Breast Reduction Journey: Dr Ortega in Miami

Hi everyone!!! Before I start I would like to say...

Hi everyone!!! Before I start I would like to say how much I love this site. There are so many positive people on here and so many reviews, this is like a kick start helping me want my breast surgery even more.

so I've been wanting this breast surgery everything I was a teenager. my breasts were always huge every since I can remember. wearing training bras at an early age in elementary them getting bigger throughout my grade school years. my most humiliated moment happened when I was in middle school and never want to rekindle that moment ever again.

of course I'm wanting this surgery to better myself esteem. the weight of my breasts also comes with back problems, shoulder problems, and also grooves in my shoulders. the back problems getting worse when I'm working. I'm a cashier at a major retail store so there is constant standing. sometimes I find myself leaning on the snack area by my register while waiting for the next customer because I can't hold the pressure of the weight of my breast. A few of my coworkers noticed it also. and sometimes its a constant need to go sit down and take a break.

long story short, I've just made my first step into making a Dr appointment with a primary care physician to get the ball rolling.I'm very excited hopefully I get the referral to see a plastic surgeon. and in hopes of my insurance approving the surgery. I'm with Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida. if anyone has any input about them please let me know I'm open to all reviews. I've already read their criteria are online and I know that some people didn't have to go through all of the exact criteria. I did fail therapy sessions last year, I only went do to a car accident, for neck and back pain. if anyone knows, do you think they would take that into consideration?

a little background, I'm 23 years old, I've been wearing a 38 DD bra, but I was the recently measured a 38 F cup.

thank you for reading, leave any input the help me on my journey.

Actual Measurement

I just measured myself today sinceiI haven't in a while. Im measured at a 36 I/j according to a site I went off of.


ideal Measurement

Lol sorry guys, I totally forgot to add my dream size... I dream of a B/C cup. Do you guys think thats too small for my frame based on my pictures?

Waiting on Referral

Good news!!!! Went to see my PCP today. I thought it was going to be a hassle trying to get a referral from him because im a new patient to him, but it was simple and easy and he agreed that I should see a surgeon for breast reduction. He says within 2 weeks they will give me a call with referral to a surgeon they find. (Also is this usually how pcp give referrals, beacuse I read quite a few reviews and it seems as though some people received theirrreferral on the spot instead of waiting)

referral found

Wow, I didnt think it'll be this fast!!! My pcp called with a surgeon in mind and his name is Naji Baddoura here in Tampa, Fl. Im excited, but I know I still have the hardest part to pass, which is getting insurance to approve surgery.

May 9th

Scheduled appointment with PS for May 9th, a little over 2 weeks..... ugh the wait :-(

ekkk... better view

bra marks

appt rescheduled

Welp, my appointment has been rescheduled...????.... I was so hyped this week..... well the wait for ANOTHER week......

letter for br

Ok. So I haven't been updating... sorry. But I did meet with my PS, he seemed great gave me a whole lot of information. I didn't have too many questions as of yet, because I wanna make sure insurance appoves me before jumping the gun of asking so many questions. So they took pictures and everything. But now I have to return back to my PCP so he can write up a letter to insurance and my appointment is this coming Friday, until then, im going to lay low and update when my PS sends off the paperwork to insurance.

claim sent

My documents have been sent off.... so the ps office says. When should I call my insurance to see if it really has been sent to them?

Having Second Thoughts

This is taking an awful long time. Ive been constu contact my ps office once a week since my last post. Was told last week my papers had to be mailed and they were sent off the week before last. I'm just getting really impatient with this ps office. I don't understand why it would take this long. I hope I get approved for waiting this long. And to top things off, im currently in search of a new job and enrolling in school in October and don't want this surgery to interfere with either one. PLEASSSSSSEEEEE HURRRRRYYYYY LOL


I'm in search of finding a new office... would I need another referral? I don't want to keeping paying a co pay to just tell him I need a referral...I went to the original PS office to see what's the hold up with my insurance.getting the papers. .. the receptionist said it's taking over 5 week for insurance to get a mailed off paperwork. .. doesn't make since. I can care less how long insurance takes to approve it but they.should have at least had my paperwork! I also showed her a letter from my insurance provider stateing they haven't received papers yet and to have the PS office fax it in instead.... and the receptionist wouldn't even do that! She kept saying that she had to mail it off. So I'm upset with this off and moving on somewhere else....

any recommendations? ???

Does any have any recommendations to a great Doctor who does excellent breast reduction in the surrounding area of Tampa, FL. Or any in Florida? Please and thank you.

Update: still have not heard anything from the original doctors office, so im going elsewhere.

im back

So to this day, i still havent heard anything from this office, i feel like they've waisted my time.... The doctor was highly recommended by my pcp. And speaking of my pcp, i don't feel he shoes anything to help out so this year starting FRESH since last year was unsuccessful.... And yes... Breast are still big and feel like they are getting bigger by the minute.... This go round I'm DETERMINED on getting this done...

Consultation Tuesday!!!

I have my consultation Tuesday with a new PS. He has great reviews here on RS. and was highly recommend thru a family friend. Geesh i cant wait. Will keep you guys posted when Tuesday comes.

consultation with Dr Greenwald

I had ny consultation with Dr. Greenwald today and i am so excited. It was a quick and easy process. Soon as i met him, i knew he was the one.... (lol I just made it sound like a love story)... but thats how awesome he was today, answered all my questions thoroughly and the office staff was amazing. He had tons of pictures of his BR work.... and when I say TONS, i mean TONS, as if he does this with his eyes closed! I have a good deeling this may work out..... just gotta get approved and now the waiting game.....

1 year after first review... no change

These things are Still big as ever!!!!

Correction Everyone...

No work done just yet. The recent posted pics are what my breast looks like now and what i was born with lol.


The Dr wanted to take 700cc out. I was denied b/c my insurance required 900cc

Yea im still at it

So Ive been still doing my research. I have a few doctors in mind. 1. Tania Medina in DR. and Dr Mel Ortega in Miami(which is much closer to home). Im still also considering Dr Greenwald still. Also does anyone know if Dr. Sergio Alvarez in Miami does breast surgery well. I put in a consultation for Ortega @ Spetrum Anesthesia and i received information back on Alvarez with a quote of 4200 for everything not including home after care. I went to his actual website and he had absolutely no before and after pics of breast reduction.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

This was the first surgeon i picked. ONLY reason i won't recommend him is b/c the office staff not doing their job

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