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Im havin lipo done on my abd n flanks and a breast...

Im havin lipo done on my abd n flanks and a breast reduction I've finally workd up the courage to do it im so excited n scared n nervous n ugh everything!! Sx date is july 11th n im comfortable with that date.my recovery timing is my main concern n gettin the xtra help i wil need n support. Im ready

Are we there yet? no we're not,but close

My preop appt is comin up on the 30th,im stil scared im planin on working rite up until the nite of my sx ik im not gna b able to sleep n e way lol.i hav to say since my decision to change my body sum relatives n friends hav not ben as supportive as i thought,the advice from my small chested friends i COMPLETELY IGNORE lol bcuz they hav no clu wat its like n sum sy god made u the way ur supposed to n o this one is the kicker "jus wrk out more,thats being lazy

change of views

I cant fault them for sayin that,idk ware it cumin from its either a place of jealousy ,or sum othr unhappy place, it doesnt matter im doin this for me.i used to b one of those that believed plastic surgery was for lazypeople,HOWEVER i dnt believe that n e more bcuz the struggle is diff for everyone kids n gravity,an aging has wreckd my body i excercise alot but is that gna magically lift my big heavy n the air? No! Or wat about a hormonal issue? That makes it even harder to lose weight n get ur body ware u want it to b or the ladies that are skinny,but hav this Abnormal loose skin on their stomach known as an apron? Situps n crunches def not gna wrk ok! Doesnt matter how many either. ALL the lunges n squats n the world aint gna help ur booty that much if u dnt hav one? So if u r unhappy wit ur body aint nothin wrong wit a lil nip n tuck here n there jus do it wit realistic expectations n an accredited plastic surgeon,not these back alley hacks!


Breasts,big heavy breasts n the air

pre-op appt

I had my appt on mon,weight check in,bloodwork,n vital signs chekd they sed they wud call me if there were issues,but they ddnt so im happy my blood pressure was unusually high,but i suspect thats from my nerves,ive gta pickup my prescripts,plus buy a decent lookn used recliner i was on the fence about the chair until i was told to sleep sittin up for 2WKS! My jaw droppd lol! So yes i NEED IT! Ive got SO MUCH TO DO,feelin a bit overwhelmed,but i CAN DO THIS!

post op

Can anyone suggest a good company to buy a post-op bra n compression garmnt? i wud like2buy a spare u knw? N the dx's is pricy,seems more economical2buy one on my own. I decided2 jus buy a recliner,renting a chair is ridiculously high!(omg!) They hav a dep fee n delivery fee and a cleaning fee geesh its enuf to make ur hed hurt


My surgery is in the morning@8:30 n im shaking,eating n drinking all the same time ive ben shaking all day ik im goin2 probably cry wen they take me bak im gettn emotional now bcuz my six year old grabbed me n started crying she's not taking this well at all she cried the first time i tried2explain to her wat i was havin done please wish me luck

im out

I made it im n pain sumtimes if i miss a pill the pain wil spike very high im stil loopy

drains are out,nipples lookin angry

My drains r out n it did hurt for i saw mixed opinions on the drains n they hurt for like half a sec DEPENDING on how long they are mine werent that long so i felt her pull them out ,n them cum out, a pain they do it quick,if anyone tells u they gna do it slow DONT LET THEM,quickr is bettr im my nipples look bad rite now but i hav patience the lipo effects is instant my pants r fallin off me lol the doc did say to me the op day n on my consult to consider a TT if i evr want my stomach n loose skin truly gone,maybe nxt year i wil.

time heals all wounds

Well hello everyone! Wat a journey its ben.my wounds hav finally closed AND ive ben bak @wrk for a week now goin n2 my 2nd week i thought i was well prepared but my experience has ben unique to me IVE gta post piks i lov my results so far its not perfect ONE NIPPLE IS BIGGR THAN THE OTHER but my doc says in time the smaller one wil get biggr I FEEL SO SEXY AGAIN! my waist has gne in alot n ik its not dun!! People@wrk even noticed! Im wearin things i havnt wrn n a couple of years lol! My boobs r small n SIT UP SO HIGH LOL. I REALLY NOTICE A BIG DIFFERENCE N HOW IT FEELS TO NOT B TOP HEAVY i even walk differently

Bbl update

Well selfers! Ive got my BBL date and its the same day as my prev sx (ironic ik) july 11th. Im excited, cant wait!

BBL new date

Hello realselfers i decided to change my date and its now 6/27/16 instead of 7/11/16. Im still losing weight i got the ok from him he says another 10-20pds wont really make a diff and i can recover in july and get bak to wrk before august(kids bak in scool) and i need my finances in good shape by then and im on a strict diet right now and lots of excercise too?

New booty

Im trying to figure out wat to tell people when they ask about my new booty? My hope is that i get a nice juicy booty with some hips i need hips!! lol i have none! They go in instead of out lol im ready to be pear shaped not apple shaped

Best booty with dr.mendoza

My bbl is so close! It's unreal now its monday the 19th and i still have little things left to pickup but 11 days so exciting! I hope my recovery goes well. Had a bumpy road with my last surgery. I remain cautiously optimistic????

Its the dayyyyyyyy yah

Its here an im up an at it. i wore myself out cleaning an i slept from 2a-5a im lining my bed with a plastic wrap n a dark sheet i dont care for im gna get on the road at 630.
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