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I'm 23 years old, 165,5cm 63kg (5'5,5 138lbs) and...

I'm 23 years old, 165,5cm 63kg (5'5,5 138lbs) and I have been very overweight in my "early 20's" (18-21) and have pretty much always battled with my weight. All of the women in my family have large heavy breasts and my weight gains just made them larger. I have now settled into a comfortable (if not slightly soft to my liking) weight and decided to get a breast lift that I have pretty much always wanted.

I decided to write about it here on RealSelf after spending hours browsing through before and afters and reviews before deiciding to go about my surgery and thought my experience might interest someone who is thinking about getting a lift done.
Well, on to my story...
(i will keep it short)

Finally got my lift done yesterday in Estonia. I know there are many visitors on this page from the US and all over the world and in case you don't know, Estonia is located in the north, is a beautiful country and to keep it RealSelfish, they know their boob jobs! A lift with implants costs about 4500 euros (~5800USD), mine cost 4400 euros.

After arriving to the clinic a doctor came in my room to draw the incisions on me. We had previously discussed (via email) about an anchor lift and a 345cc submuscular implants, but as he drew the incision lines he got convinced implants weren't needed. I was a bit hesitant as I have seen lifts w/o implants and the results have been a bit so-so, lacking fullness on top. He, however, was sure that my own breast tissue would be sufficient to for nice boob so I decided he should go for it. I was relieved with his decision to be honest as I have recently fallen in love with CrossFit and the gym and implants would have messed a bit too much with my training (prolonging recovery, possible delay in muscle strength and possibly even giving up some excercises such as pull ups and push ups).

I am now on day 2 and it's difficult to say anything about the results yet but i gotta say... LOVIN EM! I personally think the surgeon did an amazing job, I know they are still swollen and the nipple placement is still a mystery but the shape is looking quite nice.
They are a bit sore but it's nothing I didn't expect.

I will get a call from my contact at the hospital (I live in another country, went to consultations here but got surgery in Estonia, it's very common for Estonian plastic surgery hospitals to provide services for people living in neighboring countries) tomorrow and we will schedule the removal of stiches, hoping it will be by the end of this week.

I will update weekly for some time, it will be fun for me too to see the changes! Please feel free to ask questions if there is something you'd like to know.

PS. A lift cost 3500 euros so I will have to discuss my contact about this as I had paid an additional 1100 euros for the implants i ended up not getting.

Day 6

OK so day 6 already! I must start off by saying that I have found out that i am even more impatient than I actually thought! At first you might think, "Ahh so nice to just relax on the couch and do nothing" well let me tell you it's not as sweet as one might think! It was midsummer (still is) last night in Scandinavia and I went to a BBQ -type party but other than that I haven't really left the house. Highlight of the day, washing my face and my hair YAY!
I have been showering daily and changing the bandages and yesterday I found a smallish tear at the bottom of the anchor (the "T") scar as a tiny strip of surgical tape had come off. Naturally i got worried, put the tape back on and another strip of tape to be sure and today the tear is looking a lot better. My boobs are slightly sore, or not really even sore but i can constantly feel them. During the first couple of days I could feel shooting pains in my pecs when I did a pushing motion but that is only understandable. I have to say though, my back is KILLING ME! I'm trying to walk a bit hunched over bc i don't want to put too much pressure on the stiches and after this experience I can't image how people with bad postures can endure it! Sleeping is also a bit of a struggle, I have to prop up pillows and that position puts additional stress on my back. Hoping I can sleep horizontally soon!

Also, during the first two days I was veeeery bloated and swollen and now i've been eating tons and tons of crappy food, pizza, candy, chocolate, bread, you name it, and I am NOT comfortable in my skin to say the least! Boobs hurt(ish), back is on fire, I'm bloated and gained weight (not fluids, fat) but like my lovely boyfriend said, none of that can't be a priority at the moment. I will be back to clean eating tomorrow and will spend the following 4 weeks that I have left before I can return to my beloved CrossFit on clean eating and shedding these kgs i have gained. No one to blame but myself on that that's for sure but I am accepting it and dealing with it. Sorry about this rant, I do "normally" pig out at times and don't make this big of a deal about it but now it has been out of control and I'm very uncomfortable in my skin. But like my BF said, I can't be worrying about that now.

I have attached a photo of the boobs, I personally think the shape is looking quite nice!

OK so day 15

Ok day 15 and things are going....well, besides being bored to pieces. I went to work after the first week and i havent trained in 2 weeks now and everyday im just sitting on my couch thinking "who am I anymore" :D Colored the story a bit but basically thats what im doing.

The boobs are doing ok, the scars around the nipples and the vertical one have healed very nicely but the bottom scars and especially the T where the scars meet have been two little b*tches (excuse my french)! First after the removal of the stiches the right one was bleeding for like 5 days (the left one too but not as much) and now the left one has started to secrete "stuff". The blood that has been coming out is very light, not "real" blood and it doesn't worry me as it looks pretty normal, but its so annoying as they are not really healing. Today was the first day the right one didnt bleed, but the left one secreted some sort of light yellow stuff from the T and also from the long horzontal scar. Sorry for the upcoming TMI, but I smelled it and it doesn't smell bad. I took a look underneath and apparently it is somewhat healing but i guess the heat and humidity are not doing the wound any favors. You can see from the picture that its not really infected, just wet. I noticed a steri strip that was almost coming off and reasoned that it must be that moisture has gotten into the wound through the little opening of the steri strip "barrier". I took it off and replaced it with many many many new ones. I have been covering the T's with gauze daily after showering and decinfecting them and today I decided to cover the long horizontal scars as well, just so sweat and moisture can absorb to the gauze instead. Hoping this will help...

Oh no....

NOooooo... So bummed out! I had my stiches taken out a week ago on wednesday and since then they have been bleeding a little bit (only a little and mainly at the T) but now the outer side of one boob and inner side of the other have been secreting yellowish fluid. Not much but still some so I decided to call my consultant to ask whats up. She said that i might benefit from antibiotics just in case and i said sure ok ill pick them up tomorrow. Well yesterday she didnt have time to see me and i was a bit bummed out about it, but not worried as i didnt think there was anything serious going on. Well today i went to their office where there another lady waiting to give me the previously discussed antibiotics (there was also 2 very young looking girls apparently finishing up a consultation, most likely for a BA as this clinic specializes in boob jobs and I just thought to myself "who would go to a consultation with a friend?" "can you seriously not do something like this on your own?" well, just a thought, i shouldnt judge. woops did it anyway. sorry im not a bad person. deviating. back to the topic!) Well the lady asked if I wanted her to check the incision out so I said sure go ahead. I laid down and she started taking the steri strips off and was very pleased with my right boob. She went on to take off the cluster of strips from the T of my lefty and said "well yes. yes. there is an infection here" and im lik "WHATTHEWAT SHOW ME!" so she did. BOY oh BOY was there an infection! So incredibly disappointing. She went on to take off some..eeh.. infected stuff (no clue about any medical terms here) and she said that there might still be a stich in the wound and shes gonna take a better look (again im thinking *GIIIRLFRIEEEEND* NO WAY as im thinking she will prod the gaping hole even more open etcetc pain pain more pain) she saw a stich and pulled it out which suprisingly didnt hurt. She then went on to pull some of the infected stuff off and put like 3 steri strips on it. She gave me antibiotics for 5 days which sounds like a short time to me.

phew what a long story and needless to say im feeling very down about this. I have read some stories where the t has taken months to heal, im on week 3 (without excersice) and im pretty much done with this "ordeal" by now... Gaah so annoying!


Hi so sorry, I removed the email notifications and dint realize you guys probably wanted to see updated pics!

As you can see, the boobs have healed well. Its been a little over 6 months and in some lights you can't see any scars. Like with "unchopped" boobs, the nipple size varies depending on temperature, mine can be soft and smooth and they can be small and wrinkly, it all depends ;) They are soft and flexible but can't really be pushed up with a bra as well as natural boobs I think. In some pohotos I took there is a small difference in size which however i have never noticed in the mirror believe it or not. I think they are very symmetrical. I am happy about not going with the implants, maybe if my interests in working out produce a leaner me then I might consider them but at the moment I think they match my body quite well. About sensation, there is SOME loss of sensation underneath both boobs but all in all they work like they should ;) Worth the operation for sure!

1 year post op!

Hi so it's been a year+ a month and I just wanted to share these 3 photos with anyone who still might be on the fence about getting their boobs done. They have healed perfectly, are soft and feel just like "Normal" breasts. The scars have faded really nicely and I'd say they are almost not visible at all. My advice would be to get the operation if it's something you want, don't worry about the scars and keep in mind that you don't have to get the implant just because the option is there, I'm happy I didn't as I think my current breasts fit my body, shape, lifestyle and personal style a lot better than implants. To be honest, if someone offered me bigger boobs with no recovery time, no effect on training etc. I wouldn't go for the deal. I love my boobs!

Quick scar update

So here is a quick little update on my scars. As you can probably make of this update is that so not let the fear of scars hold you back, they will fade! Also to my surprise they havent started to sag and sit like young healthy natural breasts of this size usually do, eventhough the left one swells up quite a bit during my period.
Juri Kullamaa

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