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So i'm 5'1, 105 lbs and I'm getting butt implants...

So i'm 5'1, 105 lbs and I'm getting butt implants in next month.
I'm just really scared and unsure about everything. I'm going to Estonia, Tallinn to have it done. It is going to be done by brazilian plastic surgeon (thank god) and maybe that comforts me a bit. I trust that brazilians are leading experts on this rather than us northern europeans...

Also the all including price is going to be 2 200 €. Yeah, that's right folks. Real price would be 4,400€ but I got discount since there is going to be some camera group doing 5D show on ''Beauty tourists''.

I asked about the size of the implant and I was told for someone my size, 300 to 400 would be good. 500 is too big. I got to try the implant on my hand (300) and it actually looked good so I might go with 350 or 400 max.

I read EVERY butt augmentation story I could find on this site. I hope everything goes well.

More info

So Tallinn is like 1h 30 minutes by boat from Helsinki. :) They keep me there just one night and then off I go.
There will be two doctors there doing the surgery; one actually performing it (he's from Estonia) and other one is brazilian butt doctor, specialized for that, he's assisting and supervising.
I will get drains and I'm bit scared how much they bother me :D like sleep wise and so on...
They don't give me garment, I think, so I need to get something myself. I have these super slimming and shaping underpants so maybe they will do? They are tight but when I'm swollen I bet they are super tight.
I might just go buy other ones just in case. Garments are so expensive!

I have also a plan how to get thru this whole thing.

I'm going to (MAYBE) take some laxatives 2 days before operation so i don't have to do number two right away.
Also I'm buying enough food for 2 weeks ( I hope food lasts two weeks).
Buying pillows. Going to library to borrow some books. Going to study ;)
Putting TV in my room. Buying a pee potty :D so I dont have to walk to bathroom more than once a day lol. otherwise just in bed.
Also buying some antiseptic stuff to clean my skin and wounds.

Before photos are here

So here is my before pictures, from behind and side.
I have square ass and so flat....


So I'm post operation by 48 hours. first 12 hrs were terrible since I felt like I did 1000 squats too mcuh and it was terrible :D They gave my pain medication but first shot got me puking. Second shot was 6 hours later and then I felt completely fine.
First 24 hours I didn't have ANY appetite. I felt weak. But all the pain was gone like after 24 hours. Of course pain medication helped but I got only 3 shots. :)

Walking is bit funny, but okay. I got round silimed 200cc'ss intramusculrar (??) so betweeen the muscle and a bit under, at least the doctor said so :P
Scale says I have gained only 1-2 lbs of fluids. How is that possible? 4 cm's more to my butt as the projection of the implant was also 3,8 cm's.

Happy so far. Sleeping is okay but bit difficult.

after photo

so this is few day after my operation. I'm wearing slimming underpants to keep everything together :D so far i'm 6 days post-op and have 1 kilo /liter of fluids about. Going strong!

Butt lift in January 2015

So I did a fat transfer from sides (not waist but that fat that rolls when you put tight jeans on) and lower back, got 200cc for both buttocks ONLY. Now I a bit regret that I didn't look up for cheaper and better options from somewhere else. Anyhow, now I'm wiser and did my research. Haven't found THE one yet but cheapest one so far is 3050€ and it covers absolutely everything (except flight tickets), and I hope I will find even cheaper one. I think I would get lipo on tummy, waist, back plus inner thighs. Total fat amount would be maybe 500-600cc per buttock?? I hope it's enough... I hope of course more because calculated that with my butt implants I would need about 800-1000cc per buttock to get big and natural looking ass. I want to be almost (note, almost) like Kim Kardashian. Not that big ass but BIG.

One thing I regret. Not taking enough photos of my sorry-looking ass before implants. LOL!


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