Mini Tummy Tuck, muscle repair, small amount of lipo - Seattle, WA

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I have four children. The last two were via...

I have four children. The last two were via C-section. Overall, I'm happy with my body and appreciate that I'm healthy and can walk, run, and breathe every day! I stay very active with my kids and do crossfit 3x a week. But no amount of diet or exercise can get rid of the soft little pooch over my C-section scar and it's really bothered me the last few years. It won't budge! I'm nervous to have my bellybutton altered in anyway, so when the plastic surgeon I chose told me that it would be criminal to do a full tummy tuck, it really put my mind at ease. He explained that very few women are good candidates for a mini but because I had very little loose skin near my bellybutton or above it, a mini with liposuction would be a good choice. After two consultations, he answered all my questions and helped me have realistic expectations. I know I won't come out of surgery looking like a Victoria's Secret Angel, but my little pooch will be gone. Yay! I will update this during the entire process; pre-op appointment, day of, 1 day post-surgery, etc. Feeling very nervous and anxious but also really excited!

Pre-op appointment

My surgery is just 3 days away. I met with the surgical nurse and anesthesiologist today. Everything is all set: child care arranged, 3 weeks off work, wedge pillow and foot stool to get in and out of bed, laxatives (lol), etc... Feeling very nervous but excited!

Check in time is 21 hours away...

I wanted to post a few more before pics, since I found those really helpful when looking at reviews. I'm really nervous and keep going over my goal in my mind: to look like myself but minus the little chub hanging over my c-section scar. Based on other RS users experiences, I want to make sure that I have very realistic expectations!

Made it! Now to focus on healing!

Done! Yay! No more anxiety and waiting. Woke up from surgery with moderate pain. They gave me a small dose of morphine, which was heaven. It's been about 10 hours since I woke up and the Percocet is keeping my pain level very minimal. I was prepared for soul crushing pain (my last c-section was an EXTREMELY painful recovery, even with pain meds) but even though it's early in the healing process, I can tell this will be much easier. I have one drain and have been able to eat, drink & urinate just fine. Dreading the constipation that seems inevitable! Took a look at my incision and I'm so happy with how low and smooth the curve of it is. It's a tad puckered but my doc prepared me for that in my pre-op visits. I'm confident it will flatten out as it heals. Overall, feeling good about things, so far.

2 days post-op

I stayed overnight in the hospital, which was great that first night. Got to be taken care of before heading home to the kiddos! First night home went really well. The wedge pillow that I found on Amazon was a lifesaver! I highly recommend getting one if you don't have a recliner to sleep in. It has 2 angles for laying back or sitting more upright. I'm taking 1 Percocet every 5ish hours and the pain is very manageable. Was expecting much worse! I get to take a shower today, yay! I've only looked at my incision in a laying down position while changing out my dressing. It will be interesting to see it standing up. I'll post again after I shower!

4 days post-op

Good morning! Just took a shower and I feel glorious! Felt so good to have that binder off for a little bit. Switched from percocet to Tylenol and pain level is mild. Checked my incisions and everything looks good. A 2 inch section is a little pinker than the rest, so I'll keep an eye on it. Lower back is sore from leaning slightly over all the time, more of a nuisance than anything. I took these pics in a hurry, didn't want my little ones to see & be scared, so not the greatest quality. I'm very happy with how low and smooth the curve of my incision is. I've also been pleasantly surprised with the pain. Very tolerable! Still plan on taking it very easy the next 2 weeks. I think all my workouts and having good leg strength is helping big-time with my recovery.

Edited pics

I deleted the pictures from earlier, edited for modesty and put them back up. 4 days post-op

1 week post-op

Feeling good. My only complaint is my lower back pain! I take Tylenol a few times a day for that. Otherwise, my incision is a little bit itchy and that's about it. Can't wait to get this drain out! Bored, but still trying to take it pretty easy.

10 days post-op, drains out, bikini on!

Drains out yesterday! Hooray! I tried on a bikini for fun... First time in YEARS I'm actually excited to swim suit shop. I know I'm only 10 days post, but this has been such a confidence booster. I can't wait to get back in the gym and get this body into summer mode. Doc says zero ab work for at least 8+ weeks. Boo. But I'm following doctors orders so these ab muscles stay put!

2 weeks post-op

Started taking longer walks this week, which feels great. I still tire out, but I have almost zero pain. My incision just gets itchy from time to time. I've actually gotten attached to my binder lol Keeps me feeling supported and 'secure'. The first week I had no appetite but the last several days, I've been eating everything in sight! Therefore I was shocked to weigh myself this morning and see that I'm down 3 lbs compared to before my tummy tuck. Overall, I'm really happy with my results. My biggest pet peeve with my tummy was the shelf that hung over my C-section scar... It's gone! Loving my profile now! The little bit of skin gathering on my scar is actually starting to smooth out a little already and I start Embrace on June 7th. Here's to progress!

3 weeks post-op

Hello! Today I get my Spanx tanks in the mail and can officially toss my compression garment. I've been wearing every day but stopped sleeping with it a few nights ago because it killed my back, for some reason. I've been sleeping 100% better without it. I started exercising lightly (long walks, lunges, isolated dumbbell lifting while sitting, etc) and feel great! I can't wait to get back in the gym but I'm definitely following doctors orders and taking it easy. No ab workouts for a couple of more months. I have some numbness around my incision but I'm feeling more and more back to normal everyday. I start scar therapy in a few days and can't wait to start our summer!
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