Pre-op-55 Y/o, Lift W/implants Are Phase 2 of my "Mommy" Makeover (I'm 1 Week Post Op Lipo of Waist, Back, Abs, Sides of Breast)

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I have saggy C or D cups...I'm not exactly sure...

I have saggy C or D cups...I'm not exactly sure what they are since they're saggy, Grade 1+ ptosis, not very bad but I have no upper pole fullness. I can't tell what size they actually due to the sag, do I just count where I think the actual breast tissue is or do I count the stretched out skin and flab that I allow to fall into my bra cup? What I want is to either stay about the same size (maybe smaller), but I want them high, round, tight with upper pole fullness and for them to stay up by themselves, like how they look when I'm wearing a bra. The plan is a donut/Benelli lift with a small implant for a round shape with upper pole fullness. I was a B cup before I had my kids and I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy (probably borderline diabetic) had big babies. My breasts got large from the weight gain, I breastfed each kid for 2 years. I don't blame sagging breasts on breastfeeding, I think that belief gives breastfeeding a bad name. After the initial engorgement after childbirth, they dropped back down and stayed a constant size while breastfeeding and after weaning. Losing/gaining weight and age didn't help either. I just had lipo and I will continue to shrink for the next six months. I just want a balanced look, not be top heavy due to my broad shoulders. I'm still in the process of dieting down to lower my bodyfat.

Mommy Makeover Phase 2, Benelli Lift W/small Implant for Upper Pole Fullness

Surgery is July 25, 2016. Want the girls to be high, round and firm so they stay up by themselves. It would be nice to wear strappy tops or sundresses again. I think I'm about a C/D; it varies depending on the bra, it's hard to tell when there's sag and loose skin. I just want a nice balanced figure and not look top heavy or matronly, and not have problems fitting into clothes. I just had lipo of my upper/lower abs, waist, back, mons, sides of breasts so I'm expecting I'll have an easier time finding clothes. I'm 5'5", 152, broad shoulders, thick waist, narrow hips, flat butt (I'll work on that in the gym, I did not want a BBL)

BL/BA postponed 3 months! Bumming! :'-(

I'm so bummed about this but can't do anything about it. So, I'm 4 wks post op lipo and out of the blue, some of my healed incisions are opening up. The small incisions in the inframammary fold started first. They have been very tender from day one and easily irritated by my bra or compression garment so that I had to add something soft to protect them. (I had also started scar massage with Mederma). But now some others have now turned puffy and red, with a fluid filled blister which will break open and leave a hole. I have one incision on each PSIS, the right one now has a little hole, and the incisions on my old TT scar doing it too. So weird… I called my PS and he called in a Rx for Silvadene cream which I applied right away and then I went in to see him later in the day. He looked at them (under the breasts) and said they're not infected but because the skin opened up bacteria can still get in there so he said I have to wait 3 months for it to heal and for my body to kill off the bacteria that may have gotten in there. He doesn't want to take any chances of the implants getting infected and I agree. I wish I knew why this happened and if I may have caused it.
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