decide to stop hiding their body and do whatever it takes to change what they don't like about it...For me, it's my butt... I am a Latina girl, and most Latinas have a curvy body with wonderful butts that they were born with... NOT ME, I'm so flat that it's so embarrassing for me to even upload these pics of me from behind...but, I'm doing it because I know that it's gonna be very helpful for girls considering butt implants and picking a PS. A girl on this site and her fantastic results help me picked my Dr and finally go through w/ this ..Thank God I finally have the financial opportunity to get my surgery done on March 23rd 2016..I'll be having lipo on my lower back and sides, and then transferred to the hips with butt implants of course...and God knows I can't wait...I'm so tired of wearing butt pads only to have jeans and dresses fit just the way I like.lol...SMH..I am just praying that this surgery is a success and I get the results I want...I am very nervous because I never been under general anesthesia and also the thought of getting an infection just freaks me out....uufff, I just hope God will be with me..:-/

Pre-op apointment; checked!

I'm feeling super excited, yesterday was my pre-op appointment and I have to say I'm feeling very anxious(But in a good way)..I finally paid my procedure in full and got to talk again with Dr Temmen about what I was aiming for in this surgery (small waist,big butt lol).... She decided which implants she was gonna order for me and she went with two; the 360cc and the 460cc. Doc said she was going for the 460cc first and maybe trim the edges if it need to be in order to fit...she believes it will, but I don't know I guess one never know right ????...she ordered the 360cc implant just in case..We talked about anesthesia and the fears I have about this, just because I never been under general anesthesia before...she told me that even if they give me 3 times my designated amount of anesthesia, I not gonna die lol,but just stay intubated longer (like an hr longer or so she said).I don't know why I'm freaking out about anesthesia,I guess the fact of not being in control of my own breathing scares me...????....anyways, I also got my drugs for post op, and my garment which is super tight..don't know how I'm gonna sleep with that..I don't like the fact that is like a body suit covering half of the legs, was thinking about cutting the pants legs and make it like shorts, but I don't think I should...also, I like that these garment have a a big hole in between the legs to pee..????...thank God! Because taking this thing on and off will be a challenge, it's so tight.. I already tried it on and it was super tight and that was without any booty..I couldn't imagine how tight it's gonna be after sx...anyway RS girlies and gents, surgery is on the 23rd at 7am please send prayers this way,as I hope and pray for the best...I believe Dr Temmen is a perfectionist, I have seen her work with but implants and I have to say the girls look awesome..I also believe she will do her best in giving me what I want...(projection, projection, projection.lol).????... Will keep u guys posted..


Soo tomorrow is my sx and I can't help my nerves, I also feel excited of the thought of what could be..I Hope Dr Temmen give me the booty I have always wanted...????..will keep u guys updated after sx as soon as I can...

Preo op non-existent booty...:-/


I am having so much pain, pain meds are bring the pain down but not take it away completely.. I am thinking Ian gonna ask my Dr for a muscle relaxer because I feel my butt muscle contracting , is this normal ?? and this causes more pain..I'm also so sore from the lipo too. It's a challenge getting in and out ok bed..and I'm walking very slow and like a penguin..lol. hope I start to feel better in the next few days...I am a very active girl ,and right now I feel so handicap...:-/

Post op day II

So far loving my results( although anything was better than what I had before. Lol) my butt looks high and boxy but I know this is expected..I have to say Dr Temmen is great!! her staff and her had been very caring with me... They had been calling in checking on me since sx..I am happy that I found Dr Temmen, she's a great surgeon with wonderful bedside skills. She makes her patients feel comfortable with her and give them the sense of partnership which is very important in order for the patient to feel at ease with the hole surgery situation....here are some pics of current booty stage..lol..

3mths post op

Hey ladies....kind of disappeared from real self for a while, but I just been kind of busy working towards getting money saved for my breasts..( yes, I said breasts.lol) I want to get my breast done in November hopefully.. but, anyways, this is a butt update..:) well, I will say I'm really liking my new butt and I thank so much Dr Temmen for being such a outstanding surgeon. She gave me exactly what I wanted and gave me back my confidence...I want her to also do my breast because I believe she will do an amazing job once again..I am currently having no pain whatsoever ( thank God! That pain was horrible!), I only feel a little discomfort when I'm sitting for long periods of time. But that's about it..my butt fells like if I workout alot and I finally can twerk a little..lol...haven't mastered completely the twerking art yet but will soon...lol.. anyways real self ladies I just wanted to update a little about my progress and I will keep u guys posted about future surgeries and butt.. :)
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