46, 2 Breastfed Babies, Volume Loss, Age, Weight Loss! Wanting Larger/ Fuller Boobs! - Tampa, FL

I am 38c. Very deflated after breastfeeding 2...

I am 38c. Very deflated after breastfeeding 2 children, weight loss, and gravity! I am currently saving up for surgery. Hoping for possible Jan '17. I am sooo tired of having to wear a push up bra to make the girls look better, I've lost volume with age and weight loss, breastfeeding etc. Very deflated and they always went to their separate corners when the bra came off lol! I'd love to be able to wear clothes bathing suits and feel like the upper matches the lower!! Love this site, and the women sharing their stories. It is helping me make an informed decision when my time comes.


So between children, breastfeeding, weight up and now down, and scoliosis which makes the right side lower than the left idk what a PS is gonna say... I can't afford a lift too. What I've seen on here and YouTube that is a bad surgery? Also I notice after these women go through the lift they're still droopy. I was considering round UHP but maybe large anatomical HP type would help. I wear a small C cup push up. But the right one always looks weird due to my back, I'd like to look bigger and that same push up look I get without a bra on. Hope I can find a good Dr when it's my time. Please no judgements it's hard enough to show myself in this way. Only one who sees me is my husband, and I'm very self conscious.

Lazy evening at home. Going to rain! ????

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