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I'm 18 years old and have had a heavy chest since...

I'm 18 years old and have had a heavy chest since the 6th grade I gradually increased a cup size each year and am now at a DD36. I believe I will qualify for insurance coverage but I'm not sure, I've been debating this for about 4 years and I think I am ready. here are a few of my "before" pictures:


Here are some more pictures to show you all why I am leading towards breast reduction. What's hardest for me I think, is what society paints the picture for young woman with big breasts is like, boys have such unrealistic expectations, they see a girl with a big boobs and they think: Perky!, Plump!, Big! And Tiny ass Nipples! ... And to be quite honest I never really got why. Perky? Absolutely not. I've tried for years doing all things possible to make my boobs appear to be perky and although the techniques may work, they are far from comfortable and are only for the outside looking in, And as for the nipples (and when I say nipple I really mean the aureolas), High-Fives to the woman who were born with the aureolas of a Greek goddess and still look the same size as they did when they were a little girl, But I have yet to see anyone on this website that has them! And thank god! Because this has been my biggest insecurity for years! Having big aureolas and big breasts, that aren't very perky just really make you want grab a tub of ice cream, sit your busty self on a couch and watch Bridget Jones's Diary all day. Which isn't a great feeling lol. But after 4 years of harassment (yes I actually had a boy who was paid 50$ to read aloud in-front of the whole cafeteria an embarrassing poem about my breasts -_-), A lot of debating, obsessing over before and after photos and finally just not giving a damn about the scars I've decided to embark on a journey to have a breast reduction! I can only HOPE I will be a good candidate for Insurance coverage and can get this process done the quickest I can! I can not wait to start and share this expert once with everybody! I hope I have not offended any one by what I say, it is all for laughs, everyone's body is beautiful inside and out ! But I personally can not wait to only better myself! :)

Questions for the doctors

Was wondering if when the procedure is being done, while taking out the breast tissue, are the doctors able to remove cysts as well..? I feel silly for not knowing if they do or not. I have several cysts in my breast, and my mother once had one removed she says it was the worst experience of her life it left scar tissue and the cyst grew back .. So the question maybe be moot by this point but I was just wondering! :)

And also, when I sleep, I sleep on my side, for it is what I find to be most comfortable and even when I try not to I end up rolling over anyways! But lately I have been waking up with extreme pain located in my rotator cuff on my left shoulder, where I put most of my pressure during sleep, This began to happen about a little over 4 months ago when I was at my heaviest weight, during my pregnancy, (I did not have the opportunity to finish my pregnancy do to personal choices) I figured the pressure would go away once my boobs were no longer swollen but it continues to proceed, and I can definitely feel a change in the way I am not able to move my arm, I can not move it certain ways without pain, my arms usually lye right under my breast when I sleep, I wonder if I had the reduction surgery if the pain would go away ? Because that may further help me decide my decision !
Any advice will help! Thanks :)
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