26yrs Old, Big Breast No Butt, No Curves, in Need Of a Bbl. Tampa, FL

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Hello. I am new to this site, but I've been...

Hello. I am new to this site, but I've been lurking for a year or so. Where do I start, I've always had a small figure (no breast and no butt) and I struggle with my weight (always weighted less than 100). When I turned 23 I went from a B cup to a D cup, but no butt lol, I always had a boy body, which made me very insecure. I didn't like to wear dresses, go out to the beach, and any other places. When I was little, I was bullied by the fact that I was very skinny and my friends had well developed bodies. This situation made me feel very insecure about myself. So you won't see any pictures of myself yet as I don't feel confident to do so. But I am hoping that this year I can finally get Female curves and build my confidence. I like Dr. Perez work, the patients have a natural butt and I'm very interested in his technique. I haven't reached his office yet, as I am trying to gather some money before I'm ready to take the next step.

Wish pics

Essentials for your BBL journey

Hi dolls!! Here is a link with all the supplies and items you need pre and post op:

Booked consultation

I called Dr. Perez office today and booked a consultation for the end of February. I wanted an appointment for this Friday, since I took it off for Doctor appointments, but it was not possible, he was booked.I will update how the consultation went.

pilonidal cyst and slight anemia :(

I went to my Dr last week for a regular check up. I've has a bump for a while in the center of my butt and had the Dr checked what it was. It turns out that is a pilonidal cyst and has to be removed through surgery :( I have an appointment with a Dr who specializes in these things in February, but I will have to postpone my BBL surgery until I can recover. I saw pictures of the Pilonidal cyst surgery and is a long recovery depending on how deep the cyst is located and how much tissue the surgeon needs to cut. I also have slight anemia which I have been told to take multivitamins.

Update: Saw Dr. Perez

Hello!! It's been a while I've been here. So I've been working on getting all my papers done for my surgery to remove the pilonidal cyst I have behind my back. I went to a specialist who told me the cyst is very small & the surgery will take 10-15 min and I can go home the same day (thank God). Now, today I saw Dr. Perez, he was super busy, so I felt bad I missed my original appointment and entered as a walk in. His staff was very nice and accommodating. I was first taken to his office where I was shown pictures of his past patients. I loved the sculpting of each person, his surgeries look natural and not exaggerated. Later Dr. Perez entered the room and asked me what procedure I was looking to get, I told him I wanted the BBL and he introduced me to three women who came to see him. I spoke with them and they gave me lots of advise and showed me their new bodies. One of the girls had a nice bbl that look completely natural, just like I want. I spoke a little with the doctor about what I'm looking for and what I want him to deliver. Then I was taken to another room to weight myself and calculate my BMI, which came out perfect for the bbl, so I don't have to lose or gain weight :). Then he saw me on my undies and told me from where he is going to take the fat from (stomach, back, thighs) and he was going to sculpt my body to give me curves!! :) After he saw me, his assistant came with the price quote of $7,900. I told Dr. Perez of the cyst surgery I have to have, so I will have to move the surgery date for July instead of May to give time for the incision to heal. I will contact them again in March once I undergo surgery to book my bbl surgery date with Dr.Perez

Surgery today

I went under surgery today to remove the pilonidal cyst. It was a level one and I got stitches on the area. Now I have to work on having this healed ASAP, so I can finally booked my surgery with Dr. Perez. I was very scared, as I've never had surgery before and the anesthesia part was very scary for me, the doctor used a small dose Of general anesthesia and it knocked me out completely, I even had dreams while I was asleep lol. I cannot wait for this procedure ???????? this is the year that I finally do something for myself. I will keep everyone updated :)


It's been around a year that i've made a review on this site, but I am back. A quick update, many unexpected things happened last year that did not allowed me to proceed with the BBL (both financially and medical), but I am still going forward with the procedure and with the same surgeon I chose Dr. Perez. I will be writing a separate review about my pre-op experience.

Pre-Op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment today at 9AM. As soon as I came in I signed in and was called in less than 3 minutes inside the office (which was great), I was taken to a room with a lot of paperwork for me to read and sign. I highlighted some of the information that seemed important for me to discuss with Dr. Perez (such as risks, side effects, medications, etc.), after I signed all the paperwork I was taken to another room where my pictures were taken (with and without underwear) my blood pressure was taken as well as my temperature, then Dr. Perez came in and checked my respiratory rate, everything was great so far. Then I had my garment measure and an antibacterial soap was given to me as well. The payment process was very simple and I was set for my surgery date. I currently have to get my blood work done and buy some of the items on a checklist I received. A couple of things that bumped me out are the following: I forgot to discuss with Dr. Perez the things that I highlighted on the paperwork I signed (this was super important to me, so I will give him a call with my concerns) the other thing was the fact that I might need a TT :( I really do not want to get one, but Dr. Perez was very honest with me and told me with all the fat he will be taking a TT will be needed. Overall my pre-op appointment went well, I liked the short wait time and Dr. Perez honesty and his positive attitude and I will be looking forward to my surgery.
I will be documenting my recovery Journey as I have seen not too many reviews from Tampa are on RS with pictures and follow ups and any feedback is welcome from the RS dolls!

More wish pics

Bought essentials

Day of surgery

Hi dolls! My surgery was today at 6AM (I was the first on the list, yay!) my husband and I drove to Dr Perez facility and I was taken a pregnancy test and blood pressure. Needless to say my blodd pressure was high (103 and104) as I was super nervous (my first major surgery). It took a couple to tried to lower my blood pressure. The nurse that was with me turned off the lights in the room and placed a black robe on my legs white I watched IG and that seemed to do the trick. Then the anesthesiologist came in and placed the IV in my wrist, I talked with her assistant for a couple of minutes telling her what I wanted and why I choose Dr Perez. Then Dr Perez walked in the room and marked my body, I showed him a section where I had the pilonidal cyst removed and he agreed he will not touch (yay! :)) then I kissed by husband goodbye and entered the surgery room. I was washed with antibacterial soap and put on a very warm bed. Insurance old the anesthesiologist to take good care of me and that's when I fell asleep.
Then I woke up and was already in my garnment they gave me water to hidrate me, I told the anesthesiologist I was in a lot of pain so she gave me two doses of pain medicine which did the trick. Then I was placed in the front of the car seat and they told me a can sit in the car for a short period and it will not affect my results. The office gave my husband all the post operative instructions and what he needs to do and how he needs to take care of me. I was given three drain tubes and a urine tube that's already connected to my vajayjay (which helps me not to get up to use the bathroom! :)), not every surgeon provide this to their patient, but I feel very lucky Dr Perez provided me with this as this is making my recovery WAY much easier. I've only gone to the bathroom twice today just to drain the pee sack and the blood drain tubes. I also thank my husband for taking such good care of me and helping me through this tough process. Tomorrow is my first post/op so I will keep everyone informed.

First day of surgery


Today is my third day post op and let me tell you recovery is no joke! My poor husband has been unable to sleep these past three days taking care of me. I get a lot of pain on my sides it makes it hard to get up and lay in my bed. I spend most of the time laying on my stomach in my bed and I only get up when I need to pee, eat or walk around the house to stretch my muscle. Yesterday was my first post op and I saw Dr Tracy Temmen, she had to remove some clips from the faja since I am shorter than the faja (lol), but what a RELIEF! The faja was no longer digging under my skin anymore. I have my second post op appointment today, I am going to ask the Dr to place the lipo foam I bought under and around my faja. At this time I have a Lipo foam on one of my sides and it has made a tremendous difference with pain tolerance. I definitely recommend to have someone take care of you at least for a week post op, it makes a great difference, and walk a lot and drink lots of fluids and take vitamin C to help with your defense.

Two weeks and four days post op

Hey dolls!
Lots of things have happened, after my last review, I went to the surgeon's office three more times, the times I've been there Dr Tracy Temmen has been the one checking on my progress, I haven't seen Dr Perez for a while. I expressed some concerns about a dent I saw on my left side between my hips and my belly, but Dr Temmen told me it is mostly swelling and it will go away eventually. At my follow up appointment last Monday my three drains were removed (yay!) and I went back to work at 11 days post op. The incisions are healing very well and the swelling is going down more. I have posted new pictures of how my body is looking, you can tell the swelling is going down. I had my first lymphatic drainage massage on Saturday by Russell Huston at Haven Massage, let me tell you that my experience was great Russell made me feel so comfortable and explained the process of what he was doing the big plus for me is that he has a flexible schedule, which works for me since I work 8-5 M-F he can work with you to set appointments and he works on Saturdays, I really recommend him. Back to my surgery, the dent I saw is almost non existent so Dr Temmen was right it's the swelling, almost all the numbness on my belly is gone, I wish I could say the same thing about my back, but eventually it will get better. My next follow up will be in two weeks.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

His staff is very nice and accommodating, I saw many pictures of previous Dr. Perez patients, his surgeries BBL looks natural, just how I want it. He is very honest and tells you how much fat he can take and l the amount of fat your body needs to be sculpted.

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