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On 11/24/10, I went in to have dark brown spots...

On 11/24/10, I went in to have dark brown spots (caused by sun damage/age) removed from my face with IPL. I am a 49-year old, fair skinned, blonde hair, blue eyed, freckly person; and I had developed a dime sized brown spot on my lower right cheek, a smaller brown spot over my left eye lid, and several clusters of brown spots on both cheekbones.

Although I am freckly by nature all over, these spots were distracting and ugly because they were so much darker. I had to wear so much make up to cover them, I felt caked--and within hours the make up would cake or fade or migrate into wrinkles.

Two days ago I had IPL on just those spots (not all over my face). Black goggles were put over my eyes and the procedure was uncomfortable, but not as bad as the Botox (or maybe I'm just getting more used to this stuff).

The machine made a noise and the feeling was like very thin rubberband snapping my face. It made a crackling sound, and the more pigment there was the louder the crackling. There was some smokey smell, and that worried me because I'd read here about people being burned.

I had about 350 zaps, but it felt like about 75. It goes very quickly. They dabbed on shiney stuff (sun screen? Healer?), and gave me a mirror. Where she zapped looked like someone had dotted my face with a brown sharpie. One cheek was red and welted too. I looked like one of those AIDS patients with liver spots all over their faces. I would not go to work like this. It was tender and a bit raw, and I would not want to put make up over it.

The next day the welts and redness was gone, but the dark, dark brown spots were still there. It was Thanksgiving and I had some family coming over and I put make up over the spots and covered them pretty well. It took a lot of make up though.

Today is day 2, and the spots are still brown/black and flat. I've been told they will scab up and fall off and there will be no age spot any more. It still feels smooth, but maybe there's a hint of texture.

In three days I have to go back to work. I will update on the progress.

On the 5th day, yesterday, the dark brown film for...

On the 5th day, yesterday, the dark brown film for the most part peeled off. I'd been told it would scab, but it never really did, the 'scab' was very thin and slightly rough, more of a film than a scab. Except for the first day, I could cover the spots up with makeup and look fine.

The dark spots on my cheek bones vanished. The one that was the size of a dime on my lower cheek was lighter and pinkish. I'd been warned about the pink. Hopefully it will fade. Today it looks very light brown, but still there. The one over my eyebrow is still there just a bit lighter. I have a feeling these two areas are going to have to be zapped again and that will take care of the problem.

One more thing: without the dark spots on my face,...

One more thing: without the dark spots on my face, my eyes look bluer and my lips pinker.

I've also been using Replenix for Eyes for my undereye circles for the last two weeks. I think it has reduced my under eye circles by about 50%.

I was going to have IPL on my under eye area over Christmas break, but if the Replenix keeps working, I don't think I will. It hasn't done a lot for the fine crows feet, but it's tightened and lightened the under eye area.

It's been 2 weeks. My brown spots are gone,...

It's been 2 weeks. My brown spots are gone, and while I still have freckles, they are all pale and even.

I can see see the triangle over my left eyebrow, it needs another treatment, but the dime sized spot on my cheek is almost gone and it was so dark before. I don't need make up on either.

The rest of the dark spots are just gone. I look younger and prettier.

I've also been using a retinol product. I see a big difference from that too. I'm going to have IPL on the dark circles under my eyes. The retinol took care of my fine wrinkles and slight pouches under my eyes. Without the dark circles, I'll have the eyes of a 20 year old again.

I'm very pleased.

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