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Hi, everyone!! My Stats are 5' 1in tall, 133...

Hi, everyone!!

My Stats are 5' 1in tall, 133 pounds and a 34b bra cup size. I have already chosen my doctor. Dr Paredes was my third consult over the past few yrs and I felt very comfortable with him. He is very detailed and honest. I had my list of questions with me but he had already answered them throughout my consult. I was able to try on sizers that same day!! We decided on 375 cc moderate plus - cohesive gel (silicone) with the incision under the breast crease. I'm looking to fill a Dcup with a natural look. I was hoping to get operated now in Feb but I am a full time nursing student now and my academic calendar is full till April. So better safe then sorry I will have to wait. I want to get enough rest with no rush or pressure to be back on my hectic schedule. So in early Feb I will be setting up my appt. to make it official and set a date for surgery!! Yayyy so excited. I have been wanting this for yrs and it is finally going to happen!!!!


Having doubts about going 375cc on one and 350cc in the other Vs going 400cc on one and 375cc on the other ???? Will definitely be discussing this with my PS soon. I don't want boob greed ???? decisions decisions!! Lol

A few post op goodies

There's not really much to mention today... Just lots of waiting. First week of Feb I will be making my pre op appt and fully pay my Breast Aug and get an official date. Then I can finally start my count down for my new twins!! Yayyy. While I wait for that. I have started purchasing some things for post op. See the pics:)

Pre op pics

ITS OFFICIAL!! Date is set!

Omg This just became real!! It's official, I can now start my countdown!!! MARCH 6TH is operation day!! I'm getting my boobies yay only 1 month away... I'm like freaking out I'm so excited! I've wanted this for so long and it's so close to happening! ????????????


Pre op appt has been set for feb 19!! Only 10 days left!! I wonder how that will be like? Can anyone tell me about there experience with preop and what happens during that appt. The coordinator told me I may be there a few hrs that day.

Ohhhh nooooo

I think I'm getting sick :( stuffy nose and sneezing!! NOT GOOD My pre-op is next week :/

Officially Sick this morning :/

Just called the nurse this morning at my PS's office as to How much in advance am I to stop taking any medications before surgery? I'm sooo sick, starting to get body pains. Noooooooooooo 22 days left. I want by body to be at 100% !!!

Feeling better!!:)

Update: I have been without any cold symptoms for 3 days now, except for this headache that doesn't seem to go away. I have stopped all meds and have only been taking Tylenol. My pre-op appt. Is on Wednesday so I'm doing my lab-work today with fingers crossed. Hopefully I have no infection and I will be ready to go for March 6th.

Pre-op Appt day

I think I can puke right now.... I am sooooooo nervous i can't even be excited right now. I have waited so long for this, it's happening and it's like I'm in shock. I'm dropping the kids off at school and then continuing on to my appt... Today I'll also find out how my labs came out considering I had a bad cold all of last week and if my surgery will have to be postponed. We'll see. I'll give an update about how my preop went soon:) fingers crossed.

13 days left till surgery

My thoughts right now are, maybe a bit in denial. Is this really happening? Am I making the right decision? I'm only going to want to do this again in the future if I don't do it now. I kind of don't believe it yet. Which will only probably lead me to have a nervous breakdown the day of surgery lol ;) I just bought my outfit for post surgery, sweats and a zip up jacket. Today I'm getting my recliner which has been highly recommended by many for post op sleeping. I believe I'm all set with my supplies. Oh and today I'm picking up my prescriptions, they should be ready. If anyone has anything extra they used post op that you can recommend please do! :) my husband is going to set up an area in the living room for me. My recliner, table with pills, drink, phone etc. I have a bathroom on this floor as well and I have the tv right there for my netflix marathons lol. I was checking the calender and I get operated on the last day of my menstrual cycle! ???? at least it's not the 1st day, then is really be screwed! T.m.i. I know but do you think it would be ok to wear a tampon during surgery? Going to have to mention that to my nurse. Ughh so much on my mind right now. I wish I could have someone to talk to about this. My immediate Fam knows and a few of my friends but honestly no one is or at least doesn't show excitement for me. My husband is very happy for me and supportive but there's only so much he can understand. It's not like he can or wants to talk about boobs all night lol I've shown him videos and pics for educational purposes of what the possibilities are so he doesn't freak out if I get frankenboob lol and so he understands that what he sees in the beginning is not the final result. He is going to be my 24 hr nurse so I need him to understand everything. Well there are my thoughts for the day. Thanks for all the love & support ??


Just spoke to my nurse and I am cleared for surgery yayyyy no infection from my cold last week! Woohoooooo.

Thoughts of the day

11 days to go. What? Already?! It's going by too fast. Today I spoke to a long time friend of mine who had hers done about a year ago and she says she has no regrets and that it's been the best. Helped me a bit with the nerves:) today I'm just spending the day organizing everything in my house because time has been passing by so fast and I study the rest of the week. I don't want to be running around like a crazy woman because I left everything for last min. Still haven't picked up my prescriptions! Don't ask me why lol maybe a bit in denial still. Which is what I realized after not having picked up my pills and I just started cleaning and preparing everything. Will continue to do that the rest of today:) boobies coming soon!!????

A few more things

Finally picked up my prescriptions!! And I bought some larger more firm pillows. And a few things for the house cause I just can't help it. ?? To shop lol

Before and possible after????

Anxiety and hormones!!

Not a good combination!! Due for my monthly visitor and with the nerves I have already I'm in Bit** mode and it sucks! I'll be getting operated on the last day of my cycle ???? 10 days left and I'd honestly like to be more excited about it. I soaked in my jetted tub with some bubbles and hot water just trying to relax and it helped a bit. Just hanging out in my bed now, looks like it's going to be a Netflix night. I just need to relax!! Hubby has been super helpful and understanding. Thankfully cause I can't stand myself right now lol

8 days left!!????

Nerves haven't been here today! Feeling great today! A bit excited again. Went shopping and bought my operating room socks. The physicians assistant told me to wair warm socks cause the OR is cold. I also bought my first x-large tank top. I'm suppose to wash my hair the night before and then again the morning of surgery and I've been battling with what the heck I'm doing with my hair that day. Cause if I can't put anything on, like a leave in conditioner or gel, this is going to be one big natural puffy Afro that day(seriously) so I thought I'll let it air dry put if into a braid and wear a cap! Lol so i bought one that matches my outfit for that day. I also bought my sippy straws as well. I thought I was done with shopping but things just keep coming up. Tomorrow is my one week countdown!! Yikes????

A different surgery date!!!!

Omg just got a call that some one cancelled. My previous surgery date was the 6th (Thursday of next week) and now it's the 3rd!!! This Monday!!! Freaking out, so excited!!!!!this weekend is going to be one good exciting weekend!! Yesss

Soooo excited!!!!!

Thursday night had weird dreams and I just kep tossing and turning all night. Yesterday, Friday, the same. Dreams that have nothing to do with my boobs (strange) today I just woke up at 630a ???? wide awake and can't sleep. I think I'm just too anxious and excited. I want this to happen already. I received my pre-last call before surgery, yesterday. With my reminders. Wash hair, no eating after midnight, no drinking, use the scrub for the body. Etc... And I have to be there at the surgical center at 7:15a. Looks like I'm the 1st patient on Monday! Woohoooo. Planning to leave my house around 6:45a. I'm only 15min away from the surgical
Center, but I don't know how the traffic is at that time and you just never really know what you can run into. So leaving a few extra min early. She told me that no one will be at the front desk at that time but to wait in the waiting area and that someone will come and get me. They will be expecting me at that time. Surgery is scheduled for 8am. She said I should be no more then 3-4 hrs total (between arrival and recovery) there. And then she said (in a very sweet voice) okay then we will see you Monday!! At that moment, it hit me again.. THIS IS REAL AND ITS HAPPENING IN LESS THEN 3 DAYS!???? Monday is almost here and I'm pretty EXCITED yayyyy. Just a reminder. I am barely 5 1" 133lbs, getting silicone cohesive gel, under the crease of my breasts, under the muscle, moderate plus, 400cc in the right and 375cc in the left???? hoping for a D cup. Currently a B. I still have a lot of things to do in the house between today and tomorrow and it's a weekend so the kids are home and it's drill weekend for the hubby. So I'm just chillin' with my menstrual cycle! Wahhhh Don't know if I'll be able to post again before surgery but if I'm not, I will try to post as much as the Percocet permits after surgery lol. Have a great day ladies!!!????

20 hrs left...

Just got my period... So I'll be on my second day of my menstrual cycle during surgery (smh) my breasts already feel sensitive because of that, I couldn't sleep (been awake since 430a) and now to top it off I've got the leaks lol (diarrhea) which is not totally bad because I was concerned with medications and blockage, if ya' know what I mean lol (constipation). 20 hrs left... What are my thoughts?? Let's get the show on the road hahahaha IM READY!! Yeah, I say that now and I'll be super teary eyed when I get there lol. We'll see, I'm honestly feeling really calm and ready. Everything is almost done in the house. If I woke up yesterday at 630a and today at 430a, I can only assume I might not sleep at all tonight! Lol

Today is the big day!!

Showered, washed my hair (again) lol brushed my teeth, no breakfast of course. Already dressed and still I have 45 min to walk out the door. Feeling really calm right now. A bit nauseas!! Well that's all I have to say for now.. I'll keep ya posted ladies!! Posted one of last size b Boobies lol

Loving my new breasts!!!

Got home about an hour ago, just took a Percocet so this will be short. No pain in my breast or scar. But my sternum hurts 3 out of 10. I love the size I chose. Love my doc and the staff was great!! Have to pee all the time. Which is a good sign!! Here are some pics I took as soon as I got home! Mod+ profile, 400 cc's on both. He didn't have to put 2 diff sizes like we thought. He said the difference was very minimal. Going to take a nap now. Overall feeling good! And so happy with my results!

7 hrs later

It's been 7hrs since I woke up in recovery and I feel great!! The swelling is already going down. My breasts were at 2 fingers below my clavicle and now they are at almost 4 fingers below. I have no strap and my surgeon prefers for my sports bra to fit more loose then tight. I had purchased my sports bras size 38. Too tight. He has me in a size 40 and it's just right (for now lol) they are not hard as rock. They are a bit soft. I already have some sensation in my left nipple and I have sensation in both breasts. I get a small amount of pain every now and then in my scar area (in my crease) but it's not even a 2 out of 10. Percocet is really not helping me sleep at all, but it is working for the pain because I have none:) it says I can take up to 2 at a time but with my pain level it's really unnecessary. I'll take 2 for bedtime, maybe then I'll get some sleep. I'm walking around and going to the bathroom just fine. They feel heavy when my husband sits me up In bed hahahaha what a great feeling!!!!! I'm drinking lots of water and tolerating food well. No nausea. So far so good!! I LOVE THEM!! I hope day 2 is just as good! Fingers crossed

Post op day 1/postop appt

Day of surgery was much better... Having striking pains on my scar of my right breast. First time it happened was on a right turn in the car on my way to the post op appt and now it's happening every so often. My post op went great. The physicians assistant said they were still swollen on the top and sides. She touched my Nipples for sensation. I don't feel my right nipple but I do feel my left one. She said everything was looking great. She checked my scar and said it was fine. I can take my first shower tonight. No oils or creams for stretch marks she said. Not for now until my tape comes off. I also have to wait ten days after the tape comes off to use any type of creams or silicone strips (especially the silicone strips) she said the scar is still sensitive at that time. No strap, not even a bra i have to wear she said. She says letting gravity naturally take it's course is the best. But honestly I don't think I need it anyway. My boobies have dropped 4 fingers in total since yesterday from my clavicle!! There healing super!! She did say no wire bra. My size 40 sports bra is drying so I'm wearing my 38 and the support feels a lot better. I tried going free like she said and I just felt them going everywhere hahahaha even though there not moving yet. I got a medical excuse for school. Being that an earlier date became available I ended up missing 2 days. But I'm a good student, I'll make it up + I've spoken to my professor over the phone and she's being super cool about it!! My husband stood home from work again to stay with me! So sweet! His job is kind of flexible like that so it's not a problem. I'm getting a bit of boob greed but it's only sometimes. Sometimes I see them small and sometimes I see them big. I've been researching this and have seen so many stories within these 12 yrs of waiting that I should know by now that it's all about change and pacience!! So I just need to enjoy the process and love my boobies everyday more and more cause my PS rocks!! Lol he did a hell of a job and I love them! I'll post after my 1st shower today to tell you how it went:)

1st shower

Last night I took my first shower. I must say I was a bit scared. I waited about 30min before I was due for my Percocet to avoid any dizzy spells in the shower and if in case I'd have any pain afterwards id be due for it anyway. I feared the water being to hot or too cold and the water touching the tape and it not drying afterwards. Nothing to worry about, Luke warm water was fine and they tape surprisingly completely dried before I even laid in bed again. I couldn't get all the markings off because some of them are by my incisions and I can't wash that area with soap yet. But eventually it'll come off. Last night I slept very well taking 2 percocets every 4 hrs for pain. Because today I've decided to continue with Tylenol if any pain arises at all. The only pain I've felt so far is in the scar area and it's not a constant pain where I should have to be medicated on Percocet. So Tylenol it is. This morning I've been feeling really good. I return to class tomorrow which is another reason for going off the Percocet. I won't be driving yet, my husband will be driving me until next week or until I feel I can on my own. It's only post op day 2 so it's too early. But it feels like day 3 or 4. I don't know I guess I'm just feeling really good lol. Have a great day ladies :D

Burning ????

Just felt a burning sensation in my right nipple!!!! Don't know if to say "ouch" or get excited cause my sensation is coming back!! Hahaha. I've been sleeping all morning and it's 130pm and still in bed. Walked around a few min ago for circulation and back to rest I am. No longer on Percocet but I'm still feeling really tired. I just want to be in bed!

Has anyone had to cough after a recent breast Aug???

Omg I think I would have not survived this cough if it weren't for my husband. I was NOT laying flat, I was elevated and had to cough. He had to raise me into a complete sitting position so I could catch my breath. Ohhhh does it hurt trying to avoid a cough. It felt like my stitches wanted to burst. So I tried as hard as I could breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. I felt like crying afterwards only because my daughter was in the room and I didn't want her to be scared. What a scary experience.

Post op day 3

Slept without Percocet last night!! No pain all last night and all day today. Took a Tylenol before bed and 1 this morning and that's it! Went back to school today! Was a little more tired then usual. My breasts are doing that water sloshy noise when I move my arms around. Taking a shower feels even better now, not scared anymore. The more I take a shower the more my scar burns! Ughhh. I can't use creams on my skin yet so I think I'm going to buy a cocoa butter soap!! I need to prevent these stretch marks some how! Lol overall had a great day, even through in a load of laundry to wash (but my husband is drying and folding lol) school was enough for me today. I feel a lot of gravity on my breasts and pressure in my sternum. Oh and my back!!!! Oh my back hurts sooo bad. I slept so bad last night. So uncomfortable!
:( other then that all is good:)

Bad night last night

Last night was HORRIBLE!! Had to take a Percocet. But it's not even my breasts. They are doing just fine.. It's my back! I'm having severe back pains at night to sleep. When I finally couldn't hold the pain anymore I woke my husband up so he can get me my medication, to find out it was 6a!! What??!! I held that pain almost all night without realizing it. I didn't have class today so I took the Percocet at 6am. Felt better and was able to sleep 2 hrs. It helped with the back pains. But its Almost night time and time to lay down and I fear the worst again for tonight. But on a good note the girls are doing very good and I still love them!! No boob greed and I hope I don't get any. I think they fit perfect with my body. And I'm enjoying trying on a few things from before and seeing how different they look on me now... LOVE THEM!! Yayyy

5 days post op

Feeling good!! Showered with my cocoa butter soap! Loved it, smells so good. My skin is still a little cracked though, almost like if I were shedding old skin like a snake. Wish I could put cream on:/ but the girls are doing great. Tried on an old bra today, or at least I tried lol there's the pic. An old 34b hmmm that pic has got me wondering what size I'm going to be lol. But I love them so much. I think maybe I'll drive today and go try on some wireless bras :) They've gotten more squishy and they move just a little on there own now. Soooo happy with my results.

New bra!!

Ok so I know I'm only 6 days post op BUT..... I couldn't help but go try on some wireless/non-padded bra's. (Not sports bras) Something I could wear now that's not a sports bra and I found one!!! @ Dillard's! Which I was told by several plastic surgeons has one of the most accurate sizes when it comes to bra's. I tried on a 34dd and it was too small. Tried a 36D and it fits good.Looks like as of this moment (for now) I'm a 36D. Wonder what size I would be at VS? Hmmmm ;)

7th & 8th day postop

Yesterday i drove for the first time, went to school, was feeling serious pains on my scar area again. Made an appt for same day. I'm allergic to the tape. It was removed and I got to see my scar! Well I tried cause honestly they were both so thin! He did a great job. The scar area was very red but it was because the tape was irritating my skin. I'm getting my sutures of tomorrow!! Yayyy. Had to take a few more days off. The pain isn't working with me, I rubbed my boob in class by mistake hahahaha not good. I think that made me realize I still need to be at home. Today I just relaxed.

9 days

Really tired.. I've been up since reallllllly early. Took of my sutures today, there's the pic of my left and right scar. My left came out awesome but the right one which has been the scar that's been hurting me really bad might have a keloid forming:( or at least it looks that way. It has glue on it now so I just gave to wait. I'm late on my 1 week pics I know lol. I'll try tonight:)

No keloid

Must've taken the pic at a bad angle yayyy here is another pic of the right scar... She's doing just fine. Just a bit bruised!! :D

Hypersensitive mode ON

Luckily I took a break from school for the rest of this month and I run my business from home so I can sit at my desk topless if I want to. THESE BABIES ARE ON FIRE... Ouch! Everything off, bra, shirt, hands everything lol supersensitive all over nipples included.. P.s had boob greed yesterday... Guess how it went away??!! I tried on a padded bra and felt ridiculously huge, took it off and thought to myself, I hit this size right!! Perfect for me, no need to be bigger;)

Feeling ok

Still working from home.. Taking it slow. Slept better last night. Girls are still sensitive but not as much as yesterday.


Just a few pics, after 2 weeks


New BOOBIES and cold aren't mixing well with me... Every time i get the chills or feel cold, my nipples hurt and I feel my muscles in my chest get hard lol! Anyone else have something similar going on? I'm a few days past 2 weeks post op, I think. I've stopped counting. I see my PS again on Monday to see how the girlies are doing. They have there days. Some days they are squishy, others they are not. Somedays they feel like a part of me, others they don't. My 3d nipple situation is getting better. Also i noticed the other day my nipples were a bit darker after surgery and they are getting to there usual color again. Don't know what that's about but they hurt a bit so I know there alive lol! Still no sensation in my right nipple but I'm not worried cause I know that can take a while. I'm doing moderate house work. No mopping or vacuuming. Or walking my dog either.. He's pretty strong! Still having morning boob... Having to wait on my bed after I sit up for them to drop. Weird feeling. Not massaging (was told not to yet) but they are dropping naturally and extremely well on there own. I can lay on my side for max 10min and then I switch to the other side. Just to feel equal (I know it's weird) lol. Starting with my seasonal allergies which get really bad every yr. I was told by the PS NURSE that I can take Zyrtec. Which will be for now because I have to see an allergist, my allergies are severe.. Pollen makes my face swell. And this sneezing all day only 2 weeks post op is hurting my chest. Well, going to return to my daily activities.. Have a great day ladies!!

3 weeks already!!

Went to see my ps yesterday and although I was freaking out over the left breast feeling like a rock and feeling like the muscle was hugging my implant, everything is just fine!! Just that the right breast is healing faster that's all! Whew what a relief! I now am able to massage twice a day!! Yay and I am able to put silicone strips on my scars for faster and prettier healing! I can put a light cream on my skin because of the shedding but not near the scar area. By light he means baby lotion or dove. Nothing for stretch marks yet. Soooo happy!!

Forgot to post these...


Feeling better

Start to feel like me again.. Must be because of the muscle relaxer my PS prescribed me. Still feeling the burning but the pain is gone!! AMEN to that!! Just laying here in bed with my scar tape on my beautiful girls..


Massaging has helped a ton!! They are even squishier (is that a word)?? Lol after the feeling of them fully dropping in the morning I massage and at night before bed:)

Almost 6weeks

Wow have the girls changed!! I believe they have dropped a ton.. They don't feel like strangers anymore. They feel like they're a part of me. I sleep on my side just fine, no pain. I did have boob greed for a bit but they look so natural to me and that was what I wanted. I am a 36d wireless bra and I haven't bought a wires bra yet but I did try on a 36d wired because I thought that was my size with all bras. Apparently not. 36D wired was too small. They didn't have a 36DD so I will have to check elsewhere. DD it is!! To me they honestly don't look that big. The DD cup bra looks so big and when I look at my breasts they don't look the same size lol. I haven't had anymore pains since the doc prescribed muscle relaxers. But I've been off of those for way over a week. I've been feeling great and back to my normal routine. On Monday I will be 6 weeks post op... Exercise here I come!! I'm so ready. My abs are next on my bucket list lol. I'll post more pics tomorrow. Just had a major test today (nursing) and my brain is just out of it lol

Feeling great today :)

Tallahassee Plastic Surgeon

There are no words to describe how happy I am with the overall surgical experience with his staff and how much I am loving my results!! I highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting a breast augmentation!!

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