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Excited for this just scared for recovery because...

Excited for this just scared for recovery because of reviews that say it hurts like h***
N I'm scared or needles don't no wat to expect lol
My ps is dr Jaime Perez payed my deposit got my surgery date , got my flight ticket now looking for hotels close by gonna try booking 10 days not sure till I find a good price first
Can anyone tell me if its ok if I just take my mom to take care of me after or do I really need a nurse? Everyone seems to b going to Miami but I did my research n spoke to different Drs but the one I loved was dr Jaime Perez n loved his work that I saw on before and after pics
I'm just so excited I can't wait n I have no patience ugh suxs waiting

Wish pics

Not looking for something huge just something that will look similar to this and I will be super happy

Pics right now

Sadly I have no butt and that is the reason why I'm getting the bbl done. I will b so much happier and confident.

Getting closer for surgery

Got my labs done and they said
I'm good to go
Now just gotta wait patiently (lol yea right)

Date changed

Forgot to post I had to change my sx date to dec 3rd and preop is the 2nd.
Dr was leaving early at 12 the 4th which was my pre op n my flight was arriving after 2 pm so I decided to switch dates and it works out way better since I had to wait the weekend n have sx till Monday
So I'm happy and it's a few days sooner .

More wish pics


Can you ladies tell me if you guys think I need maxi pads I'm on the depo shot and I never get my period but do u guys think I'm still gonna need them for after sx

Preop today

Had my preop today and ready for tomorrow finally


The days is here got my iv put in
Now just waiting for dr to come in n draw on me and anesthesiologist too

Made it

Well dolls I made it finally n well I'm here laying in the room a little pain feels like I have a huge rock on my butt and my stomach n back r super swollen goodness

Post op

Post op

Got garment on but I am bruised up

My experience

I'm gonna tell u dolls a little about my experience .
I arrived to Tampa Wednesday the 2nd at 10:15 am with my husband , we rented a car , got something to eat, then drove to my pre-op .
I walked in was greeted very well , the office is very clean and very pleasant. I had a seat then about 10 Mts they took us in and I signed a ton of papers then waited. Then I was taken to one of the rooms , took off my clothes was left with my undies n bra . They weighed me , asked questions then they took my pictures with undies and bra , then naked lol .
Then waited for my ps to come in.
Dr Perez has a great personality. He came in met my husband and asked me why I wanted to get the BBL , then he checked me and pointed out all the areas he was going to get fat from , grabbed my fat and he said girl don't worry I'm gonna leave u looking beautiful ur gonna love it lol he is very charismatic. He checked my weight n labs again and then we went to his office n told us to have a seat so we could talk and ask any questions we had and pretty much explained how it was gonna go. He answered all our questions and made us feel very comfortable. Then we said see ya tomorrow.

The day of surgery I woke up showered again with some antibacterial thing and left with the hubbs. He dropped me off since it was gonna take awhile . I was called to the room, got undressed, they weighed me again , got my iv put in which they had to put me twice cuz the first one didn't work , ugh it hurt and I hate needles lol .
Then the anesthesiologist came in asked me questions too and then took me to a back room to get started the washed me with a sponge (so cold by the way all over my back)
N my butt lol I was like ahh! Then they dried me up n layed me on the bed thing they had n my arms stretched out and then I don't remember nothing lol I passed out .

Woke up cold n in pain and it took me awhile to open my eyes I could barely talk then they had my husband come in and he sat beside me . They took out this thing I forgot what it was called from my bladder then i got dressed, I already had my garment on so they helped me get dressed, my husband drove to the back and I got in the car n we left.

The pain isn't as bad I can't really describe it . I can say what I feel but everyone is different it's painful but in my room it's mostly when I lay on my stomach to watch tv or just rest it hurts because of the lipo n bruises but when I am up I feel better just walking around. My husband helps me with everything thankfully he's been a sweetheart .

And I meet with my ps tomorrow
So far I've had a very good experience , I'm so swollen but I already love my results can't wait to recover a little more and see what I look like .



Got my drains taken out at exactly a week . I had no leaks or blood all over me which I'm very happy . My husband omg went above and beyond by doing everything to help me and make Me feel comfortable I'm super blessed.
I feel so much better now it's been 12 days since surgery . Just feel my stomach and back kinda hard my ps said I have to start massages asap . Here r some pics of course I'm still swollen but they took some before and after pics because I'm not from there and they wanted some pics even if I was all swollen lol hopefully I can go back in a few months to take some good after pics. But even so I feel so great with my new body .

Before and after

This was before the day before surgery and after 4 days later
Love my results

4 wks later

Well I'm feeling awsome I feel confident now
I've gotten massages and ugh made me feel way better and my stomach is not as hard anymore just a tiny bit in some places here and there and a tiny pain when my kids accidentally hug me too hard
The pics might look kinda weird cuz of how I was standing but I didn't get a huge butt I just wanted something to go with my body and hips I definitely got Wat I wanted I love my results already
I'm still wearing my garment 24/7 expect when I have to shower and I do have a side that looks bigger then the other u can tell but o well I'm sure it will go always or even out later on lol I look great and my husband loves it so in happy

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Update 7 weeks

Feeling so great
Love my body and my booty
I'm loving it
I feel so beautiful n confident

Wat u girls think

Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I have a 4 month old baby All the other ps said it don't matter but dr Jaime Perez told me I should wait till my baby turns at least 6 months so I can have great results because I'm gonna have a lot of changes in my body I loved how he cares for his patients n explained everything very well n answered all my questions :)

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