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Ive never liked my little booty. Not only that but...

Ive never liked my little booty. Not only that but I have crazy love handles that makes it so I have NO curves! I go to the gym and do lunges and all kind of booty work outs... But still cant get to where I want to be. And even more than my lovely love handles, I have a pouch that will NOT go away!

I did a lot of research and decided to look at other places especially Florida and saw Dr Perez on here a lot... So set up a consult. Dr Perez is VERY full of himself and I like it! Hes good and he knows it lol. He spent a lot of the time talking about a "beautiful butt" and about the procedure is all about sculpting the body. He has it down to a science! This angle needs to be like this, this fold needs to be small, there needs to a diamond shape there ect... Ive looked at other doctors and they have minimal expierence with bbl's. Dr Perez has been doing them since.... 03 I think... Dont exactly remember lol. He explained that most doctors just recently starting doing this procedure because it has become more and more popular. (from my research it is the only procedure that has increased when all other procedures have declined in the economy, he says in the past year it has gone up 40%) oh,he also showed a pic of a girl that he JUST did lipo to shape her backside and how much of a difference it makes with out any fat injected.

I was VERY impressed on how much of a difference you can make just by reshaping the backside. So overall he has the experience that I was looking for... He deff knows what hes talking about and takes a lot of pride in knowing what "beautiful butt" looks like... Sooooooooo I BOOKED IT! Eeekkkk im sooooo excited!!! Feb 13th is the big day and im SO nervous!

I have my brother to care of me (he lives in Tampa) but what all do I need to know? I know ill have to wear a garmet, the Dr says for 6 Weeks but I can return to work in 2. im posed to buy my spanxs... Is there a certain kind that ppl would recommend? Am I going to be in a lot of pain? how long till I can actually function again...as in be able to act normal and leave the house? And any other ideas/ advise is welcomed!

The staff!!! How could I forget the staff!! I...

The staff!!! How could I forget the staff!! I spoke with Jessica and she was VERY knowledgable about the whole procedure. I had A MILLION quesitons at the consulation and I called a MILLION more times with more questions. Also, I am coming out of town so they have been very good at working with me with my schedule. I will post pictures closer to my surgery date.

Its almost 2 weeks before, so I decided to upload...

Its almost 2 weeks before, so I decided to upload before pics. SO supper excited and nervous... more hopeing that it will turn out PERFECT! I thought I would show, I don't dislike my body... I just have no booty!! So there's deff room for improvement. I can't believe how close my date is!! Also, if anyone has any advise, or ideas on how to minimize the scars... I'd love to hear it. :)

Sooooo tomorrow is the big day! I can't wait! I...

Sooooo tomorrow is the big day! I can't wait! I stocked up on groceries that I would think I would like tomorrow, and bought scar ointment. I also got some Arnica and Bromelain with Quercetin from Vitamedica which was recommended by another person on this site. So, any advise on my next few days?? eeeekkk SO exciting! I'll try to keep everyone updated!

Ok, so yesterday I had the procedure. I was told...

Ok, so yesterday I had the procedure. I was told to show up at 9, then had to sign some paperwokr, do a prego test and get in my gown. The doctor finally came to talk to me at 1130, so we were deffinetly ready to get it done. lol So he marked me up, decided that I also needed some in the sides of my booty bc I have an indentation. Then the CRNA came and talked to me ab the meds and before I knew it, I was walking to the room. We were chatting then I remember people talking to me asking about my pain level in the recovery room which I rated at a 4. I drifted in and out of sleep for what I was told about a hour and when I would be awake the pain was INTENSE! Like my WORST menstral cramps times 4. I told the doctor and he said he had already given me some pain meds, but it was still horibly painful. Dr perez came in and i rated it as a 7 or 8. I drifted back off to sleep (im not sure if he did anything ab the pain) but when the nurse came in she saw how much pain I was in, I heard her talking to some ppl outside of my door telling them how I looked and gave me pain meds in my iv, which helped a lot. Then they gave me my oral meds and my brother came and picked me up. As soon as the oxycodone kicked in, the pain is bearable. Now that im at home, as long as I stay on top of my meds I don't hurt too bad as long as I dont move. My hiney doesnt hurt, its more in my stomach and sides when I try to get up. I was afraid that peeing would be difficult from everyting I heard, but I didn't have any problems with it. I'm a stomach sleeper so sleeping on my stomach wasn't a problem at all, but my face is kinda swollen right now lol. I've been eating applesause and milshakes (btw milkshakes are life savers!) and I'm only nauseous when I stand. I got out of surgery yesterday at 3 and I'm already able to walk around on my own. I took a couple pics that I'll post but I'm about to go to my first follow up so I'll try to take some then too.

Day 2: So I went to my first postop today. The...

Day 2: So I went to my first postop today. The doc put me in my spanx that I had bought, and put the ones I was orginialy in on top of them. Oh, apparently you are not soposed to tan before the procedure.... whoops. So he told me to try to start weining myself off the percoset. I tried, its deff too early. I'll stick to being all pilled out over being in pain. lol I'm able to eat chicken noodle soup and mac and cheese now... but still no full meals. The new spanx that he put me in have a smaller hole in the bottom, so I've been using toliet paper rolls. They seem to work pretty well. Also, he said to try to take a shower tomorrow. That sounds kinda scary. I have another postop in 3 days, I'll keep yall updated!

Also, what has everyone heard on ways to prevent...

Also, what has everyone heard on ways to prevent reabsorption? My doc says it ok to sit since most of the fat he puts in is up high, but alot of other drs say not to because the fat can't withstand pressure yet. Also, is it recomended to get massages? My doctor hasn't said anything about it, but I've heard ppl say it helped in the healing process. Any good ideas?

Day 3: So today I took a shower for the first time...

Day 3: So today I took a shower for the first time. I was AMAZED at how big my rear end is! I know the swelling has to go down a lot so I'm not worried, but it's deffinetly huge. The shower wasn't bad. After, I put the spanx back on and washed the garment the doctor gave me, which is a LOT tighter than the spanx. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I gained 3 lbs in the surgery, the doctor said that was pretty normal. I got a pretty small funnel that I've been using to go to the bathroom which has been working perfectly. I ate my first full meal today, and I've been trying to take the ibprofen more often than the oxy; I only really feel pain when I am trying to stand uo. I'm SO excited to see what it's going to look like w the swelling down!

Just got back from my second post op, that makes...

Just got back from my second post op, that makes me day 5. I was an HOUR late, which got me there a half hour after they closed and they waited on me no problem. HUGE brownie points lol. The doctor said he put in 600 ccs! That seems like a lot from what I've read, but he said that he is an "expert" and that's what experts can do! haha (I put in in quotes bc how you are reading in your head doesn't come close to how he says it haha) I trust that he knows what he's doing and I looked up other ppl who had 600 ccs and they don't look too humongous. (yes homongous) Like he said, "We don't give black girls white girl bottoms and we don't give white girls black girl bottoms." That makes me feel a lot better. lol I weighed in at 126.6, that means I have gained 7.6lbs since my surgery, and since I have the appetite of a hampster, it has to all be swelling/ water weight. I still have to wear the padding between my garmets, which means that I'll continue look like I have the body of a grandma w clothes on. lol I'm still supper excited to see the finaly product, but I have to be patient!

So its been a while since I've posted. The...

So its been a while since I've posted. The swelling looks like its all gone down. My hiney doesn't hurt. My abdomen feels weird. I wouldn't say it hurts... it just tingles and is supper tender. I wear the spanx, but when I'm at work (which is pretty physical) it usually hurts pretty bad at the end of the day. The dr told me to massage my stomach sides and back to make the scaring under the skin go away faster. I try but its kinda painful. Also, he said not to work out for 5 weeks but I can walk around the house. I've gone to the gym a couple times. I only walk on the treadmil for a hour then do upper body. Also, he said no tanning so I've been going spray tanning (which he said is ok). The results are AMAZING! The ppl that know me best keep commenting on how huge of a difference it is. When I wear a tight clubbing dress the difference is night and day! I LOVE my new ass. My bruising is pretty much gone, but there is still some on my love handles.

So I went to another follow up yesterday. It went...

So I went to another follow up yesterday. It went super well. We took more pics and when they show you the before and after pics its freakin CRAZY! He actually asked to put my pics on his website so I signed the paperwork to do so. (I'll provide the link) I LOVE my new booty, and the whole body! When I went in I was looking for just a booty improvement, but i had no idea how much it actually worked for my whole body. I have SO much better curves now. Everyone would tell me "You don't need it." and some ppl even told me they were mad at me for trying to improve something that was already perfect. Wow, they were wrong. Every single one of them now eat their words. A friend of mine tells me "You managed to improve perfection" (and I am fully aware, my old body was FAR from perfection lol) Another says that they hated the fact that I was changing my body when it was already great, but now they are ALL impressed. I'm SO happy I got the surgery done. Dr. Perez even asked me why I hadn't gotten it done earlier! haha The pain was minimal, the time off work was minimal as well. (I actually tried to go back earlier than I was soposed to and ended up regreting it.) The staff was great... Like I said I had approx 10,000 questions, and they answered them all! AND stressed that if I had any other questions to call asap! The things I wish I had done: not gone to work so early (I did NEED the money, but that was extra stress on my body that I should have not done. The staff told me not to ... but I'm hard headed so 2 weeks after surgery I was back at work. Which also caused one of my incisions to reopen causing a scar on my left lower back. You can see it on some of the pictures.) You are not soposed to tan before and after the procede. (whoops, apparently I didn't get that part and as you can see by the before pics tanned like crazy bc I knew that I couldn't after.) Also, I sprayed tanned after. He said that was ok but because of the bruising and scars no REAL tanning. :( Now he said as long as I cover the scars I can be out in the real sun... but still no tanning beds. I'll upload the before and after pictures as soon as I get my internet working correctly! But I did add the link to his website.

Link to his website of me!!!


I keep trying to upload pics but it's giving me an...

I keep trying to upload pics but it's giving me an error message it says "bad request." I'll try again in a few days... not sure what that's about. If anyone has encountered that problem and knows a fix please lemme know.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Perez was extremely kind and comforting during the entire procedure espically in recovery. On the day of the procedure we did have a lot of waiting (We were told to arrive at 9 and the surgery didn't start untill approx noon) Besides that, the wait was appropriate. He and his staff are also very knowledgable about every part of the procedure. They send you the information about the procedure with pre and post op. The staff was extrmely nice, and answered all 10,000 of my questions. He is extremely full of himself, but because he is good at what he does and he knows it. He is by far one of the pioneers of the BBL as well as an expert.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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