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I’ve spent so much time reading this board...

I’ve spent so much time reading this board (and other like it) I figured it was time to post my experience. First my weight. In 2005 I was 104-110 and in some stores 0’s were too big for me. Around 2006 I began to gain weight and didn’t stop. I reached a high point to 161. I have PCOS and am on many meds for it. I was having to squeeze into a 12. I had 2 consultations at different places before I made my decision. So this summer I had my procedure.

The first consultation place agreed that my stomach would have to be done along with my flanks. I mentioned my bra roll inner thighs where they touched and under chin but his didn’t see it as worth putting scars on me. He did say that there was some fat on my outer thighs that could be done but that didn’t bother me as much. The total would have been 4000 something. The next place did the drawings on me and took the pictures. They agreed that the stomach and flanks were the major parts. He agreed to do upper back and said that he could do i/o thighs as well as a little banana roll although he did say there wasn’t much there. I also mentioned my chin again and my arms. He said they could both be done if I wanted but they weren’t the main area of concern. The total for all of that was 10,000 something (for 8 areas, full stomach is one) and that was too high for me. I thought about it for a few months and made my decision.

I’m 25 and 5’2. I was able to go down to 147 on the day of sugary. I had full stomach, inner thighs, flanks, and upper back done. I had to get blood work done before hand but I guess everything turned out ok. I was thirsty going in since I couldn’t drink anything, or eat but I’m never hungry in the morning. I don’t have a car so I had to take a bus. I got there early but still didn’t have to wait too long. I changed into the gown and they put the iv in me. I thought I would get some kind of fake underwear to wear but it turns out I had to be completely naked. The disinfect yellow stuff was cold and it was awkward standing there naked as they painted me in it. When they put the needle for the sleeping drugs in I felt a burning and 20 sec later was asleep. I didn’t even last long enough for them to put the thing on my face.

I woke up as they were wheeling me out. I think I asked how much was taken out and how many pant sizes that was. I was told 4000 cc and about 2 pant sizes. My mom had flown down to be with me and she helped me into the cab. I slept through most of the ride. My apartment is on the 3rd floor and the elevator is permanently broken but I was able to walk up by myself. My mom laid a towel under where I would be laying and helped me lay down. I fell asleep right away.

The place provided me with a compression garment which was bloody the first time I tried to get up. I think a woke up and talked to my mom and went back to sleep a few times and it is a bit of a blur. It was painful getting up. Now that it is over I have a hard time describing it. My mom had to support a lot of my weight taking me to the bathroom. Just using the muscles that are used to go were kind of painful so I was in there a while. Sitting on the toilet didn’t hurt as much as I though it would. There was pain when I sat down but it was nothing compared to have to bend to stand. There was blood dripping down my leg as I tried to stand. I nearly passed out when I did stand. My mom had to catch me.

The first two days were a blur but I think it was the second day I tried to take a shower. Pulling off the bandages was so exhausting that I didn’t even make it to the shower. I just wrapped myself in the free bathrobe they gave me and fell asleep for three hrs. My mom washed my compression garment while I was out. When I woke up again then I make it to the shower. I washed what I could and my mom did the rest. It was kind of scary taking the bandages off since I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t have any gaping wounds or anything. I thought I saw my insides at one point but I was just the gauze attaching to my skin and blood.

The results were instantaneous. My mom though I looked thinner as they were wheeling me out. After I got out I still looked thinner. I wasn’t expecting that. I though I would look bigger and would weigh more. I weight 3-4 lbs less. I measured 4 inches thinner around my belly button and two inches thinner around my waist.

I had arnica that I was taking every time I woke up. I had the b med too it was locked in a communal mailbox and the key I was given was bent. (it look over a month later to finally get it) I also had prescription pain pills.

On the third day (sat) I figured I was best to try and go out of my apartment. My apartment is smaller then my room at home so I wasn’t getting much walking. Plus I had to go back to work on tues. My mom and I walked about .2 miles to a restaurant one way. During all this time I hadn’t been hungry but my mom had been making me eat little bits of food. I had half a cheeseburger there and was full. I’m in hot and sunny FL in summer so it’s not comfortable being outside.

I was able to get out of bed on my own on the forth day and roll slowly over onto my side. It was painful being on my side so I had to go back. I hate sleeping on my back and I always crack my back several times a day so my back wasn’t happy. I think it took 3 week before I was able to crack it again.

My first day back at work was kind of hard. I work at a library and having to sit down or stand was hard. Also, like I said I don’t have a car so I have to walk everywhere. Work is .6 miles away. I had to take one of my pain pills just so my back would stop hurting. I wasn’t able to slouch but my back was always sore.

When I went back for a follow up he said I was healing well and was swollen. At that point I was itchy and numb as well. my measurements has went from being 4 inches at the belly button to 2 and from 2 inches at the waist to 1. I also scheduled my appointment for lipo massage. I got one before the surgery and had 9 left. I asked for more pain pills and he seemed surprised that I would still need them. He gave me a perception for 15. He said to take them at the end of the day since they could cause people to be tired. It is during the day when I need them and just continued doing that. No sleeping pill has ever put me out. Even ambian no longer works for me. Benadryl doesn’t even make me a bit sleepy so I was fine taking these during the day. I still have about 3 of the pain pills left so I didn’t need them all. I only took one a day.

Even after the pain was gone I still was very itchy. I used ice packs. My itching started 2 days after sugary and lasted about 2 months. It was hard when I had heavy feeling legs and I had to help people find books. I didn’t like bending down. I washed my garment every time I took a shower. I took it in with me and use detergent on it and let it hang dry. I wore it for about 2.5 months, stopping in the middle of aug, with only a few time not wearing it. These times would be when my internet stopped working and I had to go across the street to turn in an assignment on my computer or the time I was going some place close to eat only to find it was closed and ended up walking 3 miles.

I had the lipo massage 1-2 time a week. It wasn’t painful and my swelling did go down. It just became tedious after awhile.

I met with the Dr twice more. He said everything was looking good and asked if had any questions. He gave me the list of activities I could do and went I could stop wearing the garment. (I was still wearing it them) My last follow up was 8/23 and by then I no longer felt hard or itchy. I suppose I could still have some swollen areas but my stomach feels soft again and not hard (not that that was so bad, I pretended I has abs). He said everything was looking good and called it A+ work. They took my after pictures. This would probably be a good time to say the mirror in my apartment starts at my shoulders so I have not been able to see the rest of my body. Yes, I hate that. At this point he just said I need to not let the scars get into the sun for another 2 weeks. I don’t go tanning so that is not a problem.

My clothes are much looser so that is nice. All of my thin closes back when I was a size 2 are at home so I will have to wail till thanksgiving. I think the down side is that while my stomach are may be a small again I still have fat breasts (about a C/D) and my arms only just squeeze into my medium blouses. I don’t want to turn into one of those people who are obsessed with surgery but after how well this went I do want to get the rest of my legs done as well as arms as chin. I feel the scars are worth it.

The one thing I would change: Getting this done in the FL summer!!

2 years later

Well, it's been 2 years now so time for an update. I have a noticeable scar above my belly button the size of a finger nail but everywhere else you can't really tell. I currently weigh 113 size 0 and have have maintained this for over a year now. My breast are still large, they only shrunk a tiny bit with the rest of me. Last time I was this weight I was a B and I'm now a C/D. I do wish I had gotten saddle bags done. It's the only part of me that still needs it and I'm not sure if I want to be put down for one area.
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