36 Yr Old, 2 Breast Fed Babies. 5'4 120lbs - Tampa, FL

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My research started over the corse of a year. I...

My research started over the corse of a year. I started by talking with friends and hearing their stories and Comparing their doctors. I had 3 consults lined up... Visited Dr. Joshua Halpern last week. The consultation was great. My husband and I were so very impressed with his surgical techniques and his success record. I knew he was the right fit for me!
Pre op is April 6, and here I'll get a better idea of the ideal look I'm hoping to achieve. At he consult he mentioned that I'm explaining a D cup and a ultra high profile. In my head I'm still not exactly certain what that means. However, he has a background in art prior to becoming a surgeon. I'm 100% confident my final outcome will be beautiful.
I'm normally a nervous person by nature... I'll tell you I'm feeling only excitement as the day approaches!

Mammogram today

I'm only 36, so it is not required to have a mammo B4 surgery. However, I'm an ultrasound tech for a large woman's practice... I see a lot of women in their 30's with breast CA. So, I want to make sure my 6400.00 investment is going in to a heathly body!! Should have result by my pre op appointment Wednesday! I'm not expecting bad news, the mammo tech and breast sonographer told me " unofficially" things looked good. :)


I've had 2 children... And I can honestly say as I await the arrival of " the girls" I'm totally Boob Nesting! :)
Pre op is Wednesday and I'm very much looking forward to sitting with my PS again to finalize the details.

Meanwhile I have cleaned and organized and prettied up my recovery room, purchased the items I think I'll need, started vitamins and hydrating, applying coco oil to my chest to decrease the stretching itch...ahhh the waiting!

Wish pics :)

Tomorrow is pre-op!!! I hope to end up as gorgeous as these ladies!

Heading off to pre op in a few

The sad girls in clothes :)

Pre op Done! It just got REAL!

Ok, there is no turning back now! I was extremely nervous while waiting to see Dr. Halpern. But my nerves where calmed after a few min in his presence.
I went in not really knowing what size I wanted. We went through all the MANY options... Saline vs Silicone, Smooth vs Textured, profiles exetera.
When it was all talked through, we decided on textured memory silicone gel. He ordered 3 different sizes and it will be a game time decision. My wants were as large as will fit my tiny frame :)
The wait is going to feel so long! 2 weeks from tomorrow.

Mentor gel HP

Looking for before and after BAbusing the silicone gel.

Is this a newer product?

One week count down!

One week count down... It just got very real. $212 in meds later...
Try no to keep my anxiety and excitement in check!

Dr Halpern's technique is stellar


.... And counting

6 days and counting! The beatiful post surgery bra arrived today. This is the bra I'll come home in, but with bigger babies!

Last wish pics

Surgery day is fast approaching! Will be spending the next 2 days preparing myself mentally!

Ohhh emmm geeee 24 hours or so

Dreams... So I slept terrible! Crazy dream #1 was the office rescheduling my surgery... And getting off work for down time wasn't happening. Crazy dream/ nightmare #2... When I finally got to surgery I woke up and found out my Dr wasn't present and his office coordinator did he BA. Obviously she did a terrible job! When we confronted the Dr ( who had the face of my daughters swim coach) he was not even mad. We tried to sue.. And the judge was like...well why did you let her cut you open?
Dreams are CRAY!!!

So in real life...
I've been ordered no water to drink for 3 days. I can have juice, Powerade, coco water etc. he wants me hydrated and getting the electrolytes, potassium and carbs that good ol water doesn't provide. Well, let's just say... ALL I EVER drink is water! I'm struggling this morning with the " sweet flavor" of above drinks. Tips? Suggestions?

Boob Day!

Just a few hours away... Not terribly nervous yet. So very thirsty! Have a slight head ache... Coffee withdrawals I'm sure. Just ready to be out of surgery and recovery and home safe!!

In the other side!!!

Will post more when I can function

Doing ok

Yesterday was rough... Not gonna lie. The only pain I really had was 9/10 in my sternum. I was in and out of sleep once home. I'll post more as to how the day went and what I remember , later.
Mom just woke me for my pain pills, I sell a solid 3 hours! Sternum pain is less, lt boob feels super tight. Pain 5/10. Woke hungry, and dizzy. Gonna eat now and ice the girls :)
Thanks for all the well wishes!

24 hours post op

Pain is pretty intense. They are swollen and my rib cage is killing me.


Feeling a bit more human this morning! Pain is much less, mostly pressure and a burning sensation. The ladies are so swollen!

Day of:
Arrived at 10. Got washed down 2 times with alcohol scrub. Dr remeasured everything and we talked about size again. If all went as planned I am sporting 395 HP textured silicone gel inplants. They started my IV, gave me a punch of valum and that's all I remember. I don't remember the recovery room, getting into the car or driving home...surgery day is a total blur. Yesterday was a bit rough keeping the pain in check. So far this morning I moved myself from the bed to restroom and settled in a chair. I haven't taken anything for pain as of yet. I'm lucky to be recovering at my moms while hubby holds down the fort at home with the 2 kiddos.


Yesterday was the baby blues day. I was a hot mess! Coming off medications, transitioning from my quiet recovery at moms back to my crazy wonderful house...
Cried a lot yesterday. I was filled with anxiety because I had yet to see my husband since surgery. I was so scared for him to see these ridiculously swollen, storage shaped post surgery boobs. Of course, all was well once I was home and settled.
The pain yesterday was mostly pressure and tightness. Tons of acid reflux and burning. No pain meds other than Tylenol for over 24 hours now. Everyday my range of motion is better. Hoping to attempt a drive today. Will post pictures after a much needed shower!

Day 4

Love lefty. Righty is strange, hoping it catches up.

1 week post op!

Yay for one week with boobs!
Today was my first day back to work. I was moving slow but got through the day. My biggest complaint at this moment is not sleeping well.
Had my post op visit this afternoon as well. All is good!

Love my boobs!

9 days out, feeling great.

Day 12 PO

Love them! But struggling to find a supportive bra to get through work.
:( I've bought so many! They fit in store but after wearing them a little while I find out how uncomfortable they are. This cheepy from Walmart is by far my favorite BUT it's not for working.

2 weeks

Only discomfort I have is the crazy hyper sensitivity and my ribs ache.

Brag weekend planned

15 days out and bathing suit shopping is a challenge. The girls aren't quite ready! After many many many attempts... Found a cheepy from Target to get me by.

The girls are 1 month old today!!!

All is good in boob world! Still uncomfortable daily. No real " pain". It's all a huge adjustment. They are starting to get a little squishy too. Today I can finally wear a semi normal bra. This is the lounge bra by VS.

Bathing suits!

Hit the ocean today. Feeling great!

1 month + a few days

Just a quick pic by request...
390 Mentor Gel Shape textured implants, under muscle.

Real bra 5 weeks post op

Feels nice to not wear a sports bra for a few ;)

5 week PO

7 weeks post op

Not too much to report. They are a little squishier everyday. I'm waiting for them to indeed feel like " part of me". I still have moments of discomfort... That I am completely OVER. My girls HATE any type of bra with a shape... Terribly uncomfortable. I am happier in braletts and sports bras. I wish they were larger :( but I've read so does everyone lol. Looking forward to my 8 week follow up next Friday. It will be good to get a few questions answered.

8 weeks ( tomorrow)

Squishier for sure... Not much change in shape. Trying to not be unhappy.

8weeks post op

Week 9.5

Hubs made a payment on the girls... His surprise :)


Let's talk about these Mentor Memory Shapes! So, this product is fairly new and there isn't much out there on RS about it. These babies are settling SLOWER than the average rounds. It has been very difficult to have patience. From week to week seeing very little change. I'd say from weeks 5-10... I noticed nothing different. I was feeling so frustrated and sad. I even canceled my 8 week post op because I didn't want to go into it angry. I rescheduled it for the 3 month mark, hoping to feel happier. Today is week 10, and I can say they are slowly but surely looking good!
I have yet to find any bra that is comfortable through the day. My side boobs are quite firm and they just don't feel like being squished into anything! Of course I was stressing over this too... Obsessing even! I've stopped that nonsense as well! I'll keep on sporting my super soft and stretchy sports bras untill the girls fluff! :) My favorite thing to lounge in is my boho bandeau!
Anyway, for any Mentor Shapes that come in after me... Just know it's an even LONGER process and that you are NOT crazy and you WILL love them...eventually lol :)
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