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I have been wanting to get my breasts done for...

I have been wanting to get my breasts done for about five years now but was always hesitant. I finally scheduled my procedure for December 19th, 2012! I'm not going to lie, I'm very nervous! Which is strange because I never care about surgery or pain of any sort. I guess I'm feeling many different emotions all at once; nervous, anxious, excited, worried. But I have you girls helping me feel more at ease and I really appreciate your experiences.

I am 5'7 and I weigh about 121 pounds. I requested getting a full C. However, my PS said that due to my body frame a full B would look much better. What do you girls think? I am scared of paying this much money and not being the size that I wish for!

I have been working out plenty before my surgery, stopped smoking, stopped taking any medications and stopped drinking alcohol entirely. It has been 1 week and 3 days since I've cut off all this. It will be a complete two weeks by the time of my surgery. I have my pre-opt appointment this monday, December 17th! I have no clue on what my final breast size will be, nor do I know what time my surgery is on the 19th. I cannot wait to finally stop buying the extremely padded bras from Victorias Secret and also bathing suit tops will look much more flattering!

Any tips on what to do before hand to calm my nerves? I do have major anxiety but I do not want to let that stop me from pursuing what I've wanted for so long! Thanks for all your support girls

So girls, today I had my pre-opt appointment. WOW,...

So girls, today I had my pre-opt appointment. WOW, it really hit me today- I'm going to have boobies by wednesday!!! This is crazy, nerve-wrecking, exciting and amazing all at once! First I just want to say you girls help so much by sharing your experiences, and similar situations with me. You all help put me much more at ease and you know exactly what I'm going through!! Thank god for this site.

Anyways, back to the basics. Pre-opt appointment took soooo long but I guess It's a waiting game from here on out. I went in to see my PS at his office for 9:45 AM and went to the surgical outpatient center straight afterwards. I wasn't seen until 11:30 and from there they went over medications, what to expect and surgery time for wednesday. Also, they took blood work. This was the worst part because I never can draw any blood which requires them sticking me about 3-4 times on my forearm and then eventually they had to stick me in my right hand to finally get any blood that they could! Made me think, Is that a good sign that I might not bleed as much on surgery day? Hopefully!

My nerves were really shot today! But I want you guys to get a full-detail of what to expect if you haven't gotten yours yet and also to see some before and after pics. So, I will be putting up before pictures later on today and of course this weekend I will put up after pictures! Once again, I'm getting saline moderate-profile (for a natural look) low C cup through the armpit. In my case, my PS said that my right breast is more fuller and lower than my left so he wants to go ahead and do liposuction on the right breast (at no cost) to make sure that there even and the same size. Only thing is, it's more healing time and more pain! Also i should expect a tiny pin-needle size scar. I hope everything goes okay!! Wish me luck, two more days!! :)

So tomorrow is the big day!!! I have surgery at...

So tomorrow is the big day!!! I have surgery at 9AM and it is expected to last an hour to an hour and a half. I will be recovering for about one hour after surgery before i will be allowed to go home. Bad news for me- I'm soo sick today! I feel crappy; headache, and sore throat. I am doubling up on my orange juice and drinking lots of water! I uploaded a picture that was taken on Dr. Diaco's 360 view machine that shows a before picture of my breasts and a possible outcome of what they will look like. The "after" picture is a B, however we discussed a C. So i guess we'll just have to wait and see! Thanks again for your support ladies, were in this together :)

Okay soo I'm out of surgery and I feel fine!! It...

Okay soo I'm out of surgery and I feel fine!! It is a little painful obviously and very tight but other than that I'm doing okay (possibly because of all the medicine I'm on!) I cannot remember a thing from surgery. As far as I know, I was having a conversation with the nurse and literally woke up right after in recovery. As I went into surgery, It felt like five minutes later I came right back out and was recovering but really it was an hour and a half surgery. One thing that is sooo annoying though is that I cannot stop peeing. I've literally went like 20 times today already! I've heard this is normal for some people though. I go in tomorrow at 9:30 for a post-op appointment to remove my ace bandage and hopefully my JD drains (from the liposuction on the right breast). There pretty annoying because I have to drain them out every four hours, oh well! I really expected a lot worse but this is do-able.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me, I will be more than glad to answer! I'm pretty bored just sitting here anyways. LOL I hate this sitting around stuff! Good luck to you girls! Thanks for the support once again.

So its been officially one week and one day since...

So its been officially one week and one day since my surgery and I'm feeling great! I am fully able to move my arms as of now and have started driving again (carefully of course). I have seen my doctor twice since my surgery date and he tells me that I'm 99% healed now! Stitches are out, and the wounds are closing up :-) I was told to massage the implants 2-3 times a day for about a couple months so they drop properly. Anyone have to do the same?? Good news is... I'm finally off pain medicine too! They were making me feel so groggy and slumpish. About a day after i stopped taking them I finally started feeling normal again and was able to get out of the house and do things.

I'm soo happy I went through with this. It gave me a HUGE confidence boost! I am still wearing sports bras that were given to me from my PS but hopefully within a week or two I can wear some regular bras. I have tried on some bathing suits and bras.. a 36C was too small! I hope that once the swelling goes down I will be around a 34C but looks like as of right now I'm in the D range. Either way, Im happy with my results! They make my body look a lot more proportionate. Good luck to anyone who has upcoming surgeries and girls who are in the healing process as well :-)!!
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