Lip Lift Planned for November! - Taiwan, TW

I've wanted this for awhile, but am terrified...

I've wanted this for awhile, but am terrified about the scar and what I'll tell people. What do you guys think? Do you tell everyone before hand? After?

I'm sick of smiling when talking to avoid looking grumpy. I like my smile, but there is a line across my upper lip even when smiling because it's so long.

My face is asymmetric, I think from TMJ, actually, and am also considering a chin implant, or fillers in cheeks to lift my trajín jawline. I'm hoping a short philtrum will be all I need.

I'm so excited and so scared!

To cut into the nostril or not?

I've been researching and reading so many reviews on here and it seems like it really depends on your nose whether or not it will turn out nicely when the surgeon cuts through the nose sills. I want to hide the scar, but don't want to look like miss piggy...! I'm leaning toward cutting up into the nose, as I don't have huge sills. What do you all think!?

Consultation and date set!

After emailing a few places I decided on a consult with Dr Chuang at wish clinic in Taipei. He was a sculptor previously and his office was designed by him- including massive sculptures that are just unreal. I feel confident he'll give me the lips I want. I have the date scheduled for December 23rd, because of travels and my son's birthday. He said to avoid smiling, singing, etc for one month,so I pushed the date back.
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