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Hello RS gals, So I have never had cute perky...

Hello RS gals,
So I have never had cute perky boobs. I’ve breastfed 1 child and have had weight fluctuations. My child is grown and out of the house. Just me and my honey now. I’m ready for some perky, fun, cute boobs.

I’ve been following RS and many of its members for a few months now (RS Stalker) :-).
I think at this point I’ve seen more boobs than my husband has in his life time.

I’ve done a ton of research and consulted with multiple doctors in my area. I have scheduled my surgery with Dr. Potyondy for a lollipop BL/BA on Nov 18th. I’m super nervous and excited.
OMG 20 days away.

This is the beginning of my journey. I hope my story helps others in the future. This site and member reviews have been so helpful to me in my process.
My Stats:
Age: 42
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 140 lbs
Bra: Saggy 36 C :-(
Goal: Full perky D

At this point I’m looking at getting Sientra 400 – 450cc HP Round Gummy Bear.
I have my Pre-Op appointment on Nov 8th; I should know the final size then.

I’m having my surgery on a Friday and took the next week off of work for recovery. Just so happens to be Thanksgiving week so I didn’t have to use that much vacation time, yay. I have a desk job but I wanted to be on the safe side and take off at least a week to recover.

I have all my vitamins, comfy sport bras, Bio Oil and wedge pillow. I’ve researched foods that help the healing process so I will be pre-cooking some meals for my recovery. My husband will be my nurse-made the first 3 days.

If anyone has more insight to what I have missed please let me know. I appreciate comments and feedback.

Happy healing to those on the other side !!

Wish Boobs

12 More Days

Pre-op appointment complete

Hi gals. Just got home from my pre-op. Silly how nervous I was. I guess because its starting to be real.

I met with the staff and the Dr. They were all wonderful and answered all my questions which really set my nerves at ease. I tend to be a bit high strung and am a bit terrified by all the "what ifs".

Signed a lot of forms, finalized payment, got my scripts with surgery day instructions and took pictures.

I've been struggling for months over the size. I've never had much of a chest. I'm conservative but like to have fun with my husband, lol. I've read so much on here about going bigger.

Have decided to go with Mentor textured UHP Gummy Bear 455 cc. So glad that part is out of the way, was driving me crazy for sure.

Sorry for not having pictures with sizers, was so nervous I forgot.

Wish all the gals on the other side a speedy recovery and those like me waiting, just breathe ha ha.

Tomorrows the big day

Wish you all well. Will post when I can.

Surgery I done!

Resting now a bit uncomfortable so will update more later. But so far so good. Haven't been sick. Been taking my Pain meds every 4 hours.

Postop day 1

Hello gals, I've made it to the other side.
Woke up yesterday showered, took a valume and my husband drove me to the facility.
Got there at 7:30 am. The nurse had me put a robe on then the Dr came in and marked me up. Reminded the dr that my right breast is smaller and if he could fix that, that would be great. Then the anasthesiologist came in and asked me some questions.
We walked across the hall to the OR. I got up on a table with an awesome warm blanket, got to keep my socks on that made me happy.
The nurse strapped me in put some vitals monitoring equipment then the IV and I was out. Don't recall much but my husband was there waiting for me. My chest was tigh and sticking out more than before. Did,t have too much pain at first.

Got home went straight to bed with a pain pill and my wedge pillow. Woke up a few hours later in a ton of pain. My muscles screaming in my chest, armpits and under the girls. My husband made me eat some soup and gave me my pain peel.
I was expecting less pain I guess.

Tiny bit better , day 2

My husband has been so sweet taking care of me. I was able to sleep a bit last night. Had the alarm set for every 2 hours taking a pain pill then a muscle relaxer. Has really helped. I'm still really tight and have a lot pain on my right under incision. I've came close to passing out a few times.

I've moved to the recliner and am pretty comfortable if I stay still. You ladies were so right, takes time day by day.

Attached are today's pictures. I think my right breast may still be smaller than the left. What do you think. Still really high and tight.

Post day 3

Hi gals, here are update photos from today. Morning boob was rough but got better. Both are still in my armpits, ouch. I think the left has dropped a tiny bit. I'm right handed so that side is still more painful.
Got to take a warm shower, felt so good but my skin dried up really tight afterward.
Still staying on my pain and relaxer every 4 hours. ( alternating every 2 hours) they keep me comfortable.

Wish you all well.


My girls are being stretched and are itchy, Dr said not to put anything on them. Any tips?

Postop 8 days

Hi gals, so I've made it past the one week mark. Only take pain pills at night now to help me sleep and muscle relaxers as needed.

I feel pretty good but the girls are still pretty tight and high. I'm mainly just sore at this point. I've followed my PS instructions and have really just been taking it easy and trying to heal.

I have another postop appointment on Friday, will update again then.

Hope you all are doing well.

Update on implant - Mentor

Sorry I need to update. I ended up getting Mentor Memorygel UHP 455cc.

Feeling unsure.

Today was my first day back to work. Felt huge and uncomfortable all day. Right implant is super high and my left feels like it's in my armpit. My right was smaller to begin with just hope the difference isn't to big. Still sore and trying not to have any sudden movements.

Praying they shrink a lot! feels like I'm walking around with two watermelons on my chest and everyone is staring. Ugg =(

Tape off today

Hi RS,
I had another follow up appointment with my PS today. I just have to say that I really appreciate the Dr and staff, super nice, friendly and warm.

The nurse, Teresa and Dr "P" are super nice and so helpful with my list of questions. I literally just have my list and hand it to them lol, works well.

Doc said I'm healing well. I have some redness and blisters from the tape, guess I'm allergic but everything else is okay. I'm to check back in 2 - 4 weeks. He said I can massage the right breast a little to help it drop. I have clearance to sleep on my side, thank God, back has been killing me. Not released for exercise yet.

Getting the tape off: I was so scared to get the tape off. It was my safety net. I was afraid of how they would look and feeling vulnerable without it. It didn't really hurt just stung a bit. The nurse cut some of the stitches. I was looking at the ceiling the whole time lol. I was told to keep gauze on the right breast for a bit as it has a raw spot and to put triple antibiotic ointment on both in the morning and at night.

Well figured I better look so I know what normal looks like for reference. The appearance is so strange at first, hope I heal quickly. A bit freaky, still feeling unprotected without the tape.

Wish you all well!

2 week update

Still healing and taking it easy. No pain they just feel awkward. Not as tight and the right is slower on dropping. Using antibacterial soap to clean and triple antibiotic twice a day on the incisions per my PS and Eucerin lotion on the rest per the nurse. Concerned with the right nipple but will wait a bit on that issue.
Not sure what my bra size is yet. I've tried a couple of sports bras but what works best right now is a cheap cotton nonsupport bra from Target.
Happy healing ladies, what a journey...

More pics

Help me heal items

Thing that have helped the most:
Airplane pillow
Pre made healthy meals (some with turmeric, Ginger & garlic for healing)
Lots of water and fluids
Vitamin regimine
Light frequent exercise (walking, stairs; week 3)
Muscle relaxers and pain pill every 4 hours not at the same time.
Having 10 days off work and lots of rest
Great care giver the first week (my husband)

3 Week Update

Hi ladies, Hope you all are doing well and happy holidays!,,,,

I've reached the 3 week mark. I'm still waiting on righty to drop like the left side. A little concerned as the right breast was/is my smaller breast. How can the implant drop if it has no where to go :-( Feeling a bit lop sided lol.

I was hoping there wouldn't be a huge change to my nipples but the right side so far looks really mangled to me, as well as the under implant incision. I'm going to ask the Dr why so different from the left side.

I have a lot of redness on my incisions still so I sent pictures to my Dr. He responded within the hour and said everything looks okay. The redness is normal at this point, could be from the stitches being absorbed or the antibiotic cream and healing. Think I'll only apply it once a day and see if that helps. I so badly want my incisions to heal.

I don't have any pain, a zinger now and then but doing well. I have regained all sensations in both breasts, yay. Incisions are still healing and oh my goodness I get itchy fits and want to tear into my chest. I have light peeling skin on both outer sides of my breasts. All part of healing.. I guess

I've been showering with dial antibacterial soap daily and putting baby oil on (not on incisions). I use my hair dryer on cool, low setting to dry out then a little triple antibiotic ointment. I also apply auqaphor to the sides and top of my breasts to help with the stretching skin and peeling. I think it's helping.

I still have no idea what bra size I am now. I tried on one of my old size C bras for fun and ha ha it barely contained the girls. Can't wait to get sized but I'm going to wait until my incisions are fully healed. Plus the cheap cotton Target non support bras are so comfortable I'm happy.

So funny how true it is about some of the terms I've learned on this site that I would not have known:
Morning boob: implants riding high and hard, possibly in armpits.
Drop & Fluff: Implants take up to 6 months to settle into pocket and soften.
Boob Greed: I didn't understand this one at first. I came out of surgery saying omg they're huge and was scared. After 3 weeks the swelling has gone and I'm happy. It takes some getting used to but once you do you think hmm I could/should of gone bigger..

Will update next week, wish all you gals the best..

I've read a ton of reviews in preparation for my BA/BL. I'm so grateful for this website and the journeys you ladies have shared. It not only educated me to how it really affects women but gave me the courage to go through with it. Ha ha must be a little emotional lol.

Post op 31 days update

Hello ladies, hope everyone is doing well.
I hit my one month anniversary. I really thought my incisions would be all healed by now but I have some suture aggravation in my right breast. My left appears to be fine but my right has bright pink coloring all around my nipple. My body is pushing out the sutures. Got out of the shower this morning and pulled on one and it came out,, yuck lol. I itch like crazy so I hope I'm healing.
I'm going in for a check up on Wednesday just to make sure all is well. Still waiting for my right to drop. They aren't in my arm pits as much anymore. I have developed a light case of Mondors Cord but that will heal in time. Hope I can start the scar treatment soon. Going to see if I can resume my exercise routine as well.

So far I'm very happy with the size now that the swelling is gone. I can see progress in size, shape and feeling but still getting used to them though. I picked up a Bali wireless bra for some extra support. I'm a size D so far, Yay..

Happy Holidays to you all!

5 weeks post op update

Hi gals, Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
Not much to report on. Still waiting for my incisions to completely heal. My Dr has me massaging my right breast to help others drop. They both feel a little softer now.
I'm happy so far with my results.

6 Weeks post open update

Hello ladies, Happy New Year!
I'm happy to report that I have been healing up just fine. My incisions are almost all completely closed up. Yay. I can't wait to start scar treatment. The Mondor Chords are getting better as well.

I have been massaging my right breast frequently to get it to drop, I think it's helping. They are both a little tender but i don't have any pain and they have softened up a lot. My right breast looks smaller than the left and I hope that will change as it drops. If not no big deal, it has always been smaller. Sisters not twins, right.

I'm still getting used to the size but they feel like mine more with each passing day.

7 weeks post op

Hello ladies, hope everyone is doing well.
My breasts are on on the move i think. They are moving closer together. I've had a few sharp pains in my right one. I am still massaging the right often to help it drop.

I have a couple of spots on my incisions that I'm watching, but other than that I'm healed up. They are starting to feel like they are mine.


Hello ladies,
Hope you all are doing well.

I had a bit of trouble early on with the tape on my incisions after surgery. Due to blistering it was taken off too early and i think it led to slower healing and ugly scarring.

I've been cleared to start my scar treatment now but I'm not sure what silicone scar treatment product to use.
Can you gals recommend what worked for you?

Progress update

So I'm at about 2.5 months now. I was hoping to be further along by now, but what are you gonna do. These girl's have a mind of their own.

My right is definitely still higher than the left and I'm waiting for both to exit my armpits asap. Driving me nuts. I'm still massaging like crazy. As I massage I get zingers afterward still, which gives me hope they want to move. I'm worried that they are too far apart. I reached out to my Dr about my concern. And, of course I know better, it's still too early to worry he said. I plan on a visit with him at my 3 month mark.

I have started using silicone scar sheets. Hope they do as claimed because my right nipple looks terrible from reactions to the tape and being my smaller breast.

I've been going through booby blues. I don't really like how they look and feel like I went too big and try to hide them. Not to mention I'm 10 lbs heavier since the surgery and am struggling to lose it. I've had trouble finding bras and fitting into clothes I'm used to wearing. I haven't been professionally bra fitted but through trying on a bunch I figure I'm a 36 DD or 38 D.

More photo

Forgot these, oops.

More pictures

Tacoma Plastic Surgeon

I am very pleased with my results and all my interactions with the Dr and staff. I will update more as my journey progresses.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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