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I have thought about this for a long time but...

I have thought about this for a long time but never had the $. Always went to kids, bills or house. I finally said its my turn to do something for ME. now looking at photos im scared to death! I will only have 5 days off and have to go to my office job. Hoping it will be enough time! Anyone do the same? Getting lift and implants.

had my preop and picked my size!

Had my preop may 6. The consult. Dr. Recommended range from 500 to 780! Guess for my frame type. I chose 400 at consult and when talking to the surgeon he said "why dont you go half way" so I went 450. He seems to think with the lift and my breast tissue I have now I should get the look I want. I hope he's right. When trying on the 500 they just looked so big! Here are before pics. Surgery is May 14th! Hope I chose wisely.

preop pic of one of my favorite bras from VS.

Must have 8 of these "underwire, push up, makes you two sizes bigger bras"! Soon I will not need them! Yipeeee.

8 hours!!!!

Only 8 more hours and it's time! Got everything all together and ready to go. My mom is here and ready to take care of me for the next few days! Excited and just want this to be over!

about an hr away!

Starting to freak out a bit. Going to go shower and take my valium and then hit the road! Wish me luck! I'll post pics later if I can.


My daughter freaked when she walked in yesterday! The bandages just make me look so huge!

love them!!!

Had my apt this am and they took off the bandages so I took a quick picture!!! WOWSA! Hope they don't go down too much! I like this size. Pain is pretty tolerable now. They gave me some shot to help with inflammation. Dr. Said they look excellent. YAY! Go back in two weeks!!!

3rd post op day.

Slept horribly last night. Kept getting the shakes and couldn't get my muscles to stop twitching. Ouch! Had to really focus on calming my body down and relaxing it. I did get up and take a shower though! Boy did that feel good! I like I think most of you on here think I could have gone bigger. But we'll see what the next week or so does to them. Im feeling more confident that I should be ok by Monday to go back to work. Here is a picture from below


Did anyone else bruise this bad? I am 5 days post op.

1 full week post op!!!!

Bruising is almost gone. Mostly on the sides now. Which that's where it hurts the most! Still bloated from not going much. Done with pain pills as of last night so will stop and get laxative today. Dont want to be all bloated for my nephews graduation! Cant wait to wear a sundress with no bra this weekend! Here are my full week post op pics.

BAD night of sleep last night. 1st week back to work sucked!

No more percocet so I have just been taking 4 advil. Forgot to take b4 bed last night and oh man that was not smart. Finally took some but a little too late. Work was rough. Back hurt real bad sitting there all day for that long. Half days would have been better. Going to try and get some good sleep tonight then off to Pendleton, OR to see my nephew graduate. No rest for this girl. Boooo!

2 week post op = tape off!!!

Well THAT hurt! Ugggghh! Looks horrible I think! And they gave me "paper tape" to put on for only 2 days. Said it doesn't hurt taking it off....bull crap! Still hurts and I feel like I'll wear it more than 2 days because I can't imagine the incisions being bare against my clothing! Here's a couple pics. Its not pretty! I just want to heal already!

3 weeks post op today!

They still hurt pretty bad mid day. Like a stinging/burning sensation. Like they are sunburned and you want nothing touching them. I feel they have dropped too much but guess this us normal by looking at other pics. Glad I didn't go bigger because they do feel heavy and like they would sag even more over time. Here are a few pics.

1 month post op!!

Doing better every day. Still hurt pretty bad at night after long day of work. Dont want to do a whole lot at home once I get home but do any way. Thats just me. Trying to take it easy when I can. I think they look ok......I have to keep looking at pre op pictures for sure. Plus still have to wear the sports bra and hate that. Have an apt. Next wed. The 18th to see if he's going to release me for "dirty dash" (5k obstacle course in the mud) next weekend the 21st. Will probably die since I haven't worked out!!!! Here are a couple pics.

5 weeks and released for dirty dash!

Dr. Wanted to see me at 5 weeks so he could see if I was good to go on the run/obstacle course. Said everything looks great and healing wonderful and it should be no problem. The nurse did spot a suture so there is a small open wound but gave me some band aid thing to put on it for the race. Said I can wear any type bra I want now!!!! Yipee. So ready to start working out too. Have gained an ez 5lbs! Hope everyone is healing well and im so glad to have found this website. Peace out.
Dr. Ecklund

Avalon. Great place. Very sweet. Have preop may 6th!

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