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So growing up I was always an A cup, a few years...

So growing up I was always an A cup, a few years ago I gained a lot of weight and got to a C cup. And now, after losing 69lbs, I'm hardly an A cup again. But they look worse now because they were stretched out a little.
I'm very into weight lifting and exercise and am dreading the post OP healing and scared in wont be able to lift like I use to.
I don't want to go any bigger than 350cc, maybe 300ish.
What is everyone's average healing time? To where they can be normally active? And does anyone weight lift as well with their implants? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

So I'm scheduled in a week for my breast...

So I'm scheduled in a week for my breast augmentation. I am so excited yet the only thing I am nervous about is the size. My issue is I do not want to go too big. I am planned in 400cc in the right and 425c in the left but am terrified that I will be a D cup. I am thinking maybe 375cc in the right and 400cc in the left now. I am barly an A cup now and I just want amazing looking breasts that aren't too big.
One more week!

Two more days till my surgery. I am getting so...

Two more days till my surgery. I am getting so excited and more than ready to just start healing.

Well, had my surgery yesterday. Lots of pressure...

Well, had my surgery yesterday. Lots of pressure and tightness. My but is sore from laying on my back

Well today was my full day of having my new...

Well today was my full day of having my new boobies! They are of course still swollen and very firm. I wonder when the firmness will start lessening. I went in for my post OP and they just took off my bandages that were over the incision and evaluated them. Everything looks to be healing fine just from the day after. I have another post OP in a week.
As for the pain, it's mostly just some random sharp pains (mostly in my left one), the obvious tightness and pressure. But all in all, even once I got home from the surgery I was able to go to the bathroom by myself, I wasn't so out of it or anything. And today I got myself dressed, very slowly. And walked around quite a bit. I probably should have been resting more but I actually felt real good, energy wise.
I'm just looking forward to being able to go shopping for new tops. I move too slow because of the discomfort right now other wise I would have tried today lol.
Oh yeah, as for size... I went 400cc in the right and 430cc in the left. Ill post a pic from right after surgery but ill post more when I can comfortably change.
Under the muscle and saline was used.

Well it's been 4 full days since my surgery. I...

Well it's been 4 full days since my surgery. I feel amazing. The day after surgery I was already walking around and the second day after surgery I walked over three miles with no problems. There was some discomfort, the typical pressure and some random sharp pains but other than that, I have a lot of energy. The 4th day I was able to straighten my own hair. Today I French besides the sides of my hair. I have a very good range of motion in my arms.
I think I am having a speedy recovery because of how much I exercised and how healthy I am. I've had a very pleasant experience. Not sure if I mentioned my sizes but here are the details:
Saline, high profile, under the muscle

I very pleased with the size. For me, it's not that I wanted "big", I just wanted something there. With how wide my frame is, I could have gone bigger with it looking "too" big but oh well... I'm very happy with everything. Other than eating like crap while I'm out of commission lol.

Well today is day 9 after surgery. I've been to...

Well today is day 9 after surgery. I've been to the gym twice since. Done walking on the elliptical, did the recumbent bike, some abs and today I did some light bicep curls. I was curling 25lbs and 30lbs PRE surgery. I knew I had to go light so I started just with 12lb dumbells. Seemed to be just fine an I am able to isolate my muscles so I didn't use my pectoral muscles. I am more than anxious to go hard at the gym but know I shouldn't and probably couldn't go as hard as I want. Tomorrow I'm going to have "leg day".

O yeah... I have a question... Did any of you gain weight post surgery? I'm not sure if I'm retaining fluids, am bloated or just straight gained weight after surgery but it sucks ass. Lol my stomach is all bloated.

All in all, it's been a great experience.

6 month update

Wow it's been way too long since my last update. I wish I would have updated more.

So I was back at the gym a week after surgery. Of course on light duty. Was doing the bike for cardio. I actually started doing the stair master as well.

I was curling only 8-10lb dumb bells at first. I gained a new appreciation for leg day. I went pretty normal on leg day.

I just started working out my chest again. Doing bench press and everything else. I still actually have all my strength I had prior to surgery. I am quite pleased with that. It just feels foreign sometimes. I think I was running maybe 8 weeks out.

My recovery was amazing.

I am only. 36C but I am very happy with my results and they look very natural.
Dr. K. Dehghan

One of my girlfriends had got hers done there 3 years ago and is still very pleased.

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