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I have 26 yr old silicone implants that are...

I have 26 yr old silicone implants that are causing pain! I'm 61, very tiny (100 lbs) and worried about how my breasts will look! I'm a full C, but came from an A. I've had 2 consults about replacing the implants. Dr's seem to want to replace!! Now I've had a consult for just explantation! Went well! Having a 2nd opinion Thurs.

Had my 1st consultation for explanting without...

Had my 1st consultation for explanting without replacing. A female P.S. She was very open to the idea of not removing the implants. She said the outcome should be fine, but of course no absolute guarantee. I asked if she thought my nipples would collapse or look disfigured. Her answer was there was no way to know for sure until going in and seeing what everything looks like. She didn't recommend a breast lift. I felt comfortable with her and liked her and the staff. My only concern was when I asked to see some pre & post op pictures of some she'd done, she said O.K. However, when I was checking out her staff said they would have to get patient's permission before showing me any pictures? They said they would do that and email me some pictures. Never heard anything, so I emailed and asked. The reply was from the front office saying they hadn't gotten any yet, but were working on it. Then, went on to say I should go online and find various photos of just anyone that went through this type of surgery! It made me feel a little put off, number one and why is it so difficult to see a picture of "her" work, not just "anyone"! Is this a red flag? Has anyone else had a problem requesting to see photos? It's not like there"s a name on the photo. It's a chest only!? Any thoughs?
The doctor has very good credentials and says she's done explantation but no pics.
I have a second consult Thursday with another P.S. so I can compare I guess. I'll ask again about pictures!

I had my 2nd consultation today. It went really...

I had my 2nd consultation today. It went really well and the doctor took time, explained the procedure and made me feel very O.K. with not wanting to replace my implants!
She has excellent credentials and does a lot of work with reconstructive breast surgery with cancer patients, as well as plastic surgery. Her hospital affiliation is with a large cancer hospital and 2 others. My last consultation, although I liked her, did not do a breast exam. Only did measurements. This Dr. did a good exam, as well as measuring. First doctor did not ask for pre op bloodworm. I actually brought it up and she said if I want to? The doctor today asked for pre op bloodwork and an EKG because I'm 61. So, were you asked to do bloodwork prior to your surgeries? I assumed going under general anesthesia one would get bloodwork and not an option.
Today's doctor did explain that they do have to have a patients permission to show their photos.
I thought the Dr. I saw last week was putting me off about seeing photos, but when I came home today there was an email saying they had two photos I could see.
I'm feeling like both doctors are good, but maybe the one today was just more through and has that extra expertise with many types of breast surgeries, including explantation. So my feeling was to go with the doctor I saw today! I scheduled surgery for April 26th!! Having labs done April 12th. The surgery is done at a hospital outpatient and the cost of the labs is included in the facility charge. Also, this doctor today seemed very positive about submitting it to my insurance due to rupture. The other Dr. was rather negative about trying.
Now, I count down to 4/26!!!! Hate anticipation, but it feels good to have found a Dr.!! I'll be counting on continued support from this site and will keep you updated! Thank you for being here everyone!!

So, starting to get nervous but excited! I will go...

So, starting to get nervous but excited! I will go in for pre-op photos on Tue. 4/9 and blood work etc.. on 4/12! Surgery is 4/26!!
Does the doctor tell you what type of sports bra to buy? Would like to find something with a front closure to start.

All pre-op bloodwork completed today at the...

All pre-op bloodwork completed today at the hospital! Everything is set, paid for and a go for Fri. 4/26!! The surgery will be done at the hospital's outpatient day surgery facility. Everyone was very nice and comforting! Talked with Anesthesia and something to prevent nausea will be added to my I.V. Would hate to wake up feeling sick! So, my countdown begins. Guess I'll try to stay busy and try not to be too anxious! I keep thinking 2 weeks from tonight I'll be implant free and home on the road to recovery! Thanks everyone for your stories, encouragement and moral support!! This site has given me so much insight and hope for a good outcome! I will keep you posted after surgery!!

Had surgery yesterday!! All went well. Everyone...

Had surgery yesterday!! All went well. Everyone at the surgical center was so nice. I have drains, which are a little uncomfortable, but not bad. I think today I'm a little more sore than yesterday, but probably the anesthesia was still with me. Hard to sleep on my back! Tried a recliner & then lots of pillows but made do.
Turned out neither of the implants were ruptured, so that was a relief. Was worried about having silicone floating around in me.
I think the drains will be in another 3 days. Depends how much drainage there is. I did not have a lift. So now, the anticipation of seeing them! I'm prepared for them to look very different but that's O.K. It feels so good to have this behind me! I'll try sending pictures later. Thank you all for much needed support!!

Four days post op!! My drains came out yesterday!...

Four days post op!! My drains came out yesterday! Yea, what a good feeling to not have those things in!!
Didn't hurt, just a bit of a tug and they were out. Not as bad as I anticipated! Well, anticipation is often worse than the actual thing right?!! Was told to still do nothing and keep resting. Will see the doctor again in 3 weeks. Was glad to get the surgical bra off. It wasn't very soft & comfie! I have a Champion zip front sports bra on now. Better, but not as soft as I'd hoped. Anyone have ideas on comfie, soft bras that still keep things in place? Is the Genie bra a good one? I'm very small and smushed so wonder what are some good fits for teeny tiny's??
I can sleep on my side so that helps. Still tender where the drains were but to be expected.
So, on the slow road to recovery and so hoping that things will fill out some!! Patience is a virtue I'm trying to improve on! To all of you strong and fabulous women who have made this journey, or are in the process of making it, stay strong in what your believe is right for you! Everyone's support and advice have been my rock! Will keep you updated. Keep me posted all of you recent explantee's on your progress!
Thanks so much to all!!
Dr. K. Wells

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