20 Years Old. 34jj 5'3" 160lbs. No Children - Tampa, FL

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My large breasts have hindered my life for long...

My large breasts have hindered my life for long enough. I have random sharp pains in my neck, back and shoulders several times a day. I can't do anything without wearing a bra. My breasts get in the way of everything. I have to 'adjust' them just to comfortably take a relaxing bath. I love clothes, but I've never been able to buy the clothes I love with out getting an XL and then I look bigger than I really am. My breast look so large my head and shoulders look tiny. My body frame is petite, so when my boobs were getting growing they ran out of room and started growing outward. They are always touching my arms and I can't stand it. They limit my life so much. My breast are not saggy, but they hang low because of the excessive weight. I found a website called bare necessities and I can wear their bras and bikinis somewhat comfortably. I love the idea of going bra less, but I feel disgusting when I don't wear a bra. I'm currently in the process of finding a surgeon in Tampa. I cannot wait until I can wear cute bralettes from Victoria's Secret or no bra at all. I would really appreciate tons of information from you ladies. I always thought about getting a reduction, but after finding real self I'm actually pursuing that dream. My consultation for my first pick surgeon is tomorrow!
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