25yr Old in Desperate Need of a Breast Upgrade! :( - Tampa, FL

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Hey everyone! I'm new to the site but I've already...

Hey everyone! I'm new to the site but I've already spent at least like 10 hours browsing your reviews haha, so first of all... THANK YOU!! Reading about your experiences and seeing your pictures has been absolutely amazing and inspiring! The most helpful ones for me where the ones with lots of updates/details/pics so that's what I'll do (so I apologize in advance if some of you girlies find my extreme rambling annoying lol). A little intro... I'm 25, 5'1 102lbs, I don't have any kids so my droopy girls are due to genetics and constant weight loss/gain from fitness competitions. Luckily/unluckily for me whenever I gain a few lbs it goes straight to the boobies, which is great until I lose the weight for the summer or competing and I end up with saggy skin. Even though my yearly weight fluctuation is under 10lbs its definitely taken a toll on the girls :( I've been insecure about them for years now, worst part is that they look amazing in a bra so whenever I start dating someone new the high expectations make me even more self conscious to let anyone see me braless... sigh haha. This is the first time I've ever taken pics of them standing up and it was horrible and awful but you girls are so brave and inspiring so I'm gonna post them and hope it helps someone like you guys have helped me :)

Dr. Shopping!

So I had my first consultation... And I was definitely not impressed :( I didn't realize how far it was from me when I booked it (45mins) so already driving there I was having second thought but it was too late to cancel. Front staff was amazing! Super nice and friendly, office was small and not what I expected. But I was seen in a timely manner and Dr. Fakhre was very nice. I showed him my wish pics he measured me and definitely agreed I needed a lift and I have a little bit of asymmetry, however, he doesn't want to do implants. He was very honest about the results I can expect with how my breasts are now and was adamant that doing a lift and augmentation wasn't the right idea but didn't explain why. He said I needed an anchor lift, and that I had enough breast tissue to have a really good size with just a lift. At a later time I could get the implants. This is not what I wanted to hear haha! I don't mind the scars so I would be fine with the anchor lift but I definitely don't want to pay for two surgeries and recover from two! I want it all done in one swoop... So definitely going for a second opinion. Furthermore, he quoted me $7420 (supposedly an $800 discount) for just the lift! I've seen people getting quoted that around my area for lift and implants especially since I plan on paying cash no finance. I've seen sooo many pics and reviews that I know I won't be happy with just a lift, I want a more dramatic look so I'm gonna add some of my wish pics to this post :) hope all you girls are having an amazing weekend :)
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