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After working hard to lose the 25 pounds (in a...

After working hard to lose the 25 pounds (in a little over 4 months), that I gained over the past 3 years during early menopause, I'm doing it! A lift and implants! I used to be a full D/small DD until the weight loss. However, tomorrow I am scheduling my surgery for November 18th! Nervous and excited. I've never had surgery, and a little apprehensive about the anesthesia and post-op pain meds. I've never taken any before. I've been following some of the ladies' progress on this site for some time now, and I'm so thankful that you all are so willing to share your experiences, tips and tricks for a speedy recovery!

The game plan right now is a lollipop lift with 350CCs Mentor silicone moderate profile implants. I'm attaching a few photos of my deflated, saggy, little girls. I did rice sizers today using what is equivalent to 350CCs. I stuffed them in my VS DD bras that I barely fill these days. Looks like 350s will work!

Will continue to post updates as my surgery dates moves closer. Feel free to post any tips and tricks to prepare for surgery day and a quicker recovery! Also, any and all advice of minimizing the scars from the lift would be appreciated! Thanks all!!

Wish Boob Pics

Some of the women in my "wish boob" pics haven't had a lift; or if they have, you certainly can't tell. I worry about the scarring. I wonder if I'm being unrealistic as the ladies in the photos are younger than I am. Dr. Diaco will make the final decision as to what type of implant to use based on the wish boob pics I bring in at pre-op. I did speak with Amanda at his office (She's been great. Very patient. Answers all my questions and makes herself available if you have any further questions.) She confirmed he'll more than likely use Mentor Memory Gel Smooth Round Moderate Profile Plus. She says he likes those and they are commonly used for the look I'm trying to achieve. So without further ado - my wish boobs! :) Many of which you've probably seen before as most of the ladies hereon RealSelf seem to like them, also!

Pre-Op Nov. 16, Surgery Nov. 18!! Excited and scared crapless!

One month from now and I will have a new set of twins :) Really excited but scared to death - mainly because of the recovery time. I'm really hoping I bounce back quickly. I scheduled my surgery so it would fall over the Thanksgiving holiday. I have 11 days off. Hoping that's enough time. Anyone care to share more about their recovery?!! Please post when you can or direct me to your own updates!!

Surgery is at noon!

Anxious, excited, nervous :) seriously hoping the pain is manageable with minimal pain meds. Wanted to post a before pic for comparison later on. Will try and take pics after I'm all marked up.

I have cleavage again! :-)

I will post a better update, tomorrow when I feel up to it. But everything went great today! My surgery started a little late so I'm still feeling groggy and dizzy from the anesthesia. I've taken one pill for nausea. But so far, I haven't needed to take any pain meds. Anyway, just a quick update for now. Here is a picture of my chest mark.. Will check in with you all tomorrow!

So far, so good!!

Hi ladies :) So my surgery was yesterday. I seriously don't remember much of anything. Once in the operating room the anesthesiologist said "I'm going to give you something to relax" and that's the last thing I remember! Woke up in recovery and felt incredibly nauseous. They gave me medication for that. Got home and crashed. So far... NO NEED FOR PAIN MEDS! Yay me! I was so worked up over that. I am a control freak.... I admit it... I don't like not being in control and not being myself and I know how loopy and weird pain meds can make you feel... and they make you feel sick to your stomach, too. I just did not want my experience to be like that. Thank you God! All I have needed is Tylenol :) So I feel good, like my usual self. I feel a tightness or a soreness like if you work out your chest really good... but that's it. My lower back hurts more than anything from having to sleep propped up.

My left boob is more swollen than my right which bothers me somewhat. I hope that's normal and not that there is something wrong with the left one. I went to my follow up appointment this morning and Wendy, in Dr. Diaco's office, said everything looked great - I'm just really swollen - which is expected obviously. But overall, a good experience so far! Dr. Diaco is great. Called last night to check on me. Wendy, Amanda and everyone in the office have been great! I love that they give you a little gift bad with a really cool black fitted V-neck t-shirt that simple says "Diacos" across the chest! As in "Dr. Diaco did these"!! Can't wait to where it. Although then everyone will know Diaco did my boobs! LOL! He's know for that though!

Here is a pick with my drains. They look slightly "lumpy." I guess that is what is known as "Frankenboob"?? When I'm up to it in a day or so I'll remove the bra and post a pick. I'm just don't want to freak myself or anyone else out with they way they might look now! I've not gotten a good look at them myself yet.

Parting gift :)

Got this at my post-op appointment yesterday! :) I love it!!! The "D" is a boobie :) No real change. Still swollen... a little sore. No real pain. Sleeping propped up sucks. My back hurts, but other than that, so far my recovery has been a breeze. Hoping that continues! I have another appointment on Monday and hope they take the drains out. I just want to shower and wash my hair!

Day 4 - Just a quick update and a few pics

Hello ladies :) 3.5 days technically since my surgery wasn't until 1:00pm Wednesday :) Still feeling great.... I still haven't had to take any pain meds, just Tylenol. I could probably stop taking it and see if I feel any pain, but figured I would wait until my appointment tomorrow. Hoping they take the drains out. That's been the hardest. It's sore where they inserted them under my armpit and my bra rubs it.. and I'm paranoid I'm going to accidentally pull one out. The nervous endings are starting to wake up I guess??? I get weird sort of twinges in breast around my areola/nipple. The post op instructions sheet on what to expect indicate that's normal though. Overall still just a really good and painless experience. I think I'm healing fairly quick too. They are swollen but I control that with ice packs wrapped in a towel.... the swelling subsides and then later on I have to ice them again. I would swear one is starting to drop already but I'm sure that is wishful thinking!! Hey, mind over matter! The mind is an amazing thing! We can manifest all sorts of things with our minds! The power of positive thinking :) Here are a few pics. Will update you all tomorrow after my appointment!

Breast Surgery Tips & Recovery

While Googling what to do for post-op tummy bloating, I found this list which is super helpful.

Just wanted to share :)

Pre-Turkey Day Update :)

Saw Dr. Diaco today... he confirmed what his dad did - everything looks great and I'm healing nicely :) He OK'd me to sleep flat on my back! Yay me! I will finally get a good night's rest. Sleeping propped up was killing my back! I'm doing my arm stretches above my head a couple times a day. The soreness is minimal now. I have sensation in both nipples. It's actually a little hyper sensitive.... sort of like it was the first time I got testosterone pellets for my bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (effing menopause!) I'm just thankful to get the sensation back as I've read some women don't. They look the about the same. My right (your left) is still riding a little high and under near my armpit, so one looks like it has more lower pole because it is actually dropping a little already. Once the right one starts to settle in and drop a little it won't look like one nipple is higher than the other. I tried a regular sports bra on today. They look HUGE! LOL! So nice to have cleavage again though. I also tried one (for just a quick minute) one of my old VS DD bras with underwire. I fill it out nicely so I'm excited I'll get to wear those again!!!

Hope everyone has a beautiful Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be grateful for! Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones! xoxo!

Inexpensive sports bra options until you know your true size.

Just a couple of pics of some really reasonable sports bras, etc. to wear until you know your true size. I don't spend a ton of money on really good bras until my girls drop and fluff.....

I've never been patient....

Seriously... It's only been 10 days... I finally walked my trail yesterday. The short one.... I can't run yet obviously. Felt good to get some exercise. I feel like my body is turning to mush. I wasn't as firm as I'd like to have been going into my surgery. I just want to get back to my routine.... Feeling a little blah I guess. Would feel better if my boobs would drop and fluff :) There's that lack of patience thing again! Day 2 and Day 10... Not much change really. The right one is still tight and riding high under my pit. Once it drops a little my nipples won't look cock-eyed. It's funny... When I look in the mirror I think maybe I should have gone bigger. But then in pics I'm fine with the size. I don't think he would have gone bigger though because he said you can risk damaging the lift if you go too big. Sutures come out Tuesday and then hopefully they will start taking shape!

17 days today.... Not much to report....

Hey all - Nothing new really. My right one (your left if you are looking at my pic) seems to be my problem child. It's just not dropping at all yet - at least it doesn't look like it. You can tell my left one is starting to a little. It his starting to get a little more lower pole fullness. My right is still riding high and under my arm pit more. Once it does drop the lower pole will start to fill out and the nipple come up a little and be even with my left. But for now, no real change from my last update. I do think my scars are looking a little better. I haven't been cleared to put anything on my scars yet. I got back for another check up in 10 day so we shall see! Right now, I'm told "time" is my best friend and just be patient :) Oh, and I'm trying Scar Away on my incision scars from my drains to see if it works well. If it does, then I may try that on my lift incisions when I'm cleared to use something... Unless Dr. Diaco recommends something better....

Steri-Strip free

Incisions look pretty good I think. Tomorrow is 3 weeks already! I wish my right one would drop a little and slide away from my armpit so I didn't look and feel lopsided! Overall though I'm happy with my progress.

Incision pics 23 days

Happy with my incisions. Waiting for the rest of the glue to dissolve. Not crazy about the shape yet, but I'm learning patience! Looking forward to my check-up on Tuesday. Wednesday will be on month!

Leave them alone.....leave them alone....leave them alone....

Not much to update... I went for another follow up today. One month tomorrow! It's gone by pretty quick actually. I don't have to go back for another month. Now - I just wait.... and LEAVE THEM ALONE.

He addressed all my issues and basically told me I'm coming along nicely and just leave them alone. I asked about the cone shape and should I be doing anything.... he said just leave them alone. I asked about my right one sitting high underneath my arm pit so my left appears to be bigger and he said just leave them alone - no massaging is necessary. Although he did sort of squeeze/massage the right one to try and move it a little I think. We'll see if that gives it a little encouragement to slide down and toward the center of my chest a little more. I asked about the Mondor chords under my left one and if there was anything I could do to minimize those. He said they'd go away and to - you guessed it - leave them alone! LOL! But he did have me raise my arm and then he applied pressure to it. You could actually hear it sort of pop or dissolve and it is a lot better now! He did that twice. It didn't exactly hurt but was uncomfortable and is a little sore but almost gone now.

So bottom line - leave them alone. NO massaging, NO scar cream yet, NO nothing. He did say (because I am or was concerned that the right one might be smaller - though he says it's not) but if there is something that needs to be addressed we would address it at 3 months. He assured me if he thought there was anything to be concerned about he would tell me but that really everything looked great.

So, I feel a zillion times better and just need to continue to bide my time and be patient. The next month should go by so quickly with the holidays. Lots of ladies have said week 5 - 8 are huge for changes so the way I see it - something to look totally forward to!!! :) Will update you with pics as soon as I see some changes! xoxo all!

One month today :)

I'm one month today. I'm happy so far but wish I would progress a little quicker. I've never been a "good things come to those who wait" kind of person. I'm more of a "if you want good things, get off your fanny and make it happen" kind of girl. So this waiting thing sucks. Still cone shaped. My right one just isn't budging so it looks smaller than my left. Scars around my areola look good and once I'm given the okay to use something for the scars I'm sure they'll fade. Not much to update. Maybe in a few weeks I'll see some more progress!

5 weeks today....

No changes to report yet. Happy with my incisions and scars still. One of my areola/nipped is puffier than the other and tender. Still cone shaped. Right one still higher and more toward my armpit. Other than that, just continuing to heal and waiting to drop and fluff.... Not crazy about them naked yet but like them in a sports bra!

6 weeks.... If you asked me today if it was worth it, I'd have to say 'no' ....

I'm not happy with them. I would have thought by now I would see some change or progress and I haven't. It's really discouraging. I hate the cone shape. My right is still high and to the right closer to my armpit then the center of my chest. The other one has a funky, swollen looking areola and seems to be sagging sort of. I've added pictures so you can see for yourself.

1. The torpedo or cone shape - Hate it! I wanted them to look good naked and they don't. I was hoping for that rounded out look that you all have (and HAD within weeks after your surgery). I've looked at all your post-surgery pics and none of my realself buddies who have had implants and a lift have the cone or torpedo shape. The photos I did find on realself of ladies with the similar complaint at the same stage I'm at still have cone shaped boobs. :( I'm really discouraged by this.

2. Let's start with the right one. It is high and to the side toward my armpit. I've read that this is called "lateral displacement" and that a revision is usually needed - that the implant is sliding out of the pocket?? I guess that means sliding to the side. This one looks smaller when I'm naked because it doesn't have as much cleavage because it's too far to the right and not more toward the center of my chest. I have not been cleared to massage them or given a band to wear on this one to push it down and wonder if I had been, if that would have helped it migrate to where it should be. I know other ladies with lifts (Mia for example) was allowed to massage after her lift and hers are beautiful. At any rate, I've read that an issue like will need a revision. Something about repositioning the implant and tightening the pocket?? You'll see in the photo how far off to the right it is, that it has less cleavage and that it drops down further than my left.

3. My left - Also has issues. The areola looks swollen and almost like it's stitched too tight causing my boob to look like it has a dent in it. The nipple also seems to be point sideways a little compared to the right one. My left also looks to be 'sagging' a little and I read that it could be bottoming out already. Again, I read to correct this, a revision is probably in my future. Maybe I should stay off Google! :(

4. I hate the way they both sort of slide to the side when I lay flat on my back, rather than standing at attention - one more than the other. I do know that all boobs tend to fall to the sides somewhat, but mine do not look pretty.

5. The flex deformity or animation in my left one drives me crazy. It happens more in my left than my right and I hate the feeling. I'm hoping that subsides.

I've not been cleared to exercise either which is driving me crazy. I walk, but I feel like my arms and tummy are turning to mush... If I were seeing some progress I would be hopeful but I'm just not seeing any dropping and fluffing or rounding out and it's really actually kind of depressing.... to spend this kind of money on myself (which is so out of the norm) and then not be happy.

I will address all my concerns again with my PS at my 2 month post op in two weeks.

Just a few more pics

Just wanted you to see why I'm discouraged.... I've marked the areas. After the holiday I will post a few of these pics and ask some of the doctors on this site what their thoughts are. Most will tell me its only been 6 weeks, so I hesitate even posting a question.

8 weeks - Feeling a little better about them

I've been trying to stay off this site. I get discouraged because I'm not progressing as quickly as some you you ladies! However, I'm happy to say today that I've noticed some subtle changes :)

My right one, which I'm still concerned about, and think ultimately may need a revision if it is laterally displaced, is actually starting to drop a little. You can tell in my 3 week/8 week comparison photo. It has a little more lower pole fullness I think. If it would magically just slide over toward the center of my chest a little more I would be a happy camper.

My left still appears more cone shaped but I think that is because my areola are swollen and puffy - Not flat and seamless with my boob like they were pre-surgery. Hopefully the swelling with go down. I read something about clogged ducts around the areola or something.... Also, I feel my left areola and nipple is not centered evenly like the one on my right boob. It seems to be more to left. I don't know though... Maybe if the right one slid toward the center of my chest more they would look more even. I just need to give it more time and see where everything settles.

Overall I'm happy with my incisions and scars accept for around my areola. I think the scar contributes to the puffy cone shaped appearance of my areola.

So that's it.... Just more waiting. Happy healing, all!

11 Weeks Wednesday

Just a quick update with photos. No changes really. I'm really just waiting until my 3 month follow up to talk revision. I feel confident all my issues can be fixed. Yes, totally sucks I need a revision so soon, but I'm staying positive and am hoping my doctor feels confident he can give me the pretty shape I envisioned!

The photos are of the wonky, matronly shape. I also posted side photos so you can see the cone shape, sag, and puffy areola which really adds to the cone shape.

Also photos lying flat you can see the lateral displacement and this bubble under the left one. The right with my arms up shows lateral displacement too, more on my right than left which is why my right looks do much smaller.

I am awful at taking photos!

Again, I know they're not pretty but I am staying positive and confident he can fix them!

3.5 month update

Since some of you have sent me a private message, here’s an update.

I had my 3-month follow-up on Feb 17. Not much to report really. He took the time to talk about my concerns, which I greatly appreciated. I felt rushed at my 2-month. I go back March 29. They did take pics to compare when I go back to see if there are any changes.

Things haven’t really changed since my 7 week pics posted previously, so although I feel this may be my final result, my doctor said they will continue to change and just reiterated if there are issues to be addressed down the road (since I am only 3 months out) that he would definitely address them so It’s just frustrating because so many of you had excellent results with just a few weeks post-op and I am 3.5 months and haven’t achieved the result I had envisioned. Below is a summary.

Puffy/Swollen Areola (see pic) – My doctor says they will flatten out. I need to be patient. My right one is a little bigger than my left (1/2 inch). I think it stretched out some Amanda (who has been awesome!) said that would be an easy fix and we can make them smaller too if I want – which I would like to do because they are a little larger than my wish pic that I provided at my surgery. Making them smaller is secondary to my other concerns though.

Flex animation – Nothing can be done about it. It’s common for under the muscle implants and ‘may’ lessen as time passes. No guarantee though.

My left side – He says it will smooth out near my puffy areola and the bottom of the crease, and that I’m not bottoming out. I pointed out the distance from my areola to my crease/breast fold and he said I’m not bottoming out and it looks fine. He assured me what I call a ‘dent’ and ‘bubble’ would flatten and round out. My right areola is more swollen then the left and he said it would flatten out. Give it time.

My right side (see pic) – He said I definitely do not have lateral displacement. He said he liked the look of my right more than my left actually. I still think it’s too far to the right and under my armpit, and it droops down. Definitely loprided and different from the left side. He said I didn’t need to massage my left any longer but could massage my right one inward (toward the center of my chest instead of underneath). My guess is to encourage it to move more toward the center possibly???

Over all – And this is important – when I pointed out the distance between my areola on both sides and the middle of my chest, and then also my areola on both sides to the bottom of my breast fold/crease, and he saw that they are not even or symmetrical he said “I see what you mean.” He got then his tape measure out and measured. He definitely sees why I am concerned about them right now because there is a difference. But again, we’ll reassess at my next appointment, March 29 – I’ll be a little over 4 months, so still too early for a revision.

It’s just more waiting, which I knew anyway,hence the reason I haven't posted an update They could still change and so it doesn’t make sense to entertain the thought of another surgery until we are sure I have my final result. And I knew that.

I was given the okay to exercise fully but told I may not want to work my chest yet. I’m just happy I can do arms and my tummy – both are mushy!

I can also where an underwire bra now but who wants to??! I am thoroughly enjoying wesring only a sports bra!! I have to wear the kind with a little pad inside because my areola/nipples are puffy and not evenly centered on the breast mound which I’m self-conscious about so I don’t go braless in a camisole yet either. But I do love the shape in a sports bra. Once the puffy areola subsides they will look more round and I should really like them then. Sometimes I have to be careful wearing tight shirts because you can see the difference between the left and right. I love how squishy they are becoming, too!

Will post another review the end of March, unless there is something new to report! Happy healing, ladies! And best of luck to those of you with upcoming surgeri

Fun bags :)

Lol! They are starting to get really squishy. I can see (or feel rather!) why men like boobs so much :) While I hate the shape naked, they look great in clothes for the most part. You have to use your imagination with the photos in the yellow cami. Imagine they aren't cone shaped and my areola aren't swollen and are symmetrical. But I love them in t-shirts! And I tried on one of my old bras! I have to be at least a DDD because my old ones are DD. So, while I play the waiting game until I can get a revision, I'm still enjoying them!!

Quick update....

Hey all –

Just a quick update. Not much of one really. No changes to the girls as I expected. I had a follow up yesterday. Hard to believe it’s been 6 weeks since my last follow up! The time has gone by quickly!

Dr. Diaco agreed that they need some tweaking which we will do when the time is right. I’m only 4.5 months so I have to wait until at least 6 months. I’m fine with that – even a little longer if he feels its necessary.

In the meantime, my left – the one with what I call a ‘bubble’ at the bottom near the crease (see pic), they are doing ultrasound therapy on it. I read that is done to prevent or hopefully correct early stages of CC which freaked me out, but they assured me it wasn’t CC and they were doing it to soften things up down there. I guess they feel the bubble is scar tissue and maybe they feel it is firm?? It doesn’t really feel firm. It just feels like a low hanging implant. It’s numb there too. I’m just happy they said it wasn’t CC. I don’t go back until April 26th for a second treatment though and I was reading last night that ultrasound therapy is usually performed once or twice a week. I need to call on Monday and clarify. Why they are waiting 3 weeks to do a second therapy session??

The other reason I go back the 26th is because one of the issues I’ve been concerned with is my puffy cone shaped areola. He agreed to fix that sooner rather than later. My right areola stretched out a little but is less puffy than my left. He said he would release or let out my left a little. Only problem is I originally wanted my areola smaller than what they actually are now. My wish pic that I provided at surgery her areola are the perfect size I feel. (MillysNewKnockers on RealSelf – we had similar pre-op breasts). Anyway, he said to make them smaller he’d have to redo them both all over again and I guess he doesn’t want to do that. So, he is going to let the left one out so it is a little bigger and equal to the right. I guess I could live with the bigger size, but if he only lets out the left, then does that mean my left will be flush and seamless with my breast and my right still cone shaped?? I need to clarify that on Monday, too and if that is the case, if he is only doing the left and not anything to the right, then I’m probably going to hold off on that. I don’t want one cone shaped and one not!

As for the right one, I pushed it up from under my armpit more toward the center of my chest and he could see exactly what I mean… he could see that the cleavage is more in line with the other side and that the distance from my areola to the center of my chest is almost equal to the left side. So he did indeed agree they need tweaking so my guess is he’ll do the pocket revision when I’m ready. Won’t be until I’m at least 6 months

So overall, it was a good follow up and I’m still happy with them in a bra! I really do like looking down and seeing cleavage! I like the size for me. Not to big…. So if we can get them brought in toward the middle of my chest some and lift them off my ribcage, I’ll have great cleavage, they’ll be high and tight and young and perky! I will be a happy camper! Wishing all you beauties well!! Xo!


One of my very best firends, who happens to be a therapist and has listened to me vent my frustration for the past 5 months told me to create a vision board. Not of wish boobs but of my own boobs dressed up the way I like them. Im always taking pics of what I am not happy with and she said this would help me focus on the positive until I can get them fixed. I took it a step further and added photos of how I hope they look of the revision :-) I feel mine only need some minor tweaking, so it wasn't hard to manipulate them for my vision board. I am feeling so much better about them now. I wanted to post a few of the photos from my vision board with hope that this will help any of the other ladies out there needing a revision. I was going to post photos of my actual board, but it reveals too much and most of us here choose to remain somewhat anonymous! Hang in there and stay strong ladies!

Quick update....

Hey all - I'm 6 months post. Just a quick update. I saw my PS on Friday. We are definitely doing a lateral capsulorrhaphy on my right one and an inferior capsulorrhaphy on my left (where the bubble is near the center of my chest). Hopefully this will improve the symmetry. He also agreed, RELUCTANTLY, to redo my areola. We just do not see eye to eye on them at all but he agreed to try and get them flatter. I need to talk to him again to find out the exact procedure he is going to use this time. I asked him if he used the purse string suture technique and he confirmed he did not. From everything I've read and from all the photos I have looked at from all of your results, you all have nice, flat areola and you all seem to have had the purse string suture technique. I think that is what it is called. If any of you want to share with me how your surgeon stitched up your areola, that would be awesome! I'm just worried if he does them the same way, it's not going to hold. My right has stretched out already. And I don't want to end up with cone-shaped, puffy areola a second time! We debated heavily that the "flat areola look" (that I like, that you all have) is NOT natural looking and he doesn't like that look. He said that if you look at 20 and 30 year olds who haven't had any work done to theirs that they are more or less coned shaped... that they are not flat. He doesn't think there is anything wrong with the look of my areola. But that is just not true at all. If you go through Realself and look at the pre-op photos, most woman, no matter what age, have flat areola unless they have tubular breasts. Mine were flat before surgery and I really feel it's just the procedure he used. Of course I'm not a surgeon so I could be wrong but I've had 6 months to look at them and to research why they are like this. I can't find another lady on Realself that has had this issue. Anyway, so if I don't feel comfortable that he can fix my areola, then I will probably just have him do the capsulorrhaphy on both breasts and go somewhere else for the areola revision. I just don't see the point in using the exact same procedure since it didn't work the first time. I posted a question for the RealSelf surgeons so hopefully some will answer. One of the ladies here, Nattiie, asked her doctor and he said this : Breast tissue (very deep) 2-0 polysorb Dermis 3-0 polysorb Buried interupted Horizontal mattress Skin 4-0 monocryl Subcuticular No knots. I have no clue what that means exactly! :) Is that purse string sutures??!! I just want mine nice and flat so my boobs look round and not pointy, or cone-shaped. We were going to do it the middle of July but that doesn't work for me so I have to call on Monday and see if we can do the revision the first week in August. He's only changing me $1,500 which covers the surgical center and anesthesiologist. I am concerned about recovery, lack of lifting, etc. Wish me luck! Happy healing all! :)

My favorite time of the day :)

When I take my bra off! After having it on all day or night, this is what they look like... How nice my areola and shape is. I love them! This is why I feel of I can just get my areola to flatten of I'll be happy... We'll after both pockets are fixed too of course. But look how nice and found they look with flatter areola!! :) Unfortunately after about 20 minutes or so they puff back out and my boobs look pointy again. They definitely have potential though!!

Update...not much has changed.

Just posting a few photos reiterating that I love my boobs in clothes. There are some shirts that really show the lateral displacement of my right one; but for the most part you can't tell in clothes...bathing suits...that's another story and I won't be wearing one anytime soon. I don't really care about that though.

Still scheduled for August for a lateral capsulorrhaphy on my right and a inferior capsulorrhaphy on my left. Hoping this will tighten things up a bit and give my left nipple better placement so it doesn't point to the left...and my right position more toward the center of my chest instead of underneath my pit! :)

I like how lifted they look in shirts without a bra. The size looks great in shirts with or without a bra also. They look so rounded which I love. I love having cleavage!! I only have to wear a little shelf bra to hold them in place!

Still have the puffy nipple/areola thing going on, but I think my left has stretched out a little and is catching up with the right although still puffier than my right.

So that's it basically. I've thought about taking to my doctor about going a little bigger and maybe using HPs to see if that would fill the pocket up more and tighten things up, or if the capsulorrhaphies will be sufficient to accomplish that. I still think they aren't as firm as I would like. If that makes sense...


I'm heading into my 9th month. I had to postpone the capsulorrhaphy in both breasts.... for several reasons. Work, aging parents with health issues.... but everything happens for a reason. I'm kind of torn now whether or not I want to swap mine out for high-profile. I've read so many reviews of women with high profile and they are super happy with them. They look amazing! I think I just need to talk to Dr. Diaco again and be absolutely sure that doing the capsulorrhaphy on both is going to give me the look and shape and symmetry that I want. He didn't mention anything to me about excising any loose skin. I believe I really need that also. Or maybe just a bigger implant to fill up the pocket? I just don't know. I have so many questions now. Anyway, I'm hoping to get in for my revision in November. I will be one year and November. Will continue to update you all.

You would never know in a bra that there are any issues with my boobs at all! Super happy with the shape in a bra and with my cleavage! Just got to get there with them naked!

My right one, you're right one also comma does give the appearance that it is smaller. I'm not sure if that's because the majority of it is underneath my armpit! Hopefully once he does the capsulorrhaphy on my right one it will be more even with my left. Otherwise, we need to put a bigger implant in on my right side.

Happy healing everyone, and thank you for your continued support!

10 months already

At the beginning of this journey, time dragged. Now it seems to be flying by! I'm 10 months already.

I was supposed to get a revision last month but had to postpone it for work and other commitments. I have an appointment on Monday for a follow up and to get back on the schedule for the revision. I'm going to ask Dr. Diaco his thoughts on possibly going just a little bigger and switching to High Profile. All the RealSelf ladies seem to be so pleased with their revisions after switching to High Profile. We'll see what he says! Will update you again on Monday.

In the meantime, a few updated pics. I still love them clothed and in unlined/unpadded bras! I love how "tight" and round they look! It's hard to believe they are the same breasts naked as clothed. They look great in clothes. Hopefully we can achieve this look with the revision!

Revision date set - November 17

Hey all! Hope everyone’s happy and healing well :) I had my 10 month follow-up appointment on Monday. It went very well.

I spoke to Dr. Diaco about possibly going a little bigger to give me more upper pole volume and if I could switch to High Profile. I explained that out of all the photos and reviews I loved – the ladies all had one thing in common – their implants were High Profile. He agreed swapping them out for a little larger implant and High Profile would be just fine.

He will use either Mentor, or possible Allergan implants this time. He said Mentor doesn’t cover capsular contractor and Allergan does. I did not know that. Good to know though… He also said Allergan are slightly firmer, which I like anyway. Kind of hoping he uses those, but whatever looks best and gets me closer to my desired look.

He will bring in several different sizes – something he didn’t do my first surgery. Last time he said he wouldn’t go any larger than 350CCs because he didn't want to risk the integrity of the breast life so that is what he used (Mentory Memory Gel 350cc Mod. Profile Plus). He said I could go a little larger this time because I have room in there now. So, he’ll bring in between 400 – 475CCs in Mentor High Profile and 485 Allergan SRF Inspira Full Projection, and see what fits and looks best. He knows I only want to go large enough to give me more upper pole fullness and a “round” look with more defined cleavage (like the cleavage I have in a bra) I currently am not happy at all with the slope, cone-shaped look as you all know, because I constantly bitch and moan about it!

That being said though, I’ve seen some ladies lately with more of a “torpedo” or “cone” shape and their boobs look great …. So I asked myself WHY I was being so hard on myself about the “cone shape” if I liked that look on those ladies ….. and then I asked myself – “what is the one thing I would change about my breast implants that would make me happy?” The answer – SYMMETRY. I complain about the icky cone-shape, my puffy areola – but if I looked at myself straight on in the mirror and saw a nice crescent shape under both breasts, and the areola were both centered over the breast mound and there was equal distance from my areola to the center of my chest and to the bottom crease on both sides, would I be happy…. And the answer is YES. I could overlook some of the other little things. Breasts are not perfect after all. They are sisters, not twins, right?! But there is so much asymmetry with mine that I just can’t overlook it. I’m going to make sure he brings a tape measure into the operating room! I really am hoping reshaping them will do the trick.

Anyway, he confirmed he will excise the loose skin underneath which I’m seriously hoping will give me that round crescent shape underneath. He is still doing the capsulorrhaphies on both sides (lateral capsulorrhaphy on the right on and an inferior capsulorrhapy on my left). He’s going to fix my puffy left areola (let it out a bit – but it still points off to the left so I need to find out how he plans to center it more over the breast mound) Granted, my areola are slightly larger than I originally wanted but I can live with that…. Especially if I have more upper pole fullness I think my areola will look more proportionate hopefully.

I think that covers just about everything. It’s going to cost a little more because of more time in the operating room for the new procedure (inserting new implants) and then of course the cost for switching out the implants. But I’m fine with that. I’d rather spend the money and LOVE my boobs than having spent the money I did and regret it every time I look in the mirror.

So until then, happy healing all! The next update I post will be over on the revision board after my surgery, which is currently set for November 17 (one year to the date of my initial BL/BA). Hope life is treating you all well! The photos I uploaded show the asymmetry that I hope can be corrected. Photos of my scars which look pretty good for 10 months considering I started late with scar management. I’ll start as soon as my incisions are healed this time around. Also, I cleaned out a closet and found this old, Spandexy-stretchy top that I haven’t worn in years. I tried it on, WITHOUT a bra, and I am really hoping with a little skin tightening and upper pole fullness my breasts will look like this naked! I also uploaded a few pics of ladies with a "ski slope" look. It looks great on them. I really think my problem is my asymmetry that has me so bugged out.

Talk to you all soon! Xo!

I guess you can't just add a photo to your gallery of photos without posting another update

I wish you could add photos to your own gallery without posting another update. Someone asked for a comparison photo. Here you go. Hope this helps. If you have any questions, let me know. You can see the drop or dip or 'sag' (whatever you want to call it) on the left one at the bottom of the crease... and then the right one not so much and you can actually see the loose skin which is still there and never filled out. The right one has always looked smaller because the pocket is too big...too much side boob I suppose. Or maybe it is smaller. I need to discuss that with him. Anyway, hope this helps you.

This is for Nimaoii re; loss of sensation

HI Nimaoii - I've uploaded a pic of mine. I'm not an artist either! It's hard drawing lines on pics on a cell phone! The circle is a little bump on the areola scar and when you touch the bump you can feel a sensation (not really a pain but just a nerve sensation) to the middle of my chest where the line is drawn, and then that entire area is numb. This is where the implant sits low or 'dips down' lower and this is where I'm getting the capsulorrhaphy on my left side. Kind of ironic that the entire area is numb, and that is where it dips down too low. I think the two issues are related. But what do I know.... I'm getting a capsulorrhaphy on my right also because it's sags down under my arm pit as you can see. But the numbness is with my left one. Ask you surgeon about a possible neuroma. That is what Dr. Pousti said mine could be although my doctor said it was normal... but again, I'm almost 11 months now so I'm not sure it's normal or that I'll get the sensation back.

If anyone else has had this issue, be sure to chime in. I'm hoping I get the feeling back.....

Notes to self for revision

Just a few "notes to self" :)

Weight of Implants :

1. Add the numbers of ccs in your right and left implants.
2. If you have saline implants, multiply the resulting number by .0325 (the weight of one ounce of saline). If they are silicone, multiply by .0375.
3. Add 1.5 (the weight of the 2 implant shells in ounces).
4. Divide by 16 (to convert from ounces to pounds).

As an example, if you have 400 cc saline implants, they would add 1.72 pounds to your body.

350CCs = 1.73
450CCs = 2.20
Difference of 0.47 - so less than half a pound

Common cookie cutter sizes and procedures details:

If you're considering an areolar reduction, this can be done under local anesthesia.

The diameter of your new areolar is measured using a circular metal device referred to as a "cookie cutter". Once the smaller inner circle diameter is determined, the outer "excess" skin is removed then a permanent suture, such as Gore-tex, can be used to create a smaller, long-lasting diameter areola. The final layer of stitches are absorbable. This can be done in less than an hour with very minimal downtime.

A normal areloar size is between 37 to 45 mm in diameter. A vertical pattern breast lift will keep the size smaller and is more likely to prevent late stretch.

Loss of sensation/numbness:

The usual signs of the nerves regenerating and neuropraxia resolving is itching, followed by a burning sensation and then occasional sharp, shock-like pains. These will be normal to experience, and actually a promising sign. Usually, normal sensation returns, but it is also possible to have decreased sensation or even increased sensation to the areas affected. Re-educating nerves postoperatively is often helpful and will allow proper instruction for the affected sensory nerves - methods include using different textures to the affected areas when showering, bathing, applying lotion, etc. If bothersome, there are some medications that may be helpful, including Neurontin for pain for hypersensitivity. You can try various textures such as washcloths, loofahs, cotton sheets, etc. Massaging the areas is also beneficial for the incision to make the finest scar possible. The last place to regain the sensation will be directly adjacent to the incision/scar as the nerves will make its way from the periphery to this location. If continual pain arises, evaluation is warranted. After ruling out other causes, one rare explanation may be that a neuroma has developed and may require surgical excision. This is very unlikely unless a large sensory nerve has been transected inadvertently during the procedure.

Page 9 (B) - Anterior Branch, 4th Intercostal Nerve ???

Celebrating 1 Year Post BL/BA this week... well, sort of...

Anxiously awaiting my revision on January 18th. Seriously hoping to achieve symmetry, centered areola, and more upper pole fullness. But in the meantime I finally decided to buy new bras. I was refusing to spend the money until I got them fixed, but VS was having a great sale. I'm the same size I was before only my boobs fill the bra for the most part. Because I don't have much upper pole though still, I don't fill the top of full coverage bras so demi cups fit better. I'm a 34DD or 32DDD.

I've also been going braless at times, too. First time since my surgery! Around the house that is! Not in public! I still sleep in a comfy bra though. I don't want them falling into my armpits anymore than they already do.

The next few months should fly by with the holidays coming up. Hoping this will be the last surgery I need on my breasts. There are other procedures I wanted to do but feel I need to get my boobs right first!

Deposit paid - January 18 Revision

Well... come January 18 I'll have spent almost $15,000 on my boobs. Makes me physically and mentally ill but there's nothing I can do about it. Can't live with them the way they are currently.

$4,650 to do the inferior capsulorrhaphy on the left and lateral capsulorrhaphy on the right and replace my 350cc Mid + with 450 - 485cc HPs. The 485 is significantly larger than my 350 but will certainly give me more volume...

He'll excuse loose skin and reshape them so hopefully they'll be symmetrical. He'll fix my areola placement on my left one also... and make my areola smaller. I wasn't able to see the cookie cutter sizes because those are at the surgery center. We'll go over exact size at pre-op so there's no misinterpretation this time. Last time I showed him a photo of what I wanted. This time we'll select the exact measurements.

Feels like I'm staring over from swatch... uhhggg. Looking forward to putting this chapter behind me and moving on...

The clothed pics are in a padded VS push up bra. Love the size and cleavage. Hate them naked. See you all in 6 weeks. Wish me luck.

Happy holidays!

Revision is tomorrow.....

For anyone still checking in, because I know ladies like to lurk in the background and just read and do research :) My revision is tomorrow. I originally thought it was the 18th. I've posted a new review under the Implant Revision forum. You can get there by clicking on my username. I have to be at the surgery center at 7:30am. Wish me luck! :)

Awesome post surgical bra for anyone interested

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