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I am 5'2" and weigh about 108 lbs. I recently got...

I am 5'2" and weigh about 108 lbs. I recently got down to about 102 lbs for my wedding and still didn't love my stomach so I decided to try out coolsculpting. I'm happy with my body other than a crease across my stomach and some minor belly fat.
I had this procedure today. I had two small applicators, one on each side of my abdomen targeting the small fat pockets at the bottom. One hour on one side and then one hour on the other side. I was surprised how easily the machine pulled so much of my fat and skin into it. the compartment was completely full of skin and fat. The procedure was hardly painful. I described it to some friends while it was happening in a group text:
"It felt uncomfortable at first (not quite painful, more like when you laugh too hard and get a stitch in your side - a confusing feeling that you just want to make go away but definitely not unbearable) and then after ten minutes it feels more like nothing. I could definitely sleep through this."
It didn't feel much different at all when the cold was on. I thought I would be really chilly because I'm always super cool so I prepared by bringing a thick cardigan. I didn't even use it. I watched a movie on my phone while the procedure was going on. It was nice to have a distraction. When she took the device off it didn't leave as solid of a lump as I thought, but it definitely felt frozen to the touch. It felt like a slushy under my skin once she massaged it out. The massage wasn't particularly painful. It hurt a bit around the edges where the edge of the machine had pressed against my lower ribs and my hip bone. The fat massaged easily and felt fine. I got up to move around a bit before the second applicator was put on. The second one felt even less painful (probably because I already had some adrenalin and endorphins flowing through me).

After the second applicator came off and after the second massage she put lidocaine on my stomach. They told me I was good to go, but I wasn't quite ready to hop in my (very hot) car and drive away. I waited about ten minutes and had some tea in the lobby until I felt like the thawing out soreness had mostly dissipated and then went back to work at my office. The lidocaine fells tingly and if I poke my stomach it feels sore (like the type of pain you get when you have a really hard ab workout, but the soreness is just under my skin in the fatty areas rather than in my abs). I'm extremely happy that it seemed to go very well. I will update with results at approximately 4 weeks and 3 months.

5 Days Post Procedure

It's been 5 days and I haven't had any real pain or problems. I still have some slight numbness in the areas where the applicators were placed and if my little dogs climb over my stomach while I'm laying down it's still a tiny bit tender (as if I had worked out a little bit), but I've been able to do everything normally. I've been able to lift heavy things and run comfortably. The slight swelling I had for a couple days seems to have died down and my stomach looks normal again. I actually preferred the way it looked when it was a bit swollen because the crease was less prevalent but the crease is back now. I have been eating pretty poorly this past week, so I'm going to hit the gym this evening and try to eat a bit healthier in the upcoming week.

Starting to really see results!

I haven't been exercising. I haven't been eating right. I have gone from 108lbs to between 110.8 and 112 depending on the day. But.. I think I'm still seeing results!

Last night I had a friend over to watch reality tv and drink wine and eat tortilla chips and cheese dip. We sat on the couch for hours. Hours.

When she left I went up to bed and while getting changed I noticed something I can't remember seeing for years - a beautifully flat belly. Even after downing tortilla chips and cheese all night. My stomach usually doesn't look this good first thing in the morning! I was so shocked I took a picture to send to my husband. I plan to start getting back into exercise soon and I can imagine it will only get better, but as of right now, I can say that this procedure is already worth it.

3 months after treatment - After Pictures

I got coolsculpting done when I weighed 108 pounds. I now weigh 112 pounds.

The only thing that has changed since I had the procedure done is that I have been working out 2x per week for about 3 weeks at Orange Theory (HIIT workouts with heart rate monitor) and I've been counting calories for a couple weeks (although I have not been able to drop even one pound in that time). As you might have guessed, those six or seven, workouts have not radically changed the look of my stomach. The changes that you can see in these pictures I would directly attribute to the coolsculpting procedure.

The bottom line is that I'm 4 pounds heavier than I was when I got this procedure and I think that my stomach looks much better than it did in July.

I think the forward facing "after" picture shows the most difference. The lines have decreased and you can kind of see definition in my abs instead of a tire around my stomach.

Im happy with my results and would definitely consider doing the procedure again, but I think it looks good enough for now!

Now at 118 lbs

I've gained some more weight due solely to lousy eating (and maybe a bit of muscle gain because of weight training). I exercise ~2-4 times per week between orange theory fitness and either a flag football league or kickball depending on the season. I am going back on a diet now (with money to lose this time as a motivator) and I believe I'll knock about 5 pounds off in the next month. I'm still very happy that I got coolsculpting done. I think my stomach looks much better than it would had I not done it. I plan to get coolsculpting done again because I'm consistently happy with my entire body except my stomach (which I'm MUCH more satisfied with than I was before the procedure). I'll do it when I get back down to around 110 or 112.
Aqua Medical Spa

Great place. Very thorough and friendly. Happily answered all of my (many) questions!

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