Green Peel Definitely NOT WORTH IT - Tacoma, WA

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Sept of 2009 I went to a Spa in Tacoma and the...

Sept of 2009 I went to a Spa in Tacoma and the aesthician suggested a green peel. All I wanted to do, was reduce my pores on one side of my face- they were not really visible, but I could see a them a little, so I thought Id be proactive.Long story short- everything the woman claimed it would do- it did the opposite- my pores were strecthed- so that they were MORE visible, the procedure was excruciating pain, I developed melasma, dark spots all over (and I have never had hyperpigmentation) in certain spots on my face- like around my nose- the collagen was damaged, and I have to sleep a certain way or my skin in that area crinkles (never did before)This is not a product for women with brown skin- and the aesthitician SHOULD have know this. I have been recovering for the last year.

Vita Bella

terrible experience- caused severe skin damage

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