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All my life I have dreamed of having boobs! I'm...

All my life I have dreamed of having boobs! I'm really petite, 5'3, 108 lbs, flat as a board, bra size: 34, stuffed to the max, my hubby calls it "the armor", literally, if i get shot in the chest, that stuffed bra just might save my life! lol. I have done so much research and seen so many boobies that I feel like I can almost perform the surgery myself! I always know that if and when I finally get a chance to get my boobs done, I vowed to myself that I will never be small again! So on my pre-op appointment, I made it clear, complete with pictures of Tila Tequila, and 3 other random boobs of girls with similar physique i Found online, again, in one of the myriads of research. It was almost an obsession! lol.


My first consultation with the PS was July 15. Like i said, I am 5'3, 108 lbs, true bra size is probably 32A.(we'll never know as I never wore an unstuffed bra) I'm going for a big C or small D look, big but not too pornstar-ish. The PS measured my chest diameter as 11.4 cm. During my consultation, I was able to try on 375cc high profile, 400cc HP. But the PS told me Mentor is coming out with Ultra High Profile. So that meant I will either choose 455cc or 480cc. How can I decide when I never saw what those look like??? I've seen thousands of boobs online and yet I cannot envision what mine would look like! Until the day of my surgery I had no idea what size the PS will go with, I just hope he didn't forget Tila Tequila as my reference, ok so i said i didn't want porn star-ish look, funny, isn't Tila one??lol. But hers aren't overly big, just right, i feel like. So the size of my boobies is in the hand of my PS now, i trust his judgement, and told him, make em big! When i woke up from the surgery, i have 400cc Ultra High Profile on my left, wasn't quite expecting that because i based the CC's on the chest diameter chart, but here's an even bigger surprise, my right is a whopping 480cc ultra high profile! that's 80ccs difference! when i look at my boobies, from day of surgery until yesterday, both boobies pretty much look symmetrical to me. I asked my hubby, and he thinks so too.

S U R G E R Y D A Y S E P T E M B E R 27, 8:00AM

Was so worried i won't make it through 6am without drinking, specially that i have been nursing a cold 3 days before, and one day before surgery, i started coughing a little more than i'd like, I prayed so much that the coughing will go away and that my surgery won't be cancelled when the PS finds out I have a cold. Thankfully, it didn't get cancelled! I cannot imagine going through this again only to postpone it last minute! So I recall them putting the IV on me, didn't feel the juice hitting really, I know being wide awke, then next minute I was out completely, no fading, just out! Just as I didn't recall going out, I also don't remember being woken up in recovery. I only remembered opening my eyes and changing into my sweats and rolled into the car.

I took my anti-nausea meds, ate soup then took 2 oxycodone. I wasn't in pain at all, just a lil sore, and felt very tight, so this is what those girls meant by "having an elephant sitting on your chest". Slept for most of the day. slept on the recliner.

P O S T O P D A Y 1 - D A Y 3

These 3 days are pretty much the same, I mean pain was definitely not what I imagined it, it's acually not as bad as I thought. Slept through it. Walked a little. Ate and slept some more. Oxycodone messed up my system, hard to pee, and definitely constipated. I had to take meds to go. My appetite didn't change, eating like normal. Sleepy most of the time. Implants are sitting very high on my chest, they are I am guessing what most girls would call Frankenboobies, but don't get me wrong, they do not look bad, I have a perfect cleavage, boobs dont look deformed, just swollen and hard but not deformed like some of the pics i've seen, those are truly horrifying! Mine are hard, sitting high and chest looks very tight. Like not so much projection from the side view which is weird considering i got Ultra High Profile which is supposed to have the most projection. But I am very happy with how they look after only a day. Very minimal bruising as well. I bruise very easily but I reckon my PS is really very skilled which is why I don't have overly conspicuous bruises. Just a tiny tiny bit close to the incission site.

P O S T O P D A Y 4

Feeling a lot better, I decided to be off the Norco because i didn't like that I'm groggy all the time and constipated. so I switched to Tylenol Extra Strength. The pain is definitely manageable that I don't even take Tylenol until bed time. Mostly I just feel massive tightness at night, which sucks now that I'm off the pain meds, it's so hard to get some shut eye. I couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep. I have swithced from bed, with 5 or 7 pillows propped up, and a heating pad for my back, to the recliner with only 3 pillows. probably had only 4 hours of sleep. Boobs looks the same to me, not much change at all.

P O S T O P D A Y 5 - D A Y 7

Almost no pain during the day. Night time is something else. I may never sleep again!!!! I bought ZZquil to help me sleep but it didn't help a lot. Still swithced from bed to recliner about 3 times, getting only about 4 hrs of sleep. I feel no pain during the day, but night time is a B*tch! I call my boobies my babies, and aptly so, for I may never sleep again! This is the only thing I am actually complaining about through out this entire ordeal. I have never had a surgery in mylife, let alone have an IV put on me until the day of my BA. Pain is tolerable, if only i can sleep! Be back to work in 4 days! yesterday, I am 1 week post op, last night was the worst! I was up and about yesterday, doing more stuff, I really wanna try starting to get on my normal routine, no heavy house chores yet, though i put some dishes in the dw, threw some clothes in the washer, then put away clothes after. just my clothes so it's not full on doing chores. But I feel so bad, so guilty about making my dear hubby do everything for this princess. He is truly wonderful and I am not used to him doing everything around the house because i couldn't. Love my hubby. Anyway, I took my Zzzquil, no tylenol at all for the past 2 days, i didn't think it was necessary. I hate taking meds more than I ave to. But I gotta have some sleep. Even with Zzzquil, I was up all night, bouncing from the bed to the recliner and this time, I even tried the couch, but no such luck. Didn't sleep til 5am. Then woke up at 9:30ish. Last Night, I felt that my right breast felt a lil weird, like moving or something. I haven't done any massaging because the doctor's assistant told me that she thinks I'm too sore to do that. I wear no band. Just the surgical bra that they gave me after surgery. My PS also didn't advocate ice packs or hot pads. Nothing.So I think I'm a tough Motha going through all this! haha. Anyway, last night, it kinda felt my right was softening up a little or so i think. I almost never feel them when my arms are down, but last night while i was trying to sleep, I could've sworn, I keep gracing it with the side of my arm evrytime i move to find a comfy position to sleep in. They really felt like they were moving a little. Left continued to feel stiff and hard but my right kinda felt tender. And today, I noticed, that my right kinda looks bigger than my left too. I don't know what to thinkl of it because up until now, i still can't completely wrap my brains up the fact that my right is 80cc bigger than my left. SO hopefully, it's just that the bigger implants is starting to settle. I won't really find out til Monday Oct. 8, what's going on when I get the stitches out. Hope that doesn't hurt too bad, Tuesday I'll be back to work already! Dreading that...Need to be able to sleep to go to work! Uggh! I can tough it out during the day, but at night, I always feel that i just recently had surgery! I can't wait to be able to sleep on my back normally, and not on elevated mounds of pillows! My back is killing me at night. It doesn't help that I have scoliosis.

More updates and pics later!

So I just had my 2n d post op today, sutures gone....

So I just had my 2n d post op today, sutures gone. It didn't hurt either. Maybe it helps when you imagine the worst, lol, like I did about the pain of going through surgery, not as bad as i thought. I was imagining that I might cry when they take the sutures out, but no, didn't feel it. it was like, snip here then snip there, then voila, your good to go! I'm in boob heaven! and i may never leave! too bad I'm going back to work! lol. I could spend all day trying on clothes, taking pictures and looking at myself in the mirror, can you say vain?! lol, im sorry but im really truly happy to have boobs! this whole time, it's what i've been missing! lol. ok, so im starting an itty-bitty massage now to help things get going. i can drink wine again, i can just wear a bandeau under the clothes, to speed things up, boobs are still very high so that should help the girls settle. this other girl, lissa120, from this website, she is just a day or 2 earlier than me but hers already look so amazing, she said she was just using ace bandage wraps and doing the massage. Im doing the same to speed things up. drop, and fluff and settle girls! =) i think i just had a new found high!

Just a lil update, new photo. girls have gotten...

just a lil update, new photo. girls have gotten bigger since week 1, been doing a lil massage so they're not as hard as week one but definitely still high, soften up a little. steri-strip still on but i already bought scar guard which i will use as soon as the strip falls off. no pain but i still feel stiff and a bit swollen in the morning. still sleeping in the recliner. looking good in tube tops and tank tops, it's all i've been wearing all week whenever im home. my hubby's family have a new nickname for me, big boobs mcgee. =) the girls in his family all have big boobs. btw, i tried on my sister in laws victoria secret demi-bra, and the 36D fitted me perfectly...maybe it will still change in a few weeks or months....

I'll be 4 weeks post op on Thurs, girls are...

I'll be 4 weeks post op on Thurs, girls are looking great, i could barely tell any big difference. I am still wearing the surgical bra and not any real bra im used to. sometimes i wear a sports bra, so hard to hide the sports bra under the clothes i wear to work. good thing it's getting a lil cooler now so i wear long sleeved tops and jackets to work. when i get home, i let the girls breathe til it's bed time, and im back to my comfy surgical bra. but today, i decided to buy at least one very lightly padded $5 walmart bra. i didn't want to get an expensive bra when i know that my breasts are still changing. ha, who cares about $5 bras, when I have $5 grand boobs. lol. needless to say, the girls look divine! i realize, i cannot fit into heavily padded bras im used to wearing before. so i bought a very slightly padded bra, it's their version of the VS demi-bra. interestingly, i tried on my sister in laws VS demi-bra, and it was a 36D, it fitted me perfectly, but on the Walmart nameless brand, I'm only 36B. I'm going to wait a little longer to get fitted/measured at VS, when the girls are all settled and fluffed. some days, i really feel like im still small coz with the surgical bra im wearing, they are very easily concealed under conservative clothes i wear to work. i mean, i dont wear spinster clothes but with my work, people tend to dress conservatively because of the dress code. so nothing plunging, or too revealing or sheer. but now i realized, it's all because im wearing a surgical bra. can't wait til i can wear a real bra.

Saw my PS for the first time after my surgery,...

Saw my PS for the first time after my surgery, finally! He said, I no longer have any restrictions, but that doesn't exactly mean I should start a new sport or something. I have also been using scaraway strips on my scar to help it with the healing. So far, they are looking good, just a line, pretty flat and they don't look dark either. PS said when the girls fluff and drop even more, the scar would get even more hidden as they will fall on the crease, right now, they still have some dropping to do. Im not rushing them either, I massage but only as my PS had directed me, doing the kneading motion and just pushing them down using the palm of my hand, I finally understood as to why they didn't show me all the other aggressive forms of massages, my PS don't recommend too much massages when the implants are big, but he said what I'm doing should help keep the pockets big. The girls still have a long way to go, dropping-wise. He also told me that whatever bra size I buy now, would pretty much still fit me 6 months from now. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. lol. I was hoping that they will get bigger in time. oh well. guess I can always make them big when I want it and small when I need it. =) But just like most girls on this site, boobies look even more amazing when they reach their 3-6 month mark. coz then they look just like natural breasts! ladies, if you don't believe me, you should look at Staryeyyed82's page (http://www.realself.com/review/tracy-ca-breast-implants-new-boobies1) and JAZIBABI (http://www.realself.com/review/tampa-fl-breast-implants-breast-augmentation-consultations-april-12th-advice-great) then you'll know what im talking about =) and the good thing is, they didn't instantly look big right after the surgery, it's almost like real breast in the sens that they "grew" in time. if breastochangeo and scrappy hit the max word mark, i probably would hit the maximum number of pictures posted! sorry, but i did call my blog a 'Chronicle' =)

Finally I forced myself to start sleeping on our...

Finally I forced myself to start sleeping on our bed, I think my hubby is beginning to enjoy having the bed to himself without me, lol so Saturday, i tried sleeping in our bed. It feels oh so weird, it's heavy and it's hurting my back and my chest a little. I no longer have "morning boobies" in a while but going back to our bed, hurts them a little when i wake up in the moprning...well, just a little pressure, i wouldn't even call it pain..it's just weird to me. I've gotten so used to the recliner that sleeping on the bed is just such a weird feeling that i need to get used to again. later i'll take more pics. in the meantime, happy holidays everyone!

L I F E I S A B E A C H !

L I F E I S A B E A C H !

1 yearupdate

life went on, very happy with my girls....here are somepics of me & the girls.
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