60 Years Old and Want to Be Implant Free After 36 Years - Tampa, FL

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I have wanted these implants out for a very long...

I have wanted these implants out for a very long time but didn't think I could afford to have them removed. I also thought I would look hideous. I first had silicone implants over the muscle in 1980. I had a good plastic surgeon and he put in the largest implant for my body, a C cup. I loved them. They eventually became hard and somewhat deformed, so I had them replaced in 1994. Silicone was banned at that time, so I had saline implants under the muscle. I had moved to a different state by then, and had a different plastic surgeon. He didn't mind giving me what I'd asked for -- a size DD implant that was much too big for my body. I did love the attention that my big boobs brought me. I'd had a nasty divorce shortly before the second BA, and my already low self esteem had dropped even further. Four months later, everything changed. My 7 year old son was diagnosed with cancer and died the following year. For a long time, I didn't even think about my breasts. As the years passed, I became more comfortable with myself and the big, artificial boobs are not what I want people to notice about me. They are sagging, with the breast tissue falling off the implants at the bottom. I have a lot of neck and back pain that I'd never considered might be because of the implants until I started reading the reviews on this site. Mammograms are difficult, and I think they may have contributed to some of the separation of the breast tissue and the implant. I had always assumed that the removal and reconstruction would cost tens of thousands of dollars, and I don't want to spend that much money with retirement looming. I was also worried about disfigurement. I'm so happy that I discovered this site. Your stories have given me so much hope. I have a good idea of what I may look like after these big bags are removed from my body and I am ok with it. I was less than an AA cup before my first implants. I'm 40 pounds heavier and decades older. I'm looking forward to soft and squishy tiny breasts!! I have scheduled consults with 2 surgeons for the end of this month. My hope is to have the surgery in November. I have 15 pounds of extra fat that I need to lose, so I'll spend these next months working. Again, thank you all for sharing your stories and pictures. They have given me so much hope.

Explant is scheduled!!

I'm going to explant on November 8. Two short months away. I can't wait! I have to get a mammogram first, and I'd like to lose a few pounds between now and then. So I'll try to keep focused on that.

Finally figured out how to add a pic

I like them even less in a picture. I can't wait to be flat again!

The last day of implants. Tomorrow they're out!

I can't adequately express my gratitude for everyone who has bravely shared their photos throughout their journey. Because of your courage, I believe I am prepared for my outcome, whatever the results. I will know to be patient, and that healing and progress will take months. I have been hiding these unattractive implants for years and can't wait to be free of them. 36 years and 40 pounds ago, I was a scant aa. I now have more breast tissue due to menopause, but would be more than happy to return to an a/aa.

Tomorrow they will be removed, with the capsules, under general anesthesia. My doc doesn't use drains, and I'll be wrapped with an ace type bandage. The following day I am to remove bandages and shower. No compression bras. The doctors are all so different in their approach to recovery.

Thanks again for all your support!

They're Out!

I had my surgery yesterday morning to remove 22 year old saline unders. I can't believe they were so old. I had general anesthesia, it took about 40 minutes to remove the implants and capsules. I was sent home wrapped in an ace type bandage and no drains. I had no pain at all. That still amazes me. I even slept on my side last night. No elevation needed either. Today I was allowed to shower. I am wearing a bandeau stretch bra, mostly to hold the gauze pads over the incisions because I'll continue to seep for a day or more.

Already the tension is gone from my neck, back and shoulders. And my pecs are so happy to be relaxed. I've been wearing those implants too high all these years because the original doc didn't release the muscles. I don't really understand what that means, but my profile is now more normal.

When I got my first set of silicones in 1980, I was an AA. I weighed about 100 pounds and am 5' 1". I got the salines in 1994 and weighed 120. Now I'm 140 pounds and have a lot more breast tissue than in 1980.

Here are day 2 pictures. I know that I'm swollen and everything is going to shrink in the next few days, then fluff in the next few months. Thanks to everyone that shared stories and pictures that gave me the courage to explant. I'm so happy!

More pics

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