30 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, 4'11", 120lbs- Natrelle silicone 450cc's HP

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I am 30 yrs old and located in Florida. I am...

I am 30 yrs old and located in Florida. I am currently interviewing Drs and have talked to CGCosmetics and south Florida center for cosmetic surgery... Both of which are in Miami. I also have consults coming up for dr. Landon and dr. Fakhre both are in Tampa. I guess what I'm asking for is help from all of you to help me find a dr in Florida. Who would you reccommend and why? Who should I avoid and why? Please help me decide who I should trust with this surgery :). Thank you so much for your help and support!!


So here is where I am so far in my search for a Florida plastic surgeon... I've had two "virtual" consultations with two Miami offices. First was the South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery (I have a friend that got her BA done here and got great results). I basically emailed them pictures of my breasts and told whoever I was emailing what I was looking for (which is how important symmetry is to me) and they emailed me back with a quote of $4,498. They didn't really tell me what that covered or any details really, just that if I wanted to reserve that price I needed to send a deposit.
Next, was CGCosmetics (my sister-in-law went here and warned me that they get you in and out and hardly speak to you). It was exactly the same experience as the previous place, where I sent pics of my breasts through an email and told them what I was looking for. They emailed me back and told me if I just wanted silicone implants it would be $3500. But if I was worried about symmetry it would be $4500.
*** side note: I went to a consult 6 years ago after I finished breastfeeding my first child. I was told at that consult that one areola was slightly larger than the other from breastfeeding and it would need to be fixed to have symmetry. Well I never followed through with BA at that time. Fast forward 6 years, I've had 2 more children. The differences in symmetry are hardly noticeable but I can see when looking in the mirror that one areola/nipple sits slightly higher than the other. So since I have yet to sit with an actual PS, all I can do is express this concern over emails to these Miami offices. Not feeling very confident about these two places.***
So, since the Miami offices are very hands off and from reviews I've read on realself about how they run business, I have set up two consults with two different Tampa PS's. I will be going to New Tampa Plastic Surgery and actually sitting down and talking to Dr. G. Peter Fakhre on May 10. So far I have had a wonderful experience with this office and Dr. Fakhre has remarkable reviews everywhere. I have yet to find a bad review for him.
Then, on May 12 I will be going to Landon Plastic Surgery and meeting with Dr. Landon. I have had a great experience with the office coordinator Jennifer. She is quick to reply to calls or emails. One thing that caught my attention about this office is that they have In-house financing instead of having to go through CareCredit or other places like that (they still offer that option as well, for those that would rather go through a company like that).

I'm very excited and a little nervous for these next two consults. But I want to know I'm making an educated decision when I choose my PS, which is why I'm going to multiple places and Dr's. I know Miami will probably be cheaper. I'm hoping that Tampa is not way more expensive. But I'd rather pay more to get the results I want than to pay less and end up with breasts I hate.

Anyone else feel this way? Can anyone give me any advice?

Dream boobs!!

by far anna1989 is my ultimate boob dream!!! But there are others too :)

Consult with Dr. Fakhre Tomorrow!!

My consult with Dr. Fakhre is tomorrow at 10:45!! I'm so excited and nervous!! At this point I feel like I am booby obsessed! I spend so much time on realself! Lol! I will update tomorrow on how the consult goes!

Consult w/ Dr Fakhre and Before Pics

Ugghhh... so I'm going to try to be brave and post my before pics. I absolutely hate the way they look and I am so embarrassed to post them but I feel like it will help when I describe what the dr's are saying in my consults.

On another note, I had my 1st consult with Dr Fakhre today!! He and his staff were awesome!! From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, they were so nice and worked quickly to get me seen by the dr. Dr fakhre was very professional and honest and was willing to answer any questions I had (although while on the spot I drew a blank and couldn't think of much to ask). I did express to him my concerns of symmetry and showed him some pics of what i'm hoping to get for results and what I am absolutely horrified to get as results. He was honest and told me that there is not much he can do for my slight asymmetry bcos the possible complications out weigh the possible good. I respect that he was honest with me. He said I probably wouldn't get the exact results as my dream boobs I showed him but he said I certainly would not be as bad as the pics I showed him that I do not want to look like. Lol. He gave me a quote of $5810. I was also told that if I go through them that if an implant ever has a problem and ruptured, breaks, etc that they will replace them free of charge for life and I will get $3500 off the cost of my revision surgery for up to 10 years. That's nice to know in case I have a problem in the future (God forbid)! If I decide to choose him I will schedule a pre-op consult where I will be able to try on sizers. I'm thinking I want to be around 400cc's. So he said he would order 375,400, and 425 for me to try. he said I can tell him which one I like the best but ultimately it will be up to him when he gets me into surgery and sees what it looks like in.

So, on thurs I go see dr landon for my first consult with him. This will be the last dr I interview before making my decision. He has 3D Vectra so I'm excited for that! I'll update on thurs to let you know how it goes.

Is anyone out there?

At times, I feel i'm talking to myself. Really wish I had more input. My husband tries to help me but gets tired of seeing the same stuff over and over. Which I understand because he is a man but this is my body and I want a good outcome. Ive done all the research I can do and I just wish I could get feed back from woman who have gone to these dr's or have gone through with the same procedure, etc. I would so greatly appreciate it. Been feeling very lonely so far.

Dr. Landon consult

Today was my consult with dr. Landon.... Kinda! I did a ton of research on him and was fully ready to meet him today. Got into my consult (office is beautiful btw!!) and they tell me "Dr.Moffitt will be right with you". I'm like, "who is dr.moffitt"? I was never told there was another dr at the office and the website says nothing about it so I was very surprised! Over all my experience during the consult was awesome! I was quoted $6500 but was given a $1000 discount for a promotion. So $5500. I couldn't do in-house financing option unless I wanted to pay full price :(. Dr. Moffitt and staff were very nice and they even let me try sizers on first appt! I was feeling very good and thought I was def going to schedule with her, but I wanted to go home and do some research on her first. Welllll.... She did not have very good reviews at all... When I found a website for her before and after's... They were not good either, in my opinion.... And that is just my opinion. She was a very nice and lovely lady.... Just don't think she is right for me.

So, my husband and I have decided to go with.... (Drum roll please...)..... Dr. Fakhre!!! He is the most expensive.... But he honestly is the best option for me out of all the dr's I have had consults with. I respect his honesty and more than anything... I respect the fact that he has soooo many great reviews! I honestly could not find a bad review on him! So I will be calling his office tomorrow to try to figure out a surgery day!! So excited!!

I honestly thought that choosing a dr was going to be so much harder!! But it really wasn't. After today, I just knew!
Hope all you lovely ladies are having a wonderful day. Talk to you soon :)....

Surgery scheduled!!!

I am beyond ecstatic!! Today, I called and scheduled my surgery. It will be June 14th!! Dr. Fakhre's office is so great, they were actually going to schedule my surgery as early as May 31st (which is a little over 2 wks away)!! But my husband wanted a little more time so he could request some time off work to help me and take care of our 3 littles :). Of course, I was ready to go ASAP but I will reluctantly wait the few extra weeks. But just wanted to let everyone know how quick and awesome Dr. Fakhre and his staff are in case you are thinking about going to him!! My pre op appt will be on May 31st. As soon as I had all the dates and info, I downloaded an app to countdown until the big moment!!

I'm going to drive myself crazy counting down the mins! I've waited 10 years for this and it's here! What are some ideas for keep your mind off of your surgery date?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by...

Anyone else have surgery around June 14th?

I was just wondering if anyone else has surgery around June 14th, which is when mine is scheduled. Would be nice to have someone to talk to that is dealing with the agony of the waiting game. Lol. It literally feels like time is standing still!

Found a helpful website!!

In my constant and anxious searching of the Internet to ease my mind about how far away my surgery feels, I stumbled across an awesome website. You can enter your pre op cup size and what you'd like to be post op and thousands of before and after pics come up. I'm my case, I am wondering if I should go with HP or Mod+. This website does a great job of showing numerous before and after's of all sorts of profiles to better help you decide. I think I'm staying with HP! Anyway, the website is www.loveyourlook.com Hope this helps someone :)

All ladies with upcoming BA...

I found this on Pinterest and thought it may be useful to someone. It's DIY ice packs. I tried it out before I posted this. I got large freezer bags and put 3 cups water and one cup rubbing alcohol (as shown in picture) and froze it over night. The next morning it had a slushy consistency (which would be nice on sore ta-ta's, much better then ice cubes) and it was super cold! Hope this helps ;)...

Tick Tock...

I'm one week away from my pre-op appt and 3 weeks from surgery.... And time could not be going slower! I have been going through a plethora of different emotions. One minute I'm excited and anxious, then I feel guilty bcos of how much money I'm spending on myself. I wonder if I'm being selfish when I have 3 young children to think about. Then I get impatient bcos I can't wait. Ugh... I'm all over the place. Kind of taking a toll on me to be honest. I'll be glad to be on the other side.

New episode of Botched on tonight!

Soo I am not only obsessed with realself but I also love watching "Botched" and "Atlanta Plastic". I literally watched a re-run marathon of botched all day this past Saturday. I think I need an intervention ;)! But Anyhoo, I'm totally ready for the new episode of botched tonight!!


Today was my pre-op appt! I counted down the seconds until this appt bcos I knew I got to try on sizers and after this appt... I would officially be 2 weeks from the big day!
I arrived about 10 mins early and the wonderful girls got me worked right in... Even though they were running a bit behind! The only way I knew they were running slightly behind is bcos they told me bcos I didn't feel like I had to wait much at all! I was escorted to my room by one of the girls carrying a treasure chest (literally!). My hubby was like "what's in that?", and I quickly responded, "TREASURE"! I knew my sizers were in that chest! Lol!
They started me off at 300cc's but I knew I wanted to be atleast 400cc's. So I started taking pics at 400cc's. I felt comfortable with 425cc's... With 450cc's being the absolute highest. My hubby is usually very quiet and not involved but decided to get very vocal at this appt and make sure I knew his vote was for 450cc's. Lol. He surprised me a little today. So this is how my PS does things... In my case I told him I liked 450cc's, so he will order 425,450, & 475's. On surgery day, he will try them all and then he will ultimately decide which one looks best on my body. He is very meticulous and quite the perfectionist, so I know I am in good hands.
I also reserved a hotel today that is 5 minutes from the surgery center. I figured since I live almost 2 hours away it would be nice to only drive 5 mins after surgery to a bed. And my follow up is at 9:30 the day after surgery. So this way, I can sleep (or atleast my husband can sleep) until 9 am. The hotel gave us a discount when we mentioned new Tampa plastic surgery.
I was given the low down on everything to do and not to do from now through and after surgery. Was given my scripts and told to get them filled ASAP to prevent any problems too close to surgery.
So, I'll stop rambling... But needless to say, time cannot go quick enough at this point!!! Come on JUNE 14th!!


Aahhh! I cannot believe I am one week away!! It's getting real now! Time seems to be moving quicker lately and I feel a sudden urge to get everything as prepared as possible... Kind of like nesting before the arrival of a baby. Lol. Been doing laundry like a crazy lady, my PS called in all my rx's except the pain meds so I dropped that Rx off at pharmacy today, started packing an overnight bag for me and my husband since we are staying in a hotel over night after surgery. I've made a list of things I still need to buy and plan to do that in the next few days. I'm just soooo excited! What have you ladies been doing to keep yourself busy and keep your mind off of surgery?


I can't believe that this time tomorrow I will have the ta-ta's that I have been wishing for for 10 years!! The house is cleaned, the laundry is done, and bags are packed!! For recovery I have packed: -bed rest pillow -neck pillow -bottled ginger ale and waters -bendy straws -soups,jello,pudding -all Rx's -clothes,sports bras, etc -iPad,phone, charger -ice packs Anything I missed? Tonight and tomorrow morning I have to shower with antibacterial soap. And I'll be wearing my sweats and zip up jacket to surgery center. I have to stop eating and drinking at midnight tonight. Which is going to stink because I don't have surgery until 1pm tomorrow. Boooo!! Lol. I'll be alright though. I'll be driving a few hours to get there, and I have to be at the surgery center at 12. I figured I would drive there to keep my mind and nerves more calm and distracted. It's probably going to be a long night but I'm going to do my best to enjoy sleeping on my side and tummy for the last time in awhile :). I am sooo excited! I'm sure tomorrow the nerves will kick in but for now... Only excitement and anticipation!! Thank you all you awesome ladies that have shown your support! It means the world to me and I am truly thankful!!

More wish pics!

Surgery Is Done!!

*** Sorry, this is going to be a long post. I have a lot to cover***

I had my surgery yesterday! Yesterday morning I woke up at 3 am unable to fall back asleep bcos my head was spinning with all things surgery! I showed up to the surgery center at 12, filled out some paper work, then was called back to change into my surgical robe and compression socks. Once I was done with that I filled out a little more paperwork and was hooked up to an IV. The nurse called my hubby back to see me and Dr Fakhre showed up at the same time. He went over everything with me in detail and did a wonderful job of easing my nerves (the whole process from the moment I arrived at the center until the time I was getting surgery was so quick! I literally never had to sit and wait). Then Dr. Fakhre marked me up, I kissed my hubby good bye, and was then given something to calm me down. It didn't put me to sleep just made me really relaxed. They then wheeled me into the operating room, got me all situated and a mask was placed on my face. That's the last thing I remember until I woke up all kinds of disoriented and with new additions on my chest :)!! I was very nauseous and I was in pretty bad pain so they gave me two rounds of liquid pain medicine (yucky!). I was finally released around 4pm and my hubby drove me to the hotel that we were staying in. It's only 5 mins from surgery center. It was so nice only driving 5 mins before I got to relax in a bed. Plus I had my post-op this morning at 9:30, and dr fakhre's office is only 8 mins from the hotel. It all worked out very nice!
When I got to the hotel after surgery I was very nauseous (I never threw up tho) and in pretty bad pain. I started drinking ginger ale ASAP bcos ginger is a natural anti-nausea remedy and I also took my anti-nausea, pain, and antibiotic my PS prescribed. I definitely under estimated how much pain I would be in. It was pretty rough for awhile. I was able to sleep a little here and there and the bed rest pillow with the neck pillow made sleeping up-right as comfortable as possible. It was really hard getting in and out of bed bcos I couldn't use my arms. I am usually a very positive, upbeat person but it's been hard on me with being so uncomfortable and helpless. My hubby had to do everything for me! Dress me, feed me, help me in and out of bed, adjust my pillows, get me ice packs. Poor guy!! I've been working him hard. Lol.
This morning I felt quite a bit better. Instead of being constant pain, it comes and goes.
I had my first post-op appt this morning at 9:30 and dr fakhre removed my tight wrap and I was able to see my new twins for a quick minute. They are up to my collar bone and very hard, but I know they'll get better. I got natrelle silicone style 20 450cc's. He then rewrapped me and told me it has to stay on until 4pm tomorrow night! Booooo! I truly believe that the compression wrap is what is causing me so much discomfort and pain. But I know he has it on me for a reason so I will respect that. I will be able to take pics of my Ta-Ta's tomorrow afternoon once the wrap comes off. I can also shower tomorrow, which will be awesome!
So far, All-in-all, I am extremely pleased with Dr. Fakhre, his staff, and the surgical staff as well. And I will be ecstatic when I am in less pain and can start doing things for myself again. Thank you ladies for being there for me through this emotional roller coaster! You're the best!!

Oops I forgot!!

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I was going to be posting my very last pics of my itty bitty titties. So yeah, that's why they are in the previous post :). You'll have to forgive me. I'm overly tired and out of it... Lol

Post op day 2

On day 2 post op (48 hrs after surgery) I was allowed to remove that horrible tight wrap!! Wow... What a difference that made! And I got to take a shower!! I am feeling almost back to normal except for some numbness and itching on my breast. Can anyone tell me what I can do to relieve the itching?
The girls are still very high and hard (sort of how it feels when your milk comes in after having a baby) but I know it takes time for them to drop and fluff. Feeling pretty good so.

Post Op day 5

The girls are still high and tight but they are starting to soften slightly and bruising is almost gone. I have most of my range of motion, every once in awhile I will feel a pinch if I over do it. Usually by the end of the day they feel extra tight and slightly sore so I take some Tylenol if I need to. I'm definitely ready to sleep on my side again. Do not like sleeping on my back. All in all... Making progress.

Sorry, it's been awhile...

Sorry it's has been so long since I have updated. I have been really busy since surgery. I'm now 1 1/2 months post op. My breasts are very natural feeling and they feel as though they are part of me. I am so happy with my results. I can hardly stand looking at my before pictures. This was so worth it and I'm so glad I chose dr.fakhre. He has been wonderful through the entire process.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Fakhre! The entire process has been perfect and I'm so thankful I chose him for my procedure. I got absolutely perfect results! I will recommend him to everyone! If I could give him more than 5 stars I would!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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