Lip Lift for Resting B**ch Face

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I've wanted this for awhile, but am terrified...

I've wanted this for awhile, but am terrified about the scar and what I'll tell people. What do you guys think? Do you tell everyone before hand? After?

I'm sick of smiling when talking to avoid looking grumpy. I like my smile, but there is a line across my upper lip even when smiling because it's so long.

My face is asymmetric, I think from TMJ, actually, and am also considering a chin implant, or fillers in cheeks to lift my trajín jawline. I'm hoping a short philtrum will be all I need.

I'm so excited and so scared!

To cut into the nostril or not?

I've been researching and reading so many reviews on here and it seems like it really depends on your nose whether or not it will turn out nicely when the surgeon cuts through the nose sills. I want to hide the scar, but don't want to look like miss piggy...! I'm leaning toward cutting up into the nose, as I don't have huge sills. What do you all think!?

Consultation and date set!

After emailing a few places I decided on a consult with Dr Chuang at wish clinic in Taipei. He was a sculptor previously and his office was designed by him- including massive sculptures that are just unreal. I feel confident he'll give me the lips I want. I have the date scheduled for December 23rd, because of travels and my son's birthday. He said to avoid smiling, singing, etc for one month,so I pushed the date back.

I did it!

I went to wish clinic in Taipei. Dr. Chuang and staff were amazing. Everything was prepared for me before hand - in a cute carry-home box. I received IV sedation and was awake but relaxed and felt no pain. We took off 6mm and I'm supposed to be at 1.3cm. The incision line is great- so thin. My right lip was always a bit higher and we did everything symmetrical so I suppose it'll still be higher, although I am a bit worried that will be more obvious now and I should have asked for it to be evened out! So far minimal pain. I have prednisone, an antibiotic and a pain pill with a tummy protector pill as well as a gel to apply am and pm. Everything was included for me.

More pics day 1

Day two feeling positive

I didn't sleep elevated like many mentioned, because I felt like it'd just cause the lip to be more swollen and pull down on the incision. I slept fairly well. I woke up swollen, but as the day has gone on swelling is improving. Pain is more discomfort. I haven't taken any of the pain meds given.

Day 3 Doctor follow up visit and some yellow light

I went in to have the doctor look things over. Last night as I was dabbing gently with a q-tip to put ointment, a small clear stitch came out, but it didn't really leave a hole anywhere. I showed him it and he didn't seem concerned. He just said that there's so many very small ones that it's ok. He cleaned it a bit more and then I got put in front of a yellow light machine that is supposedly to help with swelling and redness. It was relaxing if anything. :)

Day 4!

Nose/nostrils are still super swollen, but looking better! Wondering when I'll go out without a face mask... thankfully everyone wears them here anyhow so I don't feel strange wearing one.


I've been going out a lot wearing a mask, but the humidity from it moistens my scabs along the stitches and I've been a bit concerned about infection... but so far so good.
I'm super glad I decided I wanted to hide the incision inside my nose. Cutting a line across would have definitely made me look "pig nosed". When you draw a pig nose you draw a circle, right? That's what an incision across the bottom of the sills does and well, since I already had a bit of a button nose, I'm glad I didn't get a pig nose! I'm actually really liking how my nose is looking. Strange, but true! We'll see in a few weeks!

Before and after just 5 days


Stitches removed

Feeling more presentable, but still hiding behind a mask when out. Doctor said to avoid big mouth movements for a month. I got some scar cream he said to start using in two days. Here's to happy healing!


Most of the time I'm super happy with how everything looks. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself or take a pic that makes me feel like my right lip is noticeably higher or crooked...but then I look at my "pre" pics and that's how I was before. Maybe now it's too pronounced, I worry. I didn't even really realize it before how asymmetrical my face was- my lips, columna, nostrils, cheeks- you name it. I notice my tooth show looks even so I wonder if the lip difference wouldn't have been able to have been improved on even if he lifted the left a bit more.
Overall all the asymmetry I notice is exactly the same as before- but now that I'm scrutinizing everything it seems like a big deal.

So red still

I'm annoyed at how red the incision is still. There's also a scab inside the nostril that won't go away and a slight separation under my right nostril, making it look like a deeper line- not really a hole, though. I emailed my surgeon to see if he recommends anything other than a scar cream he gave me, even though right now I'm keeping it covered with neosporin. I'm wearing a mask out all day and it has made me break out. Gah. I'm hoping the incision heals soon so I can cover it with makeup. I feel like it's too fresh to gunk it up with makeup still.

AM vs PM

Still healing

Hi all! So the little scab areas in my left nostril ended up needing to have a deeper stitch removed because I was healing poorly. Basically spitting stitches as others have mentioned- but Dr said it's best to go in and remove them when they do that to avoid scarring. It's still healing...
I also have a bit of separation under my right nostril that I'm annoyed with. I don't put makeup on it and clean it with iodine. I'm a slow healer and super annoyed.
The incision is a bit bumpy, which it wasn't at week 1-2. Not sure if it's tension or interna stitches? I've been putting scar gel on, avoiding areas I feel still aren't super closed...

I am glad my Dr didn't just attach my nostrils at the sides making the sides of the nostrils look so distorted like I see some have -and instead curled my sill in. It's left a deeper "cut" there, though, that I hope smoothes out a bit.

You can see in the photos my uneven nostrils and lips are the same (the photos are actually mirror images so what's left in the left photo is right in the right photo), but the proportions are so much better. I just hope the scar is worth it!

Full face

What do you guys think? I still am paranoid about the scar and embarrassed to go in public ????

Before full face

Super relaxed face agh. So ugly. I usually smile to keep it not so looong... but now I can't smile very well yet and that was my best "face"
Dr. Chia-Jung Chuang

Wish Clinic in Taipei is a gorgeous state of the art facility. It's impeccably clean and was designed by Dr. Chuang himself, who used to be a sculptor. Dr. Chuang and staff speak perfect english, as I don't speak Mandarin, and I felt like I was very well listened to and cared for. Everything was very well organized and I felt completely comfortable. Highly recommend.

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