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After contemplating million times I finally made...

After contemplating million times I finally made it to Doctor perez's office...I had a consultation with Doctor Perez and his coordinator Natalia on Friday

I initially was planning on a butt implant with a New York surgeon Dr. Senderoff but decided that I don't want to go through with implant because of complication rate and as well as not being able to sit for awhile, plus my consultation was literally 5 min tops..stupid me I wasted 500 dollars and put a down payment there..

My consultation was at 12:15pm and I saw the doctor around 12:50ish. He is a very busy man. We went in to a office I think it was his partners office... Met with Natalia first she was sweet and very straightforward. She showed us before and after pictures (the pictures sold me) and wrote down what procedure I wanted and shortly after we were put in a conference room... Once in the conference room, we met the doctor... He was very friendly and makes you feel comfortable right away.....I realized that I had completely forgot to ask a lot of the technical questions and concerns I had for the doctor because he threw me off completely by asking why I wanted the surgery and if the procedure is my decision. His pitch is rather different than other surgeons I have gone to previously. He had me speak with his tummy tuck patient (which made me feel very comfortable about trusting the doctor). Shortly after we went in to the room and I got undressed showed him where I wanted the fat removed, after that he measured my weight and recorded my weight in the computer said I was perfect for the surgery and my bmi was very good as well.... I added extra area which is my upper back. ($7,900 for bbl and extra $2,900 for my whole upper back) after that was done we were back in the conference room and made 795 dollar down payment and scheduled my surgery. (They were not pushy about the down payment unlike other places I went)

The doctor is very very talented and he is nice. I love his surgery results, and I'm exited for my procedure. I hope he goes after my back fat and love handles aggressively.... I also have to make sure I write down all of my questions when I go for my pre op and get em answered. (Initial registeration form they have question section just in case you forget and I skipped that, deff regret that) I think he was going back and forth between patients and consultation, he was super busy.... But I am glad this consultation went a lot better than my consultation in NYC, I found a good surgeon in Tampa, not in miami..(Miami is something I tell ya, went to 2 places and didn't really love em at all) Overall Dr. Perez makes you feel comfortable because he is very personable. I hope the surgery is as good as he said it will be. He literally said "you are going to look fantastic" I hope so Doctor....

My biggest fear for this surgery is looking lumpy from the lipo or having uneven Lipo... I pray to Jesus that won't happen to me...

My husband will also get lipo, but he needs to lose 15lb before doctor will operate on him.

Pre op complete

pre op was good, I signed millions of consent form, met with Doctor Perez, he took his time and explained everything and covered everything I wanted to know. He eased up my husbands concern and mine as well. Once I had signed the consent forms we were immediately moved to exam room. There Natalia filled in notes on the computer as I took my clothes off. I weighed in and took photos, once we were done with pictures I tried on the medical garment for post surgery to see if everything fit for me. Dr came in and gave the okay for the garment and informed me once again what will happen during the procedure. Once everything was done the pain prescriptions were sent to my pharmacy and we paid for the surgery and left. Now I just have to get my blood work done hopefully everything will be okay :D once everything is good I will be getting my surgery on the 18th of August.

Pre surgery photos etc

Surgery is officially 4 days away.....I got my post op surgery supplies and slowly started packing. Im so nervous.... Haven't gotten my period either, I'm glad my husband is being so supportive.......I'm going to post photos of my pre surgery photos. I really hope Doctor snatches my waist and gives me an hour glass figure without looking top heavy on my upper back.....I'm paying extra for my upper back so I deff expect my bra fat to be GONE completely. I have been insecure about my back fat ever since my birth!!!! I want Doctor to go aggressive all over my back. My stomach I feel like my pouch needs to go, I have bad rolls when I sit so I want to get that fixed, I deff will let the Doctor know I want a nice round hip. I'll be bringing some wish pics on the day of my surgery :D I'm optimistic that Doctor can bring my vision to life. I have been switching doctors few times I am pretty sure I made the right choice with going with Dr. Perez.

Surgery done

Today was my surgery day My surgery hour was 8:30 am I arrived 10 min late since the traffic was so bad. I felt terrible I made the Doctor wait I hope I didn't. I know he is a super busy man... Literally every nurse and anesthesiologist is WONDERFUL. They made me feel super comfortable it was way better surgery experience I had when I got my boobs done. I took my pregnancy test and afterwards I got my IV in. Doctor marked me up and I explained to him what I wanted I can't wait to see how as I progressively recover from pain and butt looks huge and waist is small!!!! I love it I know it's swollen and it's gonna go down but man I hope to doesn't go down as much.....So many emotions going through with pain... The Doctor really is amazing I know it's first day but I survived I threw up every time I stood up. I was throwing up everything I ate drank I couldn't take the pain meds. Honestly the pain wasn't bad the throwing up part was wayyyy worse than the pain. Peeing was super hard I tried to pee 3-4 times and finally peed on my 5th try. Hopefully I'll be able to get some lipo foam tomorrow since this garment is digging in and it burns... (I have 5 drains for those who are jw) My husband has been so damn wonderful taking care of my 3 years old and my immobile self. I been drain sooooo much none stop... It really hurts to walk and hurts to really do anything ...
Natalia is my surgical coordinator and she was rly great making me comfortable through out the whole selecting of the sx process and everything and my husband as well and explaining throughly what will happen. I'm glad I didn't go to New York for a butt implant. Tomorrow will be my first post op I hope I'll live to see another day

1st post op

When I woke up this morning I couldn't even move my body was so hot and stiff, I honestly don't know how I made it in the car to the doctors office, It took me good 20 min to get in the car and my husband accidentally kicked me I think that shot up my heart rate lol so when I went in for my appointment I ended up with a high heart rate, which is normal since I'm in pain and also on pain medication. Dr Perez checked me and saw I bruised more, which he reassured me it will go away, he said I am gonna look perfect!!!!! Which just makes the pain so much more easier to take... vanity vs pain......I mean I saw my waist and my butt everything looks so amazing. The Doctors work is truly amazing, (it's day one I hope to see it improve everyday, my husband is so excited for recovery, Once I recover and etc my husband will go through with his procedure... (Even though he's having hard time losing the weight lol)

Truth is post op wouldn't have gone smoothly if it wasn't for Stephanie and Natalia. Natalia really gave excellent instructions post op wise my husband and I deff enjoy her presence she's funny and she just has a way of making you feel so comfortable. Dr. Perez girls are seriously wonderful and they WILL take care of you. I have no idea how hard I squeezed Stephanie for pain but she was so caring and helped me get dressed and everything and put in new foam near my vaginal area.... They made me feel so comfortable and got me through literally living hell of pain.

Day5 after surgery and post op

Oh my gosh I don't think I have enough words in dictionary to describe how much pain i have been experiencing the past couple of days I don't think I will ever ever ever go trough it again. I remember I spoke with few patients of his when I went to a consultation and they were back for more!!! I mean wow i guess I'm just really weak compared to these other woman. It hurts and everything hurts. But I'm the pain is a lot more bearable once it hits 4-5 day mark.

went to my 2nd post op. Got 2 of my drains pulled out by dr perez's partner. She looks pretty and nice. She checked everything out and I was good to go. I didn't think I'd see the doctor today but he came out to answer our questions and concerns once again. So I feel greatful he took his busy time out to answer our questions and concerns.

I have a massage scheduled on wed. so I'll be seeing dr Perez 7 in the morning before my massage. I pray and hope the rest of drains will come out and I will most certainly take tons of pain killers before they pull of my drains again. That stuff BURNED SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. Dr said that it could effect the outcome of the result if pulled too soon so I will just listen to him since he knows best.

On day 3 mark I took a shower and washed my garment hopefully I'll get another shower in today

Bruising someone gone down, had noooo problem going number 2 literally pooped day after surgery. So I'm grateful I'm not feeling constipated. In fact if I don't go to number 2 I start feeling horrible....

Good luck to all the ladies out there who are recovering.

Almost died and came back stronger, thank you dr Perez and his wonderful staff...

I don't even know where to begin because I was such a mess crying and etc. last night i started to feel terrible and wasn't able to really keep food down and therefore I didn't take any meds period. Like pain meds are so harsh and make you terribly nauseated. I feel less fortunate I wish I was stronger. It was about 8 in the morning I woke up feeling like I wanted throw up and started throwing up none stop could not take the pain and I had no energy... Husband called the Doctor and Doctor wanted to see me and just to check if I was okay (I'll write a separate review on the Doctor once I gather my thoughts after some time recovery, he really is the best) at first I hesitated since I was in soooo much pain... I didn't think I could make it... But I literally shoved couple scoops of rice and took the meds so I could go see the Doctor....

This is where I feel like I am soooooooooo damn glad I went with Doctor Perez. And I don't even care if I lost my 500 dollar deposit in NYC....He actually cares greatly for his patient and want to see you better and alright!!!! He was there when we needed him.When I got there and we called the office and they had the back door open for us to come in so I didn't have to go through the front and one of the nice nurse lady and the Doctor himself helped me get in to the room...once inside I just flopped down I had hard time breathing and walking was like walking on hot egg shell everything burned, I was sweating bad too and etc.... my vitals were fine I was just dehydrated and nauseated from not eating or being able to keeping my food down. Doctor gave me some sort of a MIRACLE SHOT!!!!! they kept me there for close to an hour monitoring me and bringing me back to life so I can go back on track of good recovery. I can't believE how better I felt it was so embarrassing that I was even not even myself when I walked was a 360 change I didn't realize how much my body needed food but couldn't because of the severe nausea... And Doctor checked me again and cleared me to go and just kept checking to see if I was okay I was soon moved by his genuine care for his patients I cried on the way back to our hotel.... I got so emotional because I personally know few girls in Miami who were treated inhumanly after their post op and other real self sisters who I had pleasure of speaking to about their post op experience....and even going to emergency afterwards. Doctor Perez has whole set up at his office you know for sure you are going to be taken care of no matter what right after surgery, they also monitor your vitals as well. I know girls from vanity, elite, encore, in Miami and Ryan Stanton in California they would just call uber and put these immobile humans in the car and send them away omg... Like they should be arrested.......and these girls will still go to Miami and pay 4000 dollars and get it done. It's really not about the money when it comes to your body and your life. You want the best care you possibly can, so realself sisters please please think twice before going to Miami. Doctor still wants to see me tomorrow despite his surgery schedule in between. I'm not new to plastic surgery and I spent hefty money on diff procedures but I must say this is the best BEST POST OP care I have received. I never had to wait once after my surgery, and this Doctor is super duper busy man, it shows to go that you are in excellent hands.

Day 6!!

Tomorrow marks my 7 days I know other girls who are recovering in diff area and inboxing me thank you. <3 and once again I'm soooo grateful I'm in good care, Doctor and Natalia called me and asked if I was okay, (it's funny I didn't know it was Natalia at first since I was half asleep they probably thought I was just drugged up or whatever lol but she's so sweet) how I was feeling and etc....doc told me that I'd be in a new garment tomorrow (I'm pooping so much and since the garment is lose maybe lol) so I'm gonna take the garment and foams my husband ordered online to get approved by the Doctor.....since I didn't order spanx, I got my upper back lippoed as well (Doctor delivered what I wanted no more bra fat I mean I'll be posting till post op monthly pics so I can't wait to show you guys the progression) so I got the ones where it covers the full back and since it has zipper my husband ordered 3 foams so I'll be bringing them too

since I didn't need to go because I was doing so GOOD, Like that nausea shot boosted me up so I really ate lol... I ate so much I pooped few times (sry tmi) but few times I poop I feel dizzy but no longer do I feel this way I feel like I'm almost back to my self!!!! Dr was right I was dehydrated and the pain meds were actually making me worse.... I honestly think that I Would rather be in pain than nausea lol that was the worst part and the drains...

I had ordered so much food yesterday and today since Doctor told me I should eat eat so I binge ate and felt soooo good because of the miracle shot

Last night took pain meds directed right before I went to sleep and suffered from mild nausea and ended up eating at 5 in the morning my husband ordered worth 7 meals and now I have all this food to eat lol

I am doing tremendously better I mean, I ate and I completely didn't take Percocet at all today!! (I would take like half a pill every 6 hours or none really that's how bad the pain meds make you feel ugh) Plus I am draining only like 10 and to none for the past 12 hours. So I might just have went survived the worst part of the whole surgery recovery!!! Omg thank god. Will take shower and post photos later after shower !! God speed your recovery dolls!!!

Got another drains out!!

Today I felt sooooo awesome no nausea and no pain meds and I'm looking sooooo good. I am still stiff, no sensation still. It's my one week, but I'm feeling good!!!

Went in at 9:30ish there was another warrior waiting to be checked. I hope she has a god speed recovery. I was totally her few days ago.

Natalia took me back in and let me tell you ladies....I was so nervous about the drains coming out my head was spinning but I pretended it didn't bother me and when the Doctor was pulling my drains to show me that how to drain I almost barfed lol... I couldn't really hear anything the Doctor was saying only thing in my mind was these damn drains. But I saw the Doctor he checked me and I looked good!! High fived me and told me everything is good!! Omg seriously Perez delivered tastefully. (Will write a review separately about his work) and the worst part came I got one drains out.... I was expecting the worst I swear I could hear my own heart beat. Like I'm seriously such a weak person, out of all this procedure the worst part of all is nausea, and THESE DRAINS!! but I acted tough but I'm not, and Natalia went for it and surprisingly i didn't feel anything!! She was soooo gentle! I hope they are not letting anyone pullin my drains out other than her. I love her so much, without her always giving us informations and instructions ahead of the time we would probably never been prepared for the post op care, Doctor deff has a wonderful staff and I can go on forever talking about... (I have only 2 drains left)

I'm happy Doctor cares enough for me to keep my drains in, it shows that he wants perfection for his patient, I love dr Perez and his staff.

After my appointment I went to international mall and got a new spanx, ladies let me tell you, this spanx is gods gift to me. It is soooooooooo comfortable, we wasted 100 dollars on on my second stage "medical" garment. Ugh..... I hope I can get a refund...I was so embarrassed I didn't even bring it with me, plus it didn't fit. Lol I can't wait to get my compression socks off :/ they been really bugging my feet. But happy healing and good vibes

Day 9 after surgery

Today I was pretty much alone all day since my husband had to move. What a wonderful timing we were in midst of moving and I was stuck at hotel all day.... I was pretty emotional today... I missed my son so much.

Update : draining more again?!?! Darn, I was so excited I thought I'd get these out. Lol well hopefully I'll be done draining soon!! I feel like i gained a lot of weight? Maybe from eating so much? My waist feels bigger? I might just be delusional.. Lol

Happy healing

Day 10 ish

Been feeling a little low since we have moved to our new place since I cannot really contribute at all... Hopefully I'll feel mentally better again
Will be seeing dr Perez upcoming Tuesday,

I think me being in spanx has made the drains work more because it's tight? Not sure but I'll ask the doc. But I am not sure if it's just angle I notice my hips going down which is scary because I really wanted hips out of this procedure, please stay hip :D but other than that i can't tell if the swelling on my butt is gone but they are holding up fabulously, my waist seems to seem little bit smaller from previously attached before 4 days or so and now post surgery. Bruising is going away fast!! Really loveeeee it I hope the new fat cells are here to stay!!

Got all my drains out today.

Arrived at 3:00 ish. I was super duper nervous about getting my drains out allllllll day everyday. I saw dr Perez. He did sooooo good I look amazing, the pics don't it's justice. Can't wait to show you guys in actual clothes. Once I recover completely I'm going to back to trade shows and car shows etc and show my new butt :D not that I need to work I just love the modeling industry plus it keeps me in shape and I feel like it forces me to take care of myself.

Anyhow, I got in the room got undress and I have gained 10 pounds!!! The Doctor said I need to go back to my diet. I got fat.... I mean I honestly feel like I look soooo good way better than before!!!! I was sooo dreading on the drain part but Victoria did sooooooo good. Taking deep breath before she pulled helped a lot with pressure and burning. So I'm in in #nodrainteam. I know that my dr knows the best for me even though there are other ladies out there who got them pulled out earlier, I feel like I have less fluid and I'm on a better path to progressive healing. I'm sooo thankful for dr Perez. My husband is now counting his days, he has been eating clean and etc, he's such a woman you know, he's been really lookin into the procedure and I think my new butt is making him a lil insecure puahahaha so cute...

I'll be back in a week for post op. No more compression socks, no more drains, no more skin pulling pain. I made it to the other side yayayayayayayyayayayaya!!!!!

Booked my massage and Ordered the lipo foam.

3 weeks tomorrow!!

Time for a week update !!! Today was second the massage, lately I been struggling to keep food out of my mouth, my period is near the corner and I been on sort of sugar craving which lead me to gain couple of pounds, but I make sure I'm not going going over bored, I'm beginning to think about face lipo soon.

I am loving my new body, my butt has gone down, the shelf is dropping and the fat is starting to feel as if they are on my own. My back bra fat area where it was lipoed was getting lumpy and had a lot of fluid built up, but with massages it's going down its looking better. My right leg always swells I never noticed that I put more weight on my right feet than my left.
Still in my spanx, I love them. I feel like my upper back where I got lipoed is loose, maybe I need to go size small. Planning on buying a new spanx since I feel like I have to constantly wash it and I am around the house naked lol...

Pretty much everything is going back to normal... I hope my new butt stays :D


Sorry really been mia just been getting settled back in to normal routines of life. I'm less numb I have most of my sensation back. Butt looks like fat is less high and is dropping some what? I'm not sure butt it looks good!! I haven't yet to gone to my doctors follow up because my husband couldn't take off work since he just started I'm hoping I'm gonna be alright!!!

Still wearing garment I believe I'm little over a month. I can't wait for the scars to go away, and for my body to look less lumpy!! Happy healing!!

7 weeks check up with Dr.Perez

So today marks my upcoming 8th week!

So I had the opportunity to finally make my post op appointment since my husband didn't have work due to hurricane Matthew :D

We got there 20 min late and they were okay with it, When I walked in no one was there, I was greeted by Natalia and Victoria. Dr Perez has the best staff ever. I cannot stress this but the staff has been there for me since day 1, they have seen me at my worst and they were so happy for me and telling me I looked good and made me feel sooo happy!! These girls know what they are doing. l feel as if I am still in good care even post out 7 weeks!!

Went into the room and took pictures and I saw my before and after pic!!! My husband was shocked and of course I as well at how my Dr did a flawless job!
For those wondering I am and can go back into my regular routine!! My Butt is holding up super nice didn't go down much in size. I love everything!!! This surgery was WELL WORTH IT.

Updated photo

No more garment, I still have burning sensation, my lower back is still healing but over all it's looking great :)
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I have gone and seen 6-7 different Doctor all over United States and I picked dr Perez because of the before and after picture and the fact that i know I will be in good after care after my surgery unlike Miami.... Dr. Perez has designated surgery day so he's not the Doctor who performs 10 bbl and is burned out. This guys is good and he is always on the go, He is like a little hot pepper, he is very funny and charismatic.. he will let you know how it is and won't perform surgery if you are a SMOKER... He has a full of passion for what he does and he knows he is good, and he's a very caring Doctor and he wants perfection for his patients.... Plus his staff is what makes the team, he's got a solid players on his team....His work it self speaks for his credentials. Doctors are like car sales man, he sells you a car and when you drive it out, it's yours job to take care it. So when you are picking Doctor you want a doctor who's going to give you a ROLLS ROYCE NOT A TOYOTA PRIUS. (There are doctors out there who just wants more money for so he won't deliver the full wishes of a patients) but Dr. Perez will give you a rolls Royce plus decked out rims. And if we are talking body, DR PEREZ Lives and eats curves for breakfast. I'm Asian and he delivered 10000000%.... I have a Columbian massage lady in Orlando and she does patients for Constantino mendieta and few well known ones in Miami, and she said my result looked better asked if she could take picture of me to show her daughter. I'm glad I went with dr Perez. I love you dr perez, you are THE man. The only negative thing I have to say about this practice is that there are ALOT OF PEOPLE In the waiting room during high traffic times and the wait can be very long.. (They obviously don't make you wait post surgery but your consult and etc) I want to be as honest as possible since plastic surgery is not joke it's our bodies and woman are suppose to empower each other and I'm not here to promote experience with Dr. Perez was best and im sure anyone choosing him will feel the same way I do.

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