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I'm 27 and have one child. I gained weight during...

I'm 27 and have one child. I gained weight during my pregnancies and then lost it all so you can say my boobs are like ballon with NO air!.. I seen a doctor and he said I can do a 400cc but I like the 450cc but I might stick to 400cc because I'm 51 and 117 some changes. I'm still debating on the cc I should get.

Well... May 31st is my Date set.. I'm still...

Well... May 31st is my Date set.. I'm still confused about what sizes I want.. Now I'm thinking maybe 375cc. Well see at my pre-op on may 15th.

3 more weeks to go and I'm constantly talking...

3 more weeks to go and I'm constantly talking about my new soon to be boobs everyday. Plus the weather is getting soo nice in Washington. I been warning my husband he's has to deal with me 24/7 lol. But very supporting. I just hope I can get this done and over with! Sorry haven't post any pics. Just got a new phone. Til then boobies fwends.

Well... Next week is when my pre-op. I still...

Well... Next week is when my pre-op. I still aiming for 400cc.. I just wanna get this done n over with. I got my letter of decline from the credit people but Thank God I already paid in full!! Thanks to my husband and mom! Oh and myself :) I'm slowing starting to gather ness. Items like crackers, ice pack etc. most of my co worker are excited for me I just hope they will survive without me for three weeks at work. But on another note may 31 needs to hurry up. Til then...

A week half away..

So I went to my pre-op yesterday and went over some guidelines and signed some papers nd tries on the sizer again.. So now I'm going for 425cc.. Hope I'm making a good choice that I won't be regretting. Until then..

Tomorrowis the DAY!!!

So tomorrow is the Day!!! I'm more excited to get it done and over with but got more excited because I'm off work for three weeks haha! Work was stressing me out! But on the other hand did sum light cleaning and laundry and picked up my meds and I'm pretty much set. Idk if I should go buy ice pack? Becus on my packet it said no hot or cold compressor. But we'll see right? Well see you on the full side!


Yay finally made it!!! I slept all day today and let me tell you it felt good sleeping all day, maybe it's the fact that I usually get up for work at 530am. But on another note I got to the center at 810am they brought me into the room where they listen to my heart and made me change into a crown then after that I followed the nurse to get the I.v. And let me tell you it hurts haha I hate needles she had to poke me twice just to find the right spot. Then after that I woke up in the recovery room. I thought I would be in pain but its more of a pressure. My sis drove me home and I slept on the couch with major pillows behind my back. So basically all day I slept and just woke up to take pain pill. Over all it was a piece of CAKE!! I expected more pain but I guess the pain is just pressure. I haven't really checked my boobs becus all I can think about was Sleep! I also cut down on my OxyContin they told me too take. I would probably end up taking Tylenol. Anyways I will post up pic when I can finally hold my Camera.

2nd day op

So it's 2nd say op and I'm still sleeping all day! I'm trying to stay up but I just can't. I been just taking one pain pill but every time I'm trying to walk or stand up there's a shooting pain!

3 days op


Ahhh the shooting pain in my breast is a killer!!! I try not to take pain meds but the shooting pain makes it hard not too! Btw I got 425cc on both breast. Still swollen but I'm loving them

Shooting pain!!!

My right side of my breast been having shooting pain and its a killer!!!! Anyone else has that problem ?

Going good!

Well today started out the same as couples days before... Shooting pains and heaviness etc you can name it I went thru it. I finally got the strength and started walking around in my backyard for hr just to keep my body moving.. Let me tell you my boobs was getting hard as I walk then when I sat down the shooting pain creep up again and so I had to take half of a pain pill n Tylenol that help a lil. By after noon I knew this was a mistake why would I put myself in this mess? All I want was to be normal. So I called my cousin in Cali and I told her its been hurting me she said don't worry you'll heal faster. I guess that was a lil comforting. Later that day me and my husband went to Kmart and food shopping .. Now let me tell u it's been sinces Friday sinces I been out of the house cus I was in soo much pain but overall it went well. No shooting pains or bad sensation on my boobs! Thank GOD!!!! Finally I'm feeling a lil better. I just hope n pray tomarrow be better!!

1week tomorrow

So it's gonna be one week tomorrow and things are getting better each day. I finally went out to dinner with my husband yesterday and it was sad but tough. I walk like an old grandma maybe slower haha.. Getting in and out the car still rough but not as bad. Sleeping and waking up is the tough part. Hard boobs and shooting pains! Eh but I'm ok during the day. I try to go for walks during the day to heal faster but I get so tired easily . I stop taking oxy and end up taking muscle relaxer n Tylenol . Well hopefully by end of next week I can have more engery.

First day driving one week post op appt.

So I drove to my appt for the first time and boy it wasn't easy! But I made it. Feels good to start driving and going out. Had my first post appt and dr said my breast were perfect fit for me. They took the stitches out and I told him about my shooting pain and he said he'll give me sum type of shot I said oh no I'm good ! Lol they were Gona inject me in my hip! No thank you! So I went home n took a muscle relaxer n took a nap. Happy healing

Wish I gone bigger!!!

I Wish I gone bigger!!!! Ahhh

3 weeks post-op

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