31 Yr Old Mom W/ 2 Children...TT with Some Lipo. Tacoma, WA

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It's been a long time that I've wanted to fix my...

It's been a long time that I've wanted to fix my body...unfortunately didn't have the opportunity till now. I'm quite nervous and don't know what to expect. I have been reading a lot of the reviews from many others on RS to get an idea of what to plan/prepare for and expect as far as pain wise, recovery, etc. I'm hoping the pain is manageable as I've already gone through the "miracle" of child birth 2x. I hear if you can get thru that...you can get thru just about anything. So with that I am being hopeful that this journey will be worth it as the rest of the 97% on RS have said. :)

Pictures today...

Took these just now, I weigh between 129-134lbs at 5ft 2in. tall. I maxed at 165lbs after my second son. I have worked so hard since then to bring my weight down and here I am today with extra skin & some fat left in my stomach area. I am proud that I was able to bring my weight down but not proud of these unflattering images. I'm quite petite everywhere else that no one knows I have this under my clothes. I always get loose clothes to hide my mid section and people who have seen my belly say they never suspected it to look as stretched or wrinkled as it does. Ready to regain my confidence ALL over.

Vitamins beforehand...

So I went out and picked up some vits over the weekend but am unsure of I should start taking them now or not. Help someone? I am hoping for a somewhat speedy recovery and thinking of I start with them now maybe the herbs & nutrients will kick in sooner for healing. See my pic and let me know your thoughts...

Made it to the flat side

My PS says everything went great and I will be very happy with the results. I stayed overnight At The hospital which was nice because I had nurses checking on me and assisting in bathroom walks. Boy it is uncomfortable to walk the first couple days. Every thing is so tight. Once they put me under I didn't feel a thing. That was the best part. They do want you to be hydrated the whole time and my PS wants me walking around to boost recovery.

Dress pic

Ok see my belly hanging...

Before belly

Shower time

Since I have stairs in my house I had to go upstairs to my shower. It was a challenge going up and less going down. Does/did anyone have sharp stinging and burning pains on the side? My right side is killing me every time I move and walk. Help please. What does it mean??

All wrapped up

Like a burrito. This garment it's quite comfortable to be so tight..

Mother's day gift to ourselves

Firstly, Happy Mothers day to you all beautiful ladies! I do have a question...are you guys opening up your compression garments every now and then or no? I've kept mine on unopened since I took my shower and am now wondering if I should be opening it to air out?? Help please? I see so many of you taking pics without the binder. So I'm like.do I need to take mine off too?

First BM on day 4...

At first I was worried from some other reviews I've read but I have been religiously taking my stool softeners since day 1 that when the time came it was a breeze to get thru. Note to others: take those stool softeners as soon as possible after your surgery. It surely helps and won't hurt at all during the time to push.

Side by side pic

Toilet seat riser is a blessing

Can't express enough how much of a relief this elevated toilet seat riser is. Definitely invest in it if you're getting a TT in the near future!

What's a good scar therapy treatment?

I haven't purchased the silicone sheets yet. Wondering what's a good brand...? And where to purchase from..

Day 6

Feeling stronger. Stairs are not so bad now. Still using a walker or assistance. But not a bad day of recovery. Results looking good. I have swelling on my hips which I'm OK with ...lol

Had a little scare

Hanging in there. I was worried about what I thought might be an infection so I went to ER 2 nights ago but I only had excess water that needed to be drained. But it hurt because they had to press on my stomach. They gave me iv drugs to calm me down and took off all my sutures. Ouch! I had my post op on Friday and the Dr. Said it was a little seroma...yuck....aside from that small setback everything is looking good he says. I also got my right drain out so that's a relief. Now one more to go, next Friday out should come out.
I can walk fairly well with the walker and like a zombie without any help lol. I think I kind of weened myself off the pain meds. I'm still taking the oxy and ibuprofen a needed just not religiously like in the beginning. I'm at a 4 out of 10 rt now just sitting.

Havent felt in the mood...

to post anything lately. I am getting stronger as the days go by but still need assistance doing simple tasks. Ever since I got my sutures off there has been a "hole" in my incision area in the front of my stomach. It's not an infection or seroma or necrosis thank you GOD. The dr. says it's just some wound separation :((((( I guess since I'm so numb I don't feel any pain but it is very unappealing to the eyes. There's nothing I can do at this point just keep it dry and clean the dressing over it 2x a day. The Dr. says it's common and will heal aesthetically just fine but right now it is quite scary looking. I'd upload a pic but I can't even bear the site of it, let alone share it with you all. This to me is a setback. Now all I can do is count the days till this dime-sized hole heals and closes itself. So I'm pretty depressed right now.
Still hunched over because I'm sewn up so tight. Good news is I am more used to handling laughing and going #2 in the bathroom now. I've cut down on the pain pills down to only 2-3x a day. I can also feel some stinging in my stomach so must be the nerves waking up. I finally have both drains out -another positive!
I can't wait for the day I get all this hair off my legs, armpits, eyebrows, vajay....child I'm turning into a chia pet. Good night for now ladies. Happy healing to you all.

My belly button

Looks just how I remember it without the extra skin and wrinkles. So glad it healed up quite fast.
I haven't been posting because I've been a little depressed. I have another opening on my right side. My stomach is not open but the skin is not sealed so it hurts and burns. I know it will heal it's just yet another setback...but I'm down 1 month and on to the next. Happy healing..that is all for now.

Thank a filter...

Took this collage of pics before tonight's shower...so far outs looking good. Just gotta stay positive.

Almost 2 months I think?

I don't even know how far out I am right now...almost 2 months I think? Here's my incision...it's a bit jagged on the sides and my opening in the right is almost closed now. I feel a lot better about myself. I don't need to wear the medical binder anymore but I went out and bought a more comfortable waist cincher by Maidenform. Its way more comfortable! As seen in my pic. Swelling seems more so in the evening. But so far so good! Still numb in the front and muscles are rock hard...is that normal?

Pic updates

That is all...been using bio oil since day 5

6 months I believe?

I can pretty much do everything. My stomach is still numb which I expected. But I love my results and now just need to eat healthy and stay in shape ????
Tacoma General Surgeon

So far all my interactions with my Dr. have been comfortable and very informative. All i know at this point is the date of surgery...I was told I will be getting a call to schedule labs, blood work and briefing soon. I won't be having a catheter in for a full 24 hrs (HALLELUJAH) just up until the end of surgery. I will have to stay overnight at the hospital to be monitored-Dr. wants me to be walking around after I wake up so no stiffening or blood clotting. My drains will be thru my incision so no extra holes, yesssss. And that's all i know at this point. I'm really concerned about the pain level which varies from person to person...I mentally have to prep for that because I'm a big baby. Just keep me medicated lol.I will take pics of my stomach tonight and post them up. I feel i should be doing 10,000 squats prior to since I'll be sitting on my ass for weeks...anyways Thanks for reading my journey to the "flat-side".

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