Consultation Review and I Booked the Date! Tampa, FL

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I am 30 years old, 5' 1'' and 130lbs, I have one...

I am 30 years old, 5' 1'' and 130lbs, I have one child and I want a BBL. So, I went to see Dr. Jaime Perez in Tampa, FL, back in March 2014 for a consultation. It was amazing. He is very easy going, will answer all of your questions truthfully ( not to get more $ in his pocket), and the staff is amazing. I had previously seen another surgeon in Orlando and he said that I needed to have a tummy tuck in order to have a BBL and needed to gain some weight to have a better result. I was preiously 150 lbs and lost over 25 lbs and He wanted me to regain that weight. I really did not want to gain weight again nor have a Tummy Tuck.
So Dr. Perez tells me that I do not need a tummy tuck nor needed to gain weight. He said he could give me amazing results with my current weight.
He even asked a patient, that had a BBL the previous day , if she would allow me to sit in during her next day follow up, and the patient agreed. This young lady was about 105 to 110 lbs and her BBL was big and round; just bootylicious. He convinced me in that very moment. Dr. Perez said " I can give you what you want with out gaining any more weight, matter of fact you can lose 10 lbs to have a better result."
I was sold!!!
My pre op is scheduled for two weeks before the procedure date.
I have a history of anemia so I have been doubling up on the GERITOL iron supplements. I will post pre op and post op photos as soon as I can.
Since I live about 2 hours from Tampa, I will be staying in tampa for a few days just to make sure I dont mess up my results.

The Countdown Begins

So ladies, my procedure is scheduled for 3/26/2015. I am sooo nervous and excited. I went for my preop visit last Friday. I received my compression garment aswell as an antibacterial soap and a list of medications that are off limits for the next few weeks. I had my pictures taken too. I did my labs on Monday. I believe all is well since I have not received a phone call. I will follow up on that tomorrow. Here are some inspiration pics. Later I will post before, and after surgery photos.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

The patient cordinator is a Doll, she is amazing and very patient.

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