24yr Old Mum of 1, 34b Wanting DD - Tampa, FL

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Hey ladies! I am 24 yrs old about 155lbs & 5'5". i...

Hey ladies! I am 24 yrs old about 155lbs & 5'5". i am currently a flat 34b wanting more fullness, thinking about a DD. I have always wanted a BA. before I gave birth to my son I was a 32A, ballooned up to a 36D and back down to my current a few months after giving birth. a few weeks ago I had my initial consultation with my PS and expressed my wishes and he expressed his opinions depending on my frame and measurements. My PS recommended that I go with hp or uhp silicone.. 550-600cc.

I want to have large breasts but am afraid that will make me tooooo big!

Any ladies with similar measurements, CC's or profile out there that can help??

I like what they looked like with the sizes but I don't want the to be so high either... idk, someone help!!

surgery moved up!

I got my surgery moved up to 3/10!! Yayyy!! I can't freaking wait..I have an appt this Thursday to be re-sized just to see if I want to go lower than 600cc.

I uploaded some wish boobs!


Oh my goodness! Just a few more days til my surgery and the anxiety is killinggg me! I am so ready to get it over with ! I wish the recovery time was quicker lol

I have never been under any kind of anesthesia so I'm kinda freaking out! I work at a veterinary practice so I've seen the effects of animals coming off the anesthesia and it's got mw wondering if I'll be the same!?

Any ladies going through this?? Anxiety and afraid of the anesthesia?


why am i such a procrastinator? i have yet to purchase any of my sports bras or fill my meds... ugh
so tomorrow on my only day off before my surgery, i will have lots to do! I've got to clean the house up, shop for bras, bathe the dog and make sure i have my hospital bag packed.. lol it feels like I'm getting ready to give birth.

Ive been creeping on RS since i found out about this website lol i have no time for Facebook, instagram or twitter ! I've been too busy obssesing over everyone else's results lol

added a picture of me with the 600cc sizers *

Few more hours!

I can't believe that tomorrow is the big day! IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING! i am soo thrilled to be finally getting my girls!

i have my bag & meds all packed ready for tomorrow. My surgery is scheduled at 3pm but i have to be there by 2pm. I styled my hair into 2 milk braids to keep my hair out of my face and into something that i can keep styled for the next few days. i don't think Ill be able to sleep tonight. TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT!

They're Here! (post op day 1 )

My girls are here!

I feel like everything wen by so fast, it feels so surreal!

I got up early yesterday (Tuesday), bf and I dropped our son off at school..I ran some last minute errands and went to see my mom. We had about 30 minutes left before we hit the road. My PS office called me and asked that I head that way asap! Which was awesome!

So I get there around 1:30 and they take meet Ms. Maree to sign the last of my paperwork. I then am taken into an exam room, so I can meet Mr.Joe my anesthesiologist. He was super sweet and hilarious like everyone else there! he made me so comfortable and at ease about the anesthesia. Then Dr. Adams comes in speaks to me for a few minutes about my post op meds, checkups and procedures that I should be doing. About 5 minutes pass and Joe comes back to take me to the OR I say goodbye to my boyfriend.

Joe was so awesome at placing my iv. I didn't even feel a thing. They then started my anesthesia and the rest is a history lol I feel like it took 5 minutes! I woke up to one of the nurses..I really don't remember her name but she was very sweet. She kept giving me water for my dry throat and then gave me a few more minutes to rest. I then woke up again and she asked if I was ok enough to get dressed, I said yes. I felt like I had taken an extremely great nap lol. I got dressed with her help and she then wheeled me out to my boyfriend.

my bf was so happy to see me, he was more anxious and paranoid about the surgery than I was! It was about 5 pm when we finally got in the car to get home.

I felt really good after surgery. Not in too much pain just soreness..like I hit the gym or something. I got home and took my first dose of valium, hydrocodone w/acetaminophen .

Today I woke up with what everyone on RS refers to as morning boob lol I still feel pretty good though.

The pain is about 4/10 and have yet to feel the "elephant on my chest" pain that I read about.

Anyway, I know this post was so long but wanted to fill you ladies in ! I'll post more pics later :)

post op day 1 pics

More post op day 1 pics !

a little before and after

A comparison pic

Post Op Day 3

Well I've had my boobies for three days now and i still can't believe it. I think its gonna take sometime to get use to the fact that i have BREASTS!! lol BUT I LOVE THEM!

I haven't taken any pain meds today just because i didn't feel like i needed it. I have been taking my antibiotics on schedule. I haven't had any pain at all today, which is great but surprising to me. I have been keeping my activity to a low and have had my boyfriend here to help me. But i was able to shower, dress myself and even do my hair and makeup with no issues. All my friends are so surprised to see me up and moving lol

One complain i do have.. ok maybe two! is the bloating and damn constipation! it is driving me insane. i also noticed some weight gain when i jumped on the scale this morning( only to see the difference my breast made lol). i did read somewhere that is was normal do to the anesthesia or something.

any ladies deal with the weight gain? and how long after did you go back down to your normal weight?

anyway i tried on some of my clothes to see if i could even still fit into them.....well i could lol and look who happened to photobomb lol i guess you can tell he loves them too

feeling a little blue :(

its day 5 and i am super in love with how my girls look.. EXCEPT for these darn stretch marks. I had some before my BA but i can tell that I'm getting more :( ugh... i didn't think it would happen so soon

anyway i go back to work tomorrow and am not looking forward to it, i really enjoyed being able to stay home and relax and be lazy lol

My pain has been very low, up until last night i started getting those zinger pains right before i fell asleep so i took a tylenol before bed and was fine.

My incisions itch like crazy! can't wait to get these strips off to see what they look like, i am a little nervous about my scarring. I scar dark, so i know it will take some time for my incision scars to fade... idk if you can see the scratch under my left breast (from a cat!) but its been there for about 2months and still no fading.

in case i didn't mention it before i got 600cc Natrelle UHP :)

back to work too soon!!!!

Hey my beauties..coming back with an update on the new additions.

BOY OH BOY! The last two days have been HELL!!!!! being back at work has been a nightmare.
*Just to remind everyone i am veterinary technician..which means i sometimes have to deal with hard to handle pets.* My job can be quite annoying sometimes, not the job itself but the coworkers.. some people just don't have very good work ethics. So on my first day back 2 people had called off of work, which meant i had to work even harder than i was planning or supposed to, Especially being 6 days po. HOLY SHIT i over exerted myself and went home with super painful boobies. I had to take 2 hydrocones to deal with it, i almost left in tears. This has been the most pain i have felt since having my surgery...and today was a bit easier at work but my boobies were throbbing ALL DAY. I took 2 tylenols while at work and it didn't seem to help AT ALL! i couldn't seem to get comfortable, they were so sore..and then on top of that i had to go grocery shopping today after work, and dumb ol' me thought it would be a good idea to carry in all the bags alone..in one trip. i know, how stupid. So once again my poor breasts were throbbing and super sore. Also, my freaking nipples as so sensitive and feel raw!... Had to take a hydrocodone to try to relax. They feel a bit better but i wish i didn't have to go back to work :(

i uploaded some progress pics of my breasts. My breast already feel very soft to the touch. Not super squishy yet, but definitely not rock hard like they were on day 1.

My right breast seems to be a little droopier than the left..which is the one that seems to hurt a bit more.. is it just dropping or should i be little more concerned?

PO day 11 :)

well, i made it through my first week of being back at work and have had to take more pain medication this week of work then than the first 5 po days of surgery lol ... but i am alive and my girls are still here doing pretty well.

in my last post i spoke about my right breast looking a little more droopier than my left and being in a little more pain. I called my PS and i reached him while he was out on vacation..oh i felt terrible but he was so sweet about. He asked that i come in Monday the 23rd so he can check them out and in the mean time for me to take it easy and take my pain and muscle relaxers. I also started massaging my left breast to see if it would help, and i felt like it has. Ive been overthinking about it and freaking myself out.. telling myself that i don't want to have lopsided boobs lol BUT i had to take a step back and reming myself that both of my breast will not drop at the same rate, everyone heals different! and not to mention i have two different sized nipples which to me makes it look a little worse. So for now I'm taking my meds, not trying to overwork myself and massaging my breasts.

OHHHHHHH and i forgot to mention...i think I'm having boob greed....everyday i keep thinking to myself that i should have gone bigger lol which is weird because i remember throughout the entire 2 months between my consultation and surgery, i was afraid they were going to be too big. But now, with some of the swelling gone, i kinda wish i had gone just a tad bit bigger.

day 15!

Hi my lovelies :)

i can't believe I've officially been a woman for 15 days! haha jk :) but i can't believe how fast time is flying! my boobs definitely look and feel softer. Although i feel like its taking forever for my left breast to catch up with my right one. And I do believe i should have gone a little bit bigger, maybe 650-700cc and should have had an areola reduction (my right nipple is driving me nuts) but my doc says to be patient and let them fully d&f before i decide to go bigger. But i do love them! I'm just being greedy lol

my boyfriend thinks I'm nuts! i love how smooth my entire experience has been *knocks on wood* it makes me want to have other procedures done! am i the only one?

eh anyway back to the "going bigger" i need a cyber workout buddy, i think i just need to lose a few pounds so they'll appear bigger. Knowing the history of my breast, i do not believe that there will be a significant amount of change in the appearance of my breast if i did lose weight. I mean, i was the same size 34b when i was 125 to now that i weigh 155 (the slight weight gain right after surgery came right off in a week.) Yeah I've packed on some love weight over the years lol..its time to get back in shape!

quick update :)

HI Ladies! It's been a few days since my last post. I decided to do a quick update before my follow up appointment tomorrow with my PS!

-I no longer feel shooting pains in my breast
-my breasts seem to be uneven.. I keep telling myself that they're dropping at different rates but it's concerning me, so I wil have to talk to my PS tomorrow about it.
-I am able to sleep on my sides now! Yay!
-I no longer feel like I should've gone bigger lol the booby greed is gone (for now ;) )
-I have started going to the gym, starting off very slowly!
-nipple sensitivity is gone!

Overall my entire experience has been pretty good. I have been back at work and have had no issues.

My only concern is that my left breast seems to look a bit higher and fuller than the right. I'm trying to give it time but it's annoying the crap out of me. I have not been bra shopping but did measure myself at home just for the heck of it and i measured at a 34DDD!!!! .....So I'm gonna wait and go to a professional lol they don't seem that big to me!

I do love my girls and feel so much better about myself and feel great in my clothes ! Best thing I've ever done for myself! Now it's time to lose this weight ! :)

I think it's time for a revision ????

It's been about 2 years since my BA and so many changes have happened in that time.

I've started to develop capsular contracture.
My breast sag even more now than they did
before the BA, which I can understand - they're much heavier now. But I think I should have gotten a breast lift, although my PS advised against it. But I'm really self conscious about it.
Overall, I am just not happy with my breast anymore. I am sure some of you out there that have gone through this same thing can understand, it truly sucks.
Dr. William Adams

Dr. Adams is the best! kindest most skillful man. But, not just him but his entire staff as well. They are so professional, warm and welcoming. They made me feel so great and at home while i was there. He answered every one of my questions during my consultation and pre-op appointment. I love the entire experience. I had absolutely no issues at all. If i ever decided to have another procedure that is exactly where I'm going!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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