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I hope to find an experienced doctor to remove my...

I hope to find an experienced doctor to remove my implants under local. My left implant is now deflated. I feel so weird having a small breast and one large one! I can feel the deflated implant poking my skin. It's uncomfortable at times. I just need support! Has anyone had their's out under local? How bad is the pain? I am feeling nervous about it.

Breast implant removal

I hope to get these removed soon, although I am feeling a little depressed seeing how flat I will be. The implant deflated two months ago.

Implant removal

Had my first consultation today. I'm feeling discouraged. This doctor who will be nameless wants to charge at least 5,000.00 for removal and I asked him about possible complications from removal and he said Geary attack, stroke, death etc... He did not instill confidence in me at all and said he could do it under local but prefers sedation since there will be tugging and pulling and such. That will be an extra 600.00. Also he recommended replacement even though I told him that I didn't want that. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. It might be a lot harder than I thought finding a doctor to do this that is. I am so depressed! I would appreciate any comments or support!

explant no lift

I could use some encouraging words here. I am feeling depressed. I had one consultation and I'm not going with that dr. He was scary and he kept talking about replacement and all the things that could go wrong during an explant including death, heart attack or stroke. I'm sorry but I don't need a dr. telling me these things. It's making my anxiety worse now. I have my 2nd consult Sept 4th I hope it goes better. I wish I could find a great skilled and confident dr. to help me. Plus I really want to have this done under local if possible. I'm also worried about how explant will affect my relationship. My husband does not touch my deflated breast which I can understand. I wonder what things will be like between us after my implants are out. I'm scared he will not want me or be attracted to me any more. He is a boob guy and he was the one that wanted me to get them in the first place. He says he's more mature now but I am still worried. Can any of you ladies that have had their implants removed worried about their sex life afterwards? How are your spouses handling the implant removal? I am just wondering. I have been reading some other reviews on here about dr's telling women that their husbands won't be attracted to them any more if they have their implants out without replacement. I think that's a horrible thing to say and I wonder if it's a scare tactic so that you'll get them replaced which means more business for them. I wish our society wasn't so focused on trying to look perfect. It makes me sad. I mean I did have the surgery as well. I just wish this wasn't my reality right now. I am truly scared. I know that I still will have the implants removed but I am nervous about the surgery now and how I will look and how my husband will feel about me. I feel so much pressure right now. Honestly I think I would feel better if I could find a great doctor for now, that would help out. I just feel so ugly right now. I can't believe how much my implants or lack of implants have affected my self-esteem.

Breast implant removal in Tacoma no lift

I have been feeling super depressed. I am wishing I could be on the other side of this surgery like a lot of women on here. I am realizing it is hard to find a good doctor to do an explant without trying to upsell you on a smaller implant. One doctor said I could just leave the deflated implant in and not even do surgery. The thing is I can feel it under my skin and I don't want to feel that and also I have some pain under my arm when I lay on my back. Also I thought this was suppose to be a pretty straight forward surgery and I keep getting scary doctors who list risks such as death, heart attack, stroke. So what am I suppose to do live with this hard deflated thing under my skin? I can't imagine it being too good for your body!? I am also worried that my breasts won't bounce back. My implant deflated at the end of May and it's shrinking but it looks wrinkly. My husband doesn't really look at me naked any more. I think he's sort of freaked out by the one large breast and the flat one. I feel like a freak. Also the cheapest price I've been quoted is 3300.00. I'm still wanting to do the explant under local, maybe that's crazy. I have bad anxiety but the thought of going under general anesthesia gives me worse anxiety. I feel hopeless like things will not get better for me. Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom?

Explant in Tacoma no lift

Well I had my 2nd consult with a plastic surgeon in Tacoma. It went well except he was trying to talk me into having a replacement with silicone implants, the gummy bears. He says even if they rupture they stay put in the body and they won't need to come out. It's a lot of money which even if I wanted them I don't have the money. He was telling me that I should deflate the other implant for 500.00 and save my money for the gummy bears. Tempting, but I really don't think I want to have the surgery or more future surgeries or complications. Anyways I kept asking about explant. He has done many and he says he can do it in the office under local for 3100.00. Yay finally I found a doctor who will do it under local. He says I shouldn't feel any pain and should take less than an hour and no drains either. He says my capsules are soft and I don't need a lift and my nipples are in a good position, but he still thinks I will be unhappy if I have my implants out only and then he asked how does my husband feel about the explant? I told him he probably would like me to have implants but he is being supportive of me having them removed. Then he told me how visual men are and that they like the look of implants and that I had a good result with implants so why would I just want them removed. I told him I don't want to put myself and health at risk plus the expense etc.... Man he was really trying hard to get me to change my mind. I have to say I thought about it on my way home. I talked it over with my husband and he agrees with me that it's best to have them out and just be natural. I will choose this doctor. I did feel confident with him and he says it's a pretty simple procedure and he would take his time since I will be awake. His office gal says that it's pretty simple and that I may not need pain med after but I could get them if I want to also I could have a valium before the procedure. I am happy because I wanted to have them removed under local and I also was wondering if I needed a lift but I don't so that's good news. I will have it done in January I think since I have to borrow the money from my mom to do it. I am not even scared and I am looking forward to having them out and to put this behind me. I will miss having implants I guess. I know my decision is not a popular one and many people have already put their two cents in thinking I'm nuts for wanting them out and how I will be sorry etc.... But I really don't mind being small again. I just hope some of the wrinkling gets better. I don't want to be fake anymore and I want someone to love me for me and I think I'm at a point where I can love and appreciate my body more now than I did. I still hate how these surgeons make money off of our insecurities it doesn't sit well with me. I hate how they try and get you to upgrade too. Also I'm a 34E with implants and he was telling me that I would look even better going bigger! Are you nuts I'm already uncomfortable showing them off too much no way! I will probably be a 34b now which I was a 32aa before breast augmentation so at least I won't be quite as flat. I know that having my implants out will be for the best. I'm just surprised that I even gave reimplanting a second thought. Any thoughts?

Implant removal no lift

I am getting ready to book my surgery for around the 2nd week of January. I am getting super nervous now since it is 11 weeks away. I called several doctors offices in the area and interviewed 3 doctors. I only found one doctor in my area who will do the removal under local. Everyone else said general only or i.v. sedation. So I am choosing the doctor who said he will do it under local. Am I crazy for doing it under local? I have read many other women's reviews and they seemed happy to have the procedure under local so I am confused why most of the doctors around here are against it. Also I just wanted to share with you all I just read an article on FOX News online yesterday that talked about how many women are now wanting their implants out. It is becoming one of the fastest growing procedure in 2015. Many women like me don't want them any more for various reasons. I had already made up my mind before reading the article but it is refreshing to see women choosing their health etc... over having fake implants. I'm not judging anyone here especially since I had the surgery myself, but I am happy more women are not giving into peer pressure from our society anymore. it makes me proud of you all!

Explant in 2 more months! No lift

my surgery is coming up quick! I'm starting to freak out a little now. I am second guessing my decision as to whether or not I should have them taken out under local as planned or switch to twilight. The reason I am second guessing this is because I had a thrombosis hemorrhoid removed last week. It was under straight local and god did those lidacain shots hurt. The procedure was maybe ten minutes but painful at first. I don't know if it hurt more because it was in such a sensitive area that was already hurting. I guess I'm scared. I think what if I can't handle it or have a panic attack during or something else. I wonder what will the doctor do if that happens. Maybe I am worrying too much. My doctor said I don't need a lift or capsulectomy. Can any of you ladies please tell me how your experience was under local and what your pain threshold is? That would really help me. Maybe I'm overthinking things. I really could use some moral support. Please!

Explant in Tacoma no lift

Well ladies,

I have made a doctor change! Something just wasn't sitting right with my former decision. I saw my m.d. and he asked me if the surgeon I chose was good and I said I really didn't know I was just happy he was willing to do an explant under local. Bad reason to pick a doctor plus the surgeon was hell bent on trying to talk me into getting re-implanted the whole time and really didn't make me feel like he respected my decision. Anyways I chose to go back to the surgeon who my m.d. recommended and I am for the first time in 7 months feeling more confident with my decision. I am going with Dr. Kierney. He never once tried to talk me out of taking my implants out and respected my decision. He also said he would do it under local with i.v. sedation which in the end I think that's now what I would feel more comfortable with. I have been losing sleep over wether I should do local only or not. He says I will still be awake just groggy. He will also numb the breast area. I will have antibiotics in the i.v. He says he uses drains which bummed me out but I understand the reasoning behind it. He says it is rare to get a seroma but it does happen sometimes and it's bothersome and can even cause fever and flu-like symtoms. He says drains will help with the healing process and any fluid build up. They have to be in a week or so. he explained everything well and in the end he told me he felt confident and that made me feel confident too. Finally I feel relieved. I will get pain pills, vicodin I think if I need them. Surgery will be about an hour maybe less. I'm happy with my new decision and I am looking forward to moving forward with my life! I don't need a lift either so. This is the first doctor who did not scare me or try to tell me that I would look horrible without implants. He was very nice. My husband came with me and he liked him too. I am making my down payment next week. I am still scared about having surgery and of course the recovery. I have been using coconut oil daily and I will be getting post-surgery bras. I was wondering how bad are the drains? I wasn't thinking I was going to have them but maybe that will be better I guess. Also he is leaving the capsules. He says it's not mandatory to take them out if you don't need to. I guess all in all I am finally feeling at peace. I apologize for flip-flopping so much but I really feel much better about my decision.

Four weeks till explant!

My surgery is January 18th at 10:00 am. I am doing the surgery under i.v. sedation with lidocaine plus drains for 7-10 days. I am getting nervous now. This has been a grueling week or two for me. I went to my cardiologists office for a check up and they freaked out over my ekg and said that I had some abnormalities (which I always do) and I had to do a second ekg and they had to consult with an electrical cardiologist to see if I could even do this surgery. Nerve wracking! I thought they were going to send me to the hospital. The doctors office called me and said that the specialist looked at my ekg and said it was just my normal abnormal rhythym problem and that I should be ok to move forward with the surgery. I may need an electrical study and maybe a heart ablation at some point down the road. If that wasn't enough my dad went into a diabetic coma for three days and almost didn't make it. He is better now thankfully but I am now going to see him January 2nd for a week because you never know what the future holds for any of us. I'll be back home a week before surgery and I will just try and get my house, meals, medicines, and other supplies in order. I'm praying for a successful surgery and recovery. I really need 2016 to be a better year for me. I feel emotionally exhausted this year and I really just need to do this and move forward with my life. I just ordered more NOW coconut oil and have been using it daily to put on my breasts before and after surgery and I am ordering the carefix "alice" bra. It got a lot of good reviews and was around 40.00 on amazon. I also bought a reclining pillow for my bed so I can be more comfortable. I think I will buy plenty of paper and plastic-ware for meals since my husband doesn't clean much. I can't stand to see housework piling up and oh yeah bendy straws for my drinks. I plan to read a good book and watch some movies and just rest. I just want to thank all of the ladies who have encouraged me with their stories and kind words. I appreciated all of you so much even though I haven't met you personally. I have a special bond with you as we have been going through this together! Please pray for me! I would really appreciate that! If anyone has any other recommendations please feel free to tell them to me. I would really appreciate the support and help. i would never have been able to have the courage to go through with this if it wasn't for this site and all the stories here. I am going to take better care of myself this coming year and learn to love my body again. I have lost 20lbs already sine May. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Honeybee

10 more days and their out!!!!!!

I just want to thank all of the wonderful women who have piped in and given me lots of encouragement and support! There is no way I would have had the courage to move forward with this if it wasn't for all the brave women on this site! I have to say today it really hit me and I almost felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I am an anxious person by nature, but there is no looking back now. I need to do this! I have been losing sleep etc.. since my implant ruptured in May. I am terrified of surgery because of my near death experience 8 years ago. I also have an electrical problem with my heart so being able to do this surgery under local with sedation means a lot. So yes I am scared! I could really use positive comments, prayers, good thoughts or anything that any of you could give me at this time. It would mean so much to me! Thank you all again. I really am not too concerned with how I will look just the procedure itself and the recovery of course. If I happen to look half -way decent then I will consider that a bonus! I just want to be healthy and myself again! I could kick myself for ever doing this to myself in the first place! I am praying for a good outcome and for a healthier and happier start to the new year. I want this to be my year! Good news though I have lost 20lbs since May except it made my deflated boob even smaller:( But that's ok. Like I said my health and sanity mean more to me than anything not the size of my boobs! I hope you all have a great and happy new year in 2016! I hope nothing but the best for all you women who have already had their surgeries and I pray for a positive outcome for all of you who will have their surgery after me!

Pre-op done 5 more days!

I went to pre-op. It's getting really real now! They gave me five prescriptions. An antibiotic, muscle relaxer, Vicodin, and two anti nausea drugs. The doc says he will probably score the capsules. I am feeling anxiety really starting to kick in. I'm trying to distract myself with other things. I lost about 15lvs since my last photo. You can see how flat I am now since the left implant deflated in May. I don't need a lift and the doctor thinks my deflated breast doesn't look bad. It's such a atark contrast compared to the other side. This is how I've been walking around for 7 months or so. I am a small b on the left maybe even an a now and a 34e on the right. I'm really ok with being small again:) my doc was nice and he says he has had three other women come in recently who just want their implants out. Times are changing! Thanks again for your words of support. I'm having this done at 10:00am Monday with I.v. Sensations and drains

3 more days!

I talked with the anesthesiologist on the phone today and the plan is he will start the i.v. and give me versed to relax me and the profofol right before they do the lidocaine shots. He asked me if I wanted opiates like Morphine for pain to keep me comfortable and I said no not unless I'm complaining . I feel like the less meds the better. I hope I'm not making a mistake?! Did any of you ladies need pain meds during the surgery? They also moved my surgery up from 10:00am to 7:30am. I have been cleaning and cooking and getting everything done. It's getting real for sure now! I am looking forward to getting this done. If any of you ladies who have already had your surgery can give me any advice or suggestions that could help me I would appreciate it. I also went and picked up my 5 prescriptions today plus a stool softenener. Geez it seems like an awful lot of pills!

One more day!

I could hardly sleep last night. I was laying in bed and I could feel my heart racing sometimes. It's anxiety I'm sure. I am so scared. I hate needles even:( you all are probably wondering how I got implants in the first place! Lol!

They are out!!!!!!

I'm all done and at home. I'll tell you more later when im not so loopy. I have some discomfort do I took pain pills and sm going to bed, I'm happy to be free finally!!!!!

One Day Post Op Update

I just got home from my post op check up. Everything is going great. I don't have much output in my drains but the doctor wants me to keep them in until next week. I also have to keep the ace wrap on for two more days and then I can wear my post-op bra and shower finally. I also have on compression stockings on my legs to prevent blood clots. I have to wear these for 48 more hours. Here are the details of my surgery yesterday.

I got to the office at 7:30 am they had me change into a gown and compression hose. Then they started the antibiotics in the i.v. I walked into the surgery room and laid on the table which was heated btw. They strapped my arms down (but I didn't mind since the versed kicked in) Next thing I know I'm done with the surgery and they are getting me dressed to go home. The doctor said everything went well. I started having pain mostly on my left side so I started the vicodin as soon as I got home. I did need the pain pills all day and night. Today I am feeling a little better. Lots of burning around the incisions and just feeling tired. I am happy this is over. I had so much anxiety and honestly my anxiety was the worst part! I am happy I did twilight now. I don't think my nerves could have handled being totally awake. I am glad I did not go under general because the sedation wore off pretty quickly. I had no nausea either. I have not been able to look at my breasts yet. I will take the bandage off tomorrow or the next day. I can already tell that the left side is bigger than the right. I look completely flat with this wrap on. Like a boy. I do feel the bloating already and I am taking stool softeners to help with that. I am scared to see what I will look like underneath this wrap. I don't want my husband to see me yet. I am just going to take at easy today and sleep and watch some t.v. Thank you to all of you wonderful women who have shared their stories with us and for all of your encouraging words. I could not have proceeded without all of you! If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask I would be happy to help any way I can!

2 days post-op

I'm still feeling tired and am still having some pain and burning. I'm only taking half a Valium now. I'm trying to get up and move more now. I can take off the wrap tonight and have my first look and a much needed shower! This surgery is not as bad as getting implants put in but it's a little more painful than I thought! I'm glad I didn't do it without sedation. You girls that did, wow you are tough! Sedation was the way to go for me. I don't remember a thing past getting on the table. Dr. Kierney and his staff really were awesome! I'm glad I chose him. He's done a lot of explant a especially lately. I guess the popular trend now is to have them removed! I'm hoping to make 2016 my best and healthiest year! I'm so relieved this surgery is over:)

The reveal

I was hesitant to post this pic because I look so hideous and beyond flat! I'm trying not to cry! It's worse than I thought but on a positive note I finally got to take a shower and take off the wrap and compression hose. I hope this picture can help prepare another woman on what to expect. I'm definitely not showing my husband any time soon!

1 week update

I went to my PS for my one week appointment. I had my drains out and they wrapped me back up super tight in an ace bandage again to be worn for 24 hours. I can go back to work next week as long as I wear the tight ace wrap while working. My job is pretty physical. Everything is healing well I guess. I am super depressed today though. I am beyond flat. My right side looks flatter than the other side and caved in. The doctor said it may or may not change. I am having second thoughts about should I have put new implants in? I feel so ugly today. I have been wearing baggy sweats and sweat shirts because of the drains. I was not expecting to be this flat. I mean even flatter than I was 30lbs and 13 years ago flat!!!! My doctor also said that my deflated implant had folded inside my body into quarters. Like it folded in half and then half again. No wonder it was causing me so much discomfort. I am happy to not be in pain but I don't feel good about myself asthetically you could say. I can't stop crying. I guess I saw so many other women who's results after explant surgery looked so great and kept improving. I'm losing hope for myself. I am hoping I can find something to feel confident about. I'm not looking forward to bra or top shopping. I just can't believe how much life has changed for me since last year. I am truly sad!

Day 9 post-op photo

Yesterday was a depressing but starting to come out of it. I'm going to try and be more positive. I finally was able to take off that tight wrap today. Here is the current picture.

10 days post-op and frustrated!

I just have to put this out there. Now that you ladies have explanted have you gotten any negative comments from your husbands or boyfriends? Have you had any self esteem issues resurface? I am just wondering because my husband has been repeating to me the last few days that if I have small boobs now that I need to loose more weight. I went from 158lbs to 136lbs this year. I am 5' 6" and I am wearing a size 6 again finally, but he keeps saying that he likes little (skinny). I am feeling frustrated. He gave me a food journal and wants me to make monthly goals for myself to get down to the 120's. I wish he would give me a break right now wince I am still recovering from surgery and I can't even work out for 2-3 more weeks. GRRRRR!!!!!

11 days post-op pictures

I was cleared to finally take a bath. That felt great. I'm starting to use coconut oil now on my breasts and scars. I went to the gym for the first time today. I only ride the stationary bike at a slow pace for half an hour. I have to hurry up and loose that extra weight I've bern carrying! Just ask my husband! Seriously though I want to try and get my strength back and a normal routine again. I don't see much improvement in my breasts. The right side seems more saggy than the left. I'm hoping they fluff out and firm up!

Two weeks post-op pics

It's been two weeks today that I had my implants removed and I really am feeling better. My energy is still lower than I would like but I feel good and am sleeping well and on my side again! Yay! I go back to work tomorrow. I'm still wearing my sports bra day and night. I think my right breast is slightly better but my nipple sort of dents inward when I'm on my back:( I hope that gets better over time. I don't regret my decision at all even though it was a shock to see myself so differently but I'm adjusting to it and I'm glad this is behind me now!

I'm getting sharp pains here and there is this normal?

I'm feeling pretty good just still tired. I clean houses and I went back to work On Tuesday which wa s 15 days out. THat night I had some sharp little pains in my left breast. Is this normal? Have any of you ladies experienced this? I wear a tight ace bandage while working just to keep things from bouncing around I guess. I don't have any swelling or anything but I just don't know if that's normal to feel that way or not? I would appreciate any feedback! Thank you:)

Almost 1 month post-op

I went bra shopping for the first time today. I donated all of my d 34e bras and I only have two compression bras. I figured it was time to go shopping. I went to mordstrom to get fitted. I figured I would be an a or a b at most but to my shock I am a 34c! I doesn't seem possible because I look so much flatter than I was but I tried on several styles and I am a 34c hallelujah! Here's a picture of one of the ones I bought. It's a betsey Johnson forever perfect bra no padding. It was on sale for around $30.00. I an to start wearing normal bras next week if I get the ok from my surgeon. I see him on Wednesday. I'm healing well and I am back to work full time. I'm back at the gym doing lower body workouts but it feels good to get back to normal life?

4 1/2 months post-op

Well here is my latest update. My right breast is smaller than the other and now that the swelling has decreased I'm a small b maybe. I'm happy I had the surgery. Physically I feel better but it's still somewhat difficult to adjust to my new/old body. I feel like everyone has bigger boobs than me now. I'm trying to find a way to make myself feel better. It's all part of the process:)

4 1/2 month update

Puyallup Plastic Surgeon

I am now going with Dr. Kierney. I don't know how to change the provider on this page. I like Dr. Kierney. He was very informative and had a plan for my surgery. He made me feel confident and listened to my concerns and never once tried to up-sell me or talk me out of implant removal. I had met with three other surgeons and he was by far the most compassionate of all.

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