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I have known from an early age that I wanted large...

I have known from an early age that I wanted large breasts. I have always had a big booty, Ijust wanted the boobies to match! So what time better than now to go for it! I am a mother to 1 little one, and a wife, and most of my time is dedicated to them. So now I amdoing something for me, and just forAlthough my husband is just as excited as I am!

tomorrow is the big day!

Well here are my before pics. Asymmetric and kinda sad looking, full of stretch marks

sitting in the parking lot

Of the Surgical Center. I have 17 minute before I have to go check in. Eeek its hitting me what I about to go do! So exciting amd scary at the same time! I am 5'7, 130 lbs and I currently have a small B. I getting the gummy bear implants, and still unsure of the CC's. But I told PS I want full C's-small D. I guesa here in a few short hours we will know all the juicy details!

9 hrs post op

1st day post op

Last night and this morning have been kinda rough. I hurt from the back of my armpits on both sides and all the way through to my sternum. But so far I am in love with them! I can't wait for them to drop and be less frankenboob, and more sexy! Hubs and baby boy have been taking great care of me. Happy 4th of July to everyone!

Day 2 post op

I am feeling better today, but definitely not up to doing much of anything. Hubs just helped me get a shower, so that always is a mood booster. My girls look uneven, but PS is confident that as they drop.amd come together they will even.out. fingers.crossed, I dont want lopsided boobies


day 4

I woke up today finally starting to feel a little better. The recovery over all hasn't been awful. The pain has never been uncontrollable. But the weakness, and the side effects of the pain meds have been then hardest parts.

loving the frankenboob!

Haha! So as crazy as it is, I am loving the frankenboob, I am enjoying watching them change and fall into place day by day.

7 days

Well herr I am a week post op. Had my post op apt yesterday. PS is very pleased with the way things are coming along. And he is confident that once I start massage (in about 2 weeks) my nips will even out. And if not he says its an easy fix!

before and after


OK, so I am feeling a little worried about ny girls. They look great in clothes, but they are still a little wonky.. I hope when I start massaging them it will help

2 weeks Post Op

the two week mark is here! The time has flown by, and the healing is going much better than I thought. For the most part I am no longer uncomfortable for the majority of the day. I have noticed about half way through my work day my breasts become swollen and more uncomfortable. But I figure that is par for the course when you are healing and constantly moving your upper body. Mu next appointment with my PS is next Monday. He is going to remove the top stitch, and talk about massaging. I am really hoping my left breast drops amd fluffs nicely.

2nd post op

Well I finally got my stitches out! Yay! My incisions look excellent! I talked to PS about the wonky left breast and he is still confident that over the next few weeks itwill do as it sshould to look amazing! And if needed he can lift my nipple a little as an in office procedure. My breasts are smaller than I imagined them to be, but really fit my frame well. So I can not complain. I havent gotten the betty boop comments, just that I look really natural.

But in other areas of life I want to get in shape. I want my booty to look as sexy as these new boobies look! So I going on a diet and will be starting lower body workouts soon!

terrible day

This morning my dog, midnight, my beautiful baby girl, was hit and killed by a car. My heart is broken.


This is my baby girl. My dad found her and her litter on the side of the road when I was 13. The mom was laying on the side of the road. We dont know what breed she was, but out of the 5 pups 2 looked like German Sheppards and 2 looked like Golden Labs.. then there was my baby, black with white on her muzzle, belly and tips of her paws. I mever knew what we were getting into when I fell in love with this crazy girl. Every time we put her outside on her lead she would get out of her collar and run to the back of the house. We tried everything from a harness to to choke collars and everything in between each time she showed us how smart and determined she was. My dad and I were actually going to change her name to Houdini, lol. Well as she got older she started going further than to the back door. But she was so crazy, she just wanted you to chase her. So either I would run around following her for hours, or she would stay in my front yard, just always out of reach. Eventually, my parents put up a fence and we thought our problems were solved. But no, she out did us again, and dug under the fence.(do you see the pattern of stubbornness?) And so I spent a fair amount of my summer that year digging holes for cinder blocks. And even that was not enough to keep her in. Eventually one of her adventures led to her getting pregnant. The dog who knocked her up was apparently a large one, because her pups got stuck in the birth canal, and she needed a c section. She never had a dull moment. When she wasn't being crazy she was always with me. We even shared a pillow until I got married. And she was so jealous of our son that she would pee and poop in his room! She was with me on my first solo road trip, and at my wedding, and everything in between. She never gave up on escaping. Just this past weekend hubs put up chicken wire around the fence to keep her in.3 foot chicken and a fence. She was getting old, had arthritis and had never jumped anything before toget out so I thought we had finally done it, I should have known better. So I let her out, along with our 2 others, and when I went to let them in she wasn't with them. So I went to the fence and sure enough she bent the chicken wire and got out. As this is a semi(not as regular as it used to be experience) I wasn't too worried at first, after all she didn't go anywhere unless we chased her. And with age she was happy with a 5minute stay in the front yard. So I finished getting ready. Before we left for work my husband went looking for her and she was no where to be found. Thats when I started worrying, but with 12 years of being the mom of a runner, this wasn't the first time I worried about her. As we were leaving our neighborhood I saw her on the side of the road, I prayed it was a black tire or trash bag, but when I saw my husband pull his car over and get out I knew she was no longer with us. My husband would not let me see her like that and made me pull into the next road where he came and held me while I sobbed. I went home with our son, and he went and got her in his truck. He wrapped her in my blanket and cleaned up her head so I could see her one last time. My precious baby girl. We decided to bury her outside of our fence on our property, she would hate to spend eternity being locked inside the fence.
Our son drew her a picture to give to her.

I am so thankful for my husband. He was my rock today. And of all the things I have done alone do to being a military wife, this was not something I could do alone.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers. I appreciate it more than I can tell you.

And I am sorry if things are hard to follow my mind is going crazy.

just a pic

For now, will update more later.

almost 4 weeks

Since I have ventured into boobie land. Every day I feel more "normal" and less like I have bricks strapped to my chest. I am finding for the first time in my life confidence in wearing a bikini top, and feeling less like a pear! And the new.boobs are really giving me the push I need to make better choices about what I eat. I paid a ton of money for these babies, now I need the body to match.

The week since losing Midnight has beenlong and hard. Some fay I can hold in the tears and some days I just cry like the moment I saw what had happened to my baby. And I feel so broken and like I lost a big part of me.

little over a month

since I had my BA. I went to my PS yesterday and decided I most likely going to have to have a nipple lift done in about a month or so. My left breast has a nipple that just isnt wanting to play nice. But we are waiting another month for the implant to settle in before we make any decisions. Its still very high and square, so he told me to massage the heck out of it lol. My right breast is perfect! I am praying the left will be as gorgeous :-) PS also gave me a script to try for my old stretch marks. I am going to call the compounding pharmacy to see how much it runs and to find out if they have had good luck with it. I have a history of bad scarring, so we have been keeping a close eye ony incisions. My leftis doing very well, hhowever my right is starting to "spit" out the internal stiches. So if I notice them widening I willhave to see ythe Ps asap to make sure they dont get any worse.

I have become quite the lurker lately. I follow eveyone still, but its always read a bit here, and read the rest there. I hope all of you beautiful ladies are doing well :-)




There is really not much to update on. I go back to my PS on September 3rd to discuss the left nipple lift that I am certain I will need. I just wish the left would stop.looking so square and would drop and fluff finally. Hopefully once the lift is done the girls will match a little better!

hello boobies

hello boobies, take 2

Boobie Blues

Today I am feeling really down and dissatisfied with my new boobs. The left side really gets me down, and it's going to be a few more weeks before I can get the lift to see if that fixes the problem. What I see when I look at them isn't really how I thought they would be.

Getting my headlight aligned

Hey lovely RS ladies! How is everyone doing? Things here are going well. I have been busy with work, school, and family. I can not believe its been over 2 months since I lost my midnight, but I am dealing with the loss better. Anyway, I had my nipple lift done today. It wasn't near as bad as I had expected! My PS' staff is awesome and they made me feel so comfortable. Ps, his assistant and myself just chatted the whole time. The worst part was the cauterization (sp). Even though I am still bandaged up I can already see a huge improvement! What do you ladies think?
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