Done!! 371 CCs- 25 Yr Old, Going from A to C BA! - Tampa, FL

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So after being completely obsessed with this...

So after being completely obsessed with this website since I booked my official BA date (April 10th), I figured I would become an official member!! I am 25, 5' 7 124 and 32 A- no kids and after waiting 12 years I have finally come to accept that the boob fairy is never coming and I need to take matters into my own hands! I have my pre-op appt. Tuesday and would love any advice on what final questions I should ask or things you wish you would have asked prior to surgery. I have a list already, but it's a bit overwhelming I am sure I am missing some important questions.

I have only told a few people about this and have not received the greatest support, but I really don't care what anyone thinks because I am doing this for myself! I have been extremely self conscious since I turned 13 and no words describe my excitement as I get one day closer to the big day! Of course I have some fear as the most serious thing I have ever had done were my wisdom teeth, but I just can't wait!!

I am getting silicone Mentor implants, hoping for 350-375 (will find out more info Tuesday) and they are going through my armpit (has anyone had this same incision, if so how was it?) and under the muscle do to very small breast tissue.

Pre op appointment

Had my appointment and it went smoothly! It made it feel really real and I have a list of things I need to get done like get a blood test and buy all the post surgery necessities- all while traveling the next few weeks. A bit stressful, but I will get it done!

The doctor answered my laundry list of questions, took pictures (which I hated), and gave me my prescriptions. I asked for the patch to use on surgery day as it seems it has helped a lot of people not get sick. Fingers crossed it works for me! I will only have to wear a chest band for 24 hours, so I am happy about that as I know some people have to wear it for a few weeks.

That is about it for now! Thank you all for answering my questions and being so supportive!

Two weeks until the big day!

It is funny because I almost feel like I am getting married! My excitement is through the roof!!! I picked up my prescriptions today which is one step closer.

Wondering what we're some MUST HAVES post surgery? What kinds of meals/snacks did you keep around? I'm nervous I am going to be nauseous as pain pills usually do that to me. Also I read an unfortunate side effect of the pills is having a tough time going to the bathroom- so I don't want to eat anything that will make that situation even worse. I heard ginger ale, prunes, protein bars and coconut water are all good to have.

Also my doctor will give me strips to make my scars go away- but pre or post surgery- did you all use any lotions or oils on your breasts to help with the stretching?

Pre op pics


10 days, pre op blood test

10 days out from the big day and I am sitting in the waiting room waiting for my pre op blood work. If I didn't mention this prior I am more nervous about this than the actual surgery. I don't so well with blood and needles. At least for surgery I will be doing it for an exciting outcome. All I walk out with today is a band aid!!! Lol hope this gets over soon!

Blood work came back perfect!

Looks like I am in the clear and ready to go for next week! I am so anxious and ready to get place place ready this weekend for recovery. My bf currently lives out of state, but is coming back next week to take care of me- thank goodness!!

Quick question- for anyone who used the patch behind the ear to help with nausea, did it work well? After talking with my ps he wrote me a script for it.

1 week!!

This time next week I will finally have boobs!!! :) picked up a lot of post surgery essentials today... One step closer!

Less than 48 hours!

Cannot wait! Have barely slept this week!

Made it! Could not be happier!

I may be in pain and I haven't seen them yet, but already so happy knowing I have them! Hope everyone who had their surgery today are doing well!

Post op appt- day after surgery

Just got back from the PS for my post op appt. thankfully he took the band off!! It was driving me crazy! He also told me to try and not use my pain pills due to all the side effects! He did say everything looks great- I only got to peak down, which with them sitting so high and swollen they looked so funny! Can't wait for them to drop. Currently icing with peas- going to start using arnica today as well.

I will say the surgery went pretty smooth! The nurses were all amazing and made me laugh all the way to sleepy town. Whatever that IV cocktail was made of- it sure was great!:)

So grateful that my bf is taking care of me and being so great!

Sorry if this is all over the place. Blame it on the drugs!

Day 3

Feeling good! Arms hurt because my stitches are in my arm pit. I am going to shower today and hopefully leave the house for a movie or dinner or anything lol. I can raise my arms pretty high although it hurts. My PS told me to continue to do this as it will help get the full range motion back.

I also think my boobs are dropping. Yesterday was the first day I saw them and it made me laugh do hard after reading about everyone else having Frankenstein boobs- I have them now too!!

I will try to get some pics up for you ladies soon.

Also I got 371 ccs in both.

Hanging in there

So I think I lucked out so far and I am having a pretty mild recovery. Yesterday I showered, dried my hair and got ready all by myself. Then I spent the day running errands with my bf. Felt pretty normal. Today they are a little stuff but happy they are dropping little by little. Doing my first drive today and returning to work tomorrow.. Wish me luck!

1 week post op-happy girl!

Had another follow up yesterday with my PS. He said everything was looking great so far! Just need these puppies to drop! Seems like the left is faster than the right. He took the tape off my incisions and said I can go back to shaving and applying deodorant... Not sure I'm ready for that yet! I will say my armpit incisions are the most annoying part- can't wait until they heal. Other than that I am not allowed to wear a bra for 3 weeks.. Talk about feeling odd at work! Lol

I am pain free and ready for my boobies to settle so I can fully enjoy them! Work has been fine thankfully it seems like I have had a pretty easy recovery- thankfully!! I will try to post pictures soon.

My best friend sent me two new celebratory VS bras! Hoping they fit, but regardless it was a sweet gesture!

6 days post op

Lounging without a bra on. Still high up.

9 days post op

Bought these bras to put on here and there. Supposed to go braless for three weeks, but these help me sleep at night as it holds them in place. Feeling a burning sensitivity in my right nipple, and that implant is still sitting a bit high.

2 week post op

Can't believe surgery was two weeks ago! Went for another check up this week and don't have to go back for a month. Boobs are still sitting high but I LOVE them!! I am going to the beach this weekend and needless to say I don't think I'll be able to hide these from the family. I have had a pretty good laugh trying on all my old bombshell suits. Can barely get them on!

6 week check up bummer

I was really looking forward to my check up today because I haven't seen my PS in 4 weeks. A lot has changed but in a good way so I was hoping I can get clearance for working out and the green like to wear bras now.

Unfortunately when I went over my lunch break at work I waited over an hour and had to end up leave because I had to get back to work. Last time I was there I waited 40 minutes to only be brought back for 5 minutes and have the PS not really remember me from what it felt like. Not the best feeling. When I told the girl at the front desk I had to leave she seemed to have felt bad but I think she was a student shadowing there. No one called me to reschedule or apologize for the wait.

Prior to my BA I also had two instances that the office did not date my Rx so I had to wait a day while they verified it as well as when I went to get my bloodworm the office never wrote what the reason was for so I had to sit at the lab for almost 2 hours while we waited on them to fax it over.

Although I had a good surgery and very quick recovery, I don't think I would refer my PS to a friend. In a market where it is very competitive I wish I would have done more consults and picked a dr and office that has a little better customer service if I am going to be paying them so much for a procedure.

Looks like I will have to call them tomorrow and see when the next time I can take a lunch break to go. What a bummer.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Surgery went smoothly and quick recovery, but other than that I wish I went to more consults for a better overall experience. In hindsight I think I was too eager, but at least at the end of the day my results are great!

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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