33 Y.o. Mother of 5... 5'7 128lbs Sientra Implants 440cc Smooth Round HP - Tacoma, WA

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I have been reading reviews on this site for...

I have been reading reviews on this site for awhile and gathered a ton of incredibly helpful information, so I thank those of you that are willing to share your journeys with us. So as I get closer to my BA I thought I would write my own review and share my experience....

I am a 33 year old, divorced mother of 5 kids (from ages 5 to 17). I wish I could blame my breast issues on having 5 kids, but the truth of it is that I have always been pretty small aside from when I breast fed all five of my children. I am 5'7 and 128lbs, my current bra size is a 34 A/B... I am NOT asymmetrical, my left breast is bigger than my right (I know this is common for most women to some extent), but that's why I say size A/B bra; my left boob fits a B while my right fits an A! If only they made bras like this LOL!

I have been wanting to do this for years but there are several things that kept me from following through.... First, when I was a younger adult I was too afraid of what people would think (not as empowered as I am now), especially family. I do have several family members that have BA's but when they did it, it seemed like everyone in the family talked about it like it was a bad choice... I also feared the safety of the implants themselves considering the mixed info that was out there even just 10-15 years ago! I am so excited about the "gummy bears" and I have done my research, although there is always risks involved I feel confident in the Sientra brand and my PS and I hope they give me the outcome I want.... The last issue/fear I have pertains to my past. I am a recovering addict who's drug of choice was pain medication! When I got clean almost 6 years ago, my greatest fear was pain or health issues that would require me to use narcotic pain meds, I like them too much and did not want to put myself at risk for relapse. The reason I am sharing this is because it is really hard to find people that discuss this issue and I want to share my progress in the hopes I can be a support to others that may be in the same situation. As I said I'm coming up on 6 years clean and sober and I have a strong support system. I have also discussed this with my surgeon and my primary doctor.

I have been single for about five years and recently met an amazing man who I have been dating for about 3 to 4 months. I have not told him about my decision and I'm actually on the fence about whether I should or not. On one hand, I don't want him to attempt to change my mind because that will only frustrate me (since this is what I am going to do, it has nothing to do with him this is for me)! But on the other hand, I don't want him to think I don't trust him enough to confide in him. Any suggestions?

I go to my pre-op appointment on Monday 9/21/15 and at that appointment I will chose size, shape, and textured or smooth. My PS has already recommended I get Sentra's smooth round implants, and sorry but I don't remember the cc's, I do know it was high 400's to low 500's, submuscular with the inframammary incision. I would like to be a full C-cup to a small D (don't want to have huge bras that are hard to find). I'm not sure if I should do two different sizes to try to correct the asymmetry issue or just leave it alone. The surgeon said that there's a possibility that the right may become bigger than the left (opposite of what I have now). I kinda am thinking I'm used to what I have now so if the opposite side is suddenly smaller it might be weird. The other option I have is to have him remove some of the breast tissue from the left breast to match the right prior to putting implants in. Has anyone ever done this?

If there is any advice out there, please share! I will continue to update my progress and experience, and YES pictures! This is going to be life-changing for me and I am so excited, nervous, and a bit scared! Thanks for reading :-)

Waiting for Pre Op!

My pre op appointment is on Monday & time is moving so slow! Can't wait to try on/pick out size(s) and get all the information I need to prepare for surgery on Sept. 28. I'm definitely experiencing nerves related to the surgery and outcome trying to keep busy but this site can be so distracting! On Monday I will find out if my doctor uses long acting Esparel to help with recovery & pain management, I think for me it's worth the extra cost if it works!

Here's some possible wish pics

Won't it be nice to actually fill a bra!

Pre Op is tomorrow!

So I have my appointment tomorrow! I can hardly wait! Then the following Monday I'll be in surgery. Can't believe I'm actually gonna do this! So crazy after a lifetime of thinking about it! Hopefully I'm happy with the results can't help but wonder if I'm making a big mistake! Anyone else have these thoughts/feeling?

Just Finished Pre Op

Just got out of my pre op, I was smart enough to write a list of questions to bring with. My PS took all the time needed to explain and answer questions I had. We decided on Sientra, smooth, round 440 HP cohesive gel (gummy bear) placed submuscular with inframammary incision. Really getting feelings of nervousness the closer I get! Wish it was just over already. I was thrilled to find out Dr. Potyondy uses the Keller Funnel, which means not only are the implants more sterile, but also requires a smaller incision (4cm estimate)! This time next week I have boobies!

The Countdown Is On!

Can't believe I have only 4 full days left until my surgery! Today I picked up all my meds & I'm super nervous because I noticed I wasn't prescribed any muscle relaxers.... I'm getting submuscular placement and from the sounds of it there are a lot of muscle spasms & tension associated with this placement. Have any of you ladies that have implants under the muscle gotten by with just the pain meds (percoset was prescribed).... guess my biggest fear is that I will need to call in a prescription and have no way to pick it up from the store being bedridden & all.... aside from that I've been getting my house together & making sure to get things taken care of before I go in.

Rice Sizers!

So I decided today to try out rice sizers to get a feel for my future :-) posting pictures with & without my rice sizers.... BTW, I'm wearing them around the house today since I'm home alone! Feel kinda silly though, lmao

Items purchased for Post Op

So I thought I'd share about a few items I've picked up... 2 post op bras (hard to chose when I'm not sure what size I'll be post op). 2 front button jammies, animal print from Vicoria's Secret & oversized flannel night shirt from Macy's. Two large ice packs & one giant ice pack from Walgreens.
I ordered both bras on Amazon I will post pictures & price after this post. The tan colored bra is nice cuz it has adjustable front closure & adjustable shoulders. It's also got a long line so it will stay off incision sites & back support. The white bra is a microfiber and it's super soft with adjustable front closure. I also picked up the tab bra with a zipper front from Macy's but it's going back! I don't recommend it because the zipper is not only hard to zip, but it comes undone with weight... I tried it on with sizers and the zipper kept opening!

Here's the bra purchase info

Hope this helps those of you looking for post op bras... I will give more information after Monday's surgery!

Packing up my old bras!!!

Won't be needing these anymore! One of my relatives is about to score though! Notice how every bra I own is padded? Lol...

On my way to the surgery center

Hi ladies:-) I'm on my way to get my new boobies! I will definitely post as soon as I'm able & ready! Feeling very relaxed as I took a vallum not long ago. Trying to wait to go pee when I get there cuz I know I'll be getting a pregnancy test (even though I'm on my period & my tubes are tied). I'll keep you guys posted!

It's over..., Ouch!

Well it's official and I'm now at home in bed hurting! Pain meds aren't working the best :-(
I'll be updating more. I'm wrapped up now but can take wrap off tomorrow night

Day 2 Post Op

So now that I'm not so out of it I will tell you about my surgery day yesterday. I was supposed to start surgery at 12:45 but didn't get back on the table until 3, thank goodness for the Xanax I took because I rested all the way up until surgery. There was some trouble getting an IV started but 3x's a charm! Surgery was about an hour, recovery 45 minutes. Thankfully I don't remember much of the long ride home! Got in bed, I wake up every 3-4 hours usually right before I'm due to take pain meds. My right breast is really sore today but I'm excited to see results over time. I'm hanging in there :-)
No nausea, had a BM today, eaten lots & drank tons of water. Just have to wait this thing out. I'm actually feeling quite a bit of pain. Throbbing and some burning but I know it's only temporary.
Having trouble uploading pictures but I'll try again later

Post op Day 3

Well last night was rough after spending the whole day in my bed I ended up moving out into the living room & sleeping in my reclining love seat sitting up. I slept alright although I didn't sleep through the night. I do feel a bit better today and still just plan on taking it easy.

Ok so I guess today is really day 3 lol

I'm doing alright today. Still pain but it's expected, this is a pretty invasive surgery. I've been out of bed more today doing small things around the house, getting a bit stir crazy! I got the green light to shower today so I thought I'd try it out. I managed but it would be a lot easier with help.... I have very long hair that was hard to shampoo/condition and brush but I'm a trooper! I do feel way better after showering but it definitely drained me! Going to see my PS in a bit this afternoon hoping all is good.... Still having trouble uploading pictures on this new iPhone but I'll keep trying! Starting to see the light at the end of this long tunnel!

Day 4 Post Op

So with each day it gets a bit easier. Still a lot of tightness but I finally was able to go without a post op bra overnight! I'm feeling a very small amount of softening in the muscle which gives me hope because everything has been so tight. For those of you who haven't had your BA yet but have nursed kids it feels like being really super engourged without any let down. Today I'm definitely getting stir crazy! It's really hard for me to not be active. I managed to get up and do some light cleaning it was empowering to be able to do something on my own! I still have a lot of pain around the incisions as nerves begin to wake up & the muscle that is now sitting on top of the implants but nothing like the first few days! I will say that nights & morning is still the worst for me but I'm managing :-)
Hopefully everyone else is also doing well!

Day 6

Day 7.... Week 1 Is Over :-)

Okay so day 7 I'm feeling AMAZING!

I ?? My new boobies!

Today I'm feeling more softening and not so tight. I did wake up with morning boob (nothing ice packs can't help) but I managed to sleep through the whole night! First time since surgery! Felt so good... Just an FYI, I'm a back sleeper normally (I know weird) so it doesn't bother me one bit!
I've managed to try some clothes on and I'm so excited & love the size, I know they're gonna be perfect once swelling goes down & healing happens. So before my BA my PS told me that it takes time for most women to take ownership of their implants, but I've taken ownership already & I feel like they're a part of me already! Anyway just thought I'd share my joy with you guys, happy Monday!

Day 8 Pictures

Day 10!

So I'm feeling so good on day 10, very happy with my decision to get a breast augmentation! Today I went for my post op appointment and got that pesky surgical tape removed along with the stitches :-) My incisions are not big at all! I was worrying about where the incisions were placed because I feel like they're high up but my PS & his nurse assured me that as the implants drop the incisions will be in the crease. It's hard for me to picture it cuz I've never really had a crease because of my small breast size. My PS also recommended I start massaging my right breast so it begins to drop like the left has. My right side is the smaller one so he explained that the pocket was smaller which explains why the right hurt more right after surgery & still feels tighter than the left. Anyway I'm very optimistic about my final results even though there's a bit of asymmetry it doesn't bother me since I've had this issue my whole life... At least I can fill a bra now. I'm also very happy with the size! So glad I listened to my PS and trusted his experience, plus they're not so big that they feel awkward and they can be hidden in loose clothes if I want... Anyway, hope everyone else is as happy with their outcome as I am!

Day 13 Update

So I'm feeling really great on day 13! There's small changes happening everyday and I'm still THRILLED with my results! I feel very confident and happy even though I still have some swelling & the girls haven't dropped or fluffed yet. What I can see is progress and I'm excited that things are starting to soften and I'm starting to get the slightest bit of jiggle & I can squish them together some! I also am now able to shave my underarms again which is a huge deal to me because I hate hair! I've been thinking about laser hair removal but I've been chicken about it, maybe now I'll actually do it! Anyway just wanted to post a quick update, hopefully everyone else is enjoying the recovery process and their new boobs!

Day 14

Finally tried in my swimsuit top! I got it last summer before vacation but obviously could not fill it out! Feeling great today, 1st day waking up without morning boob, but it was also the 1st night I slept without a bra! I've been sleeping great because I'm normally a back sleeper (I know it's rare).... Anyway just wanted to share my exciting swim top photos, have an awesome day!

Day 16 Update

So today has been alright still have a lot of sensitivity especially in my right side... My nipples are so sore I feel like I've been nursing! Lmao... Anyway, I've added some pictures, not really sure whether they're dropping at all or not. If anything my left (side with tattoo) is rounding out more. This is also the side my PS recommended I don't massage, he thinks the left is coming along better than the right. Bruising is fading more each day! I know when I took pictures I noticed what looks like possibly mondors cord under both incisions, not sure about this though just have to wait it out. I know I'm probably jumping the gun here but I've kinda been worried about my right breast not only is the incision higher up on the breast (or implant lower i don't know but I hope it doesn't bottom out) but the pain is freakin me out and I'm so paranoid about capsular contracture... All I can do is let healing take its course and whatever happens I will deal with.

On a very positive note I love the way I look and fill out my clothes! I'm getting softening which I'm thrilled with and even the muscles on top are softening, so yay for that! Thanks for following/reading...

Day 25 (week 3)

Hi guys! Guess it's time to post an update... So everything is going fairly well for me in week 3. I'm still really happy with the size & have no regrets up until this point! I do still have some nipple sensitivity, but I'm still doing nipple massages and it's helping some. I think they might be dropping a little because the Mondor's cord I've developed (now in both sides) that used to not bother me with pain is beginning to hurt, my philosophy is that as they drop more pressure is put on the Mondor's. I'm using Ibprophen & a heat pad to deal with discomfort, although I wish it worked better... My energy level is back to normal and I'm not sleeping all day! But still limiting activities. My PS doesn't prescribe massaging so I haven't been doing that, although I wish I could! Lol... The recent Sientra issues surrounding Silimed (their manufacturer) has brought on a bit of concern. For those of you who don't know, 12 days after my BA using Sientra implants the company haulted all production due to new findings of contaminates in the factory and on implants. Sientra is recommending plastic surgeons refrain from using the implants until further notice but claim no known health risks at this point. So that's a bit nerve racking for us Sientra girls!

Aside from this, the girls are softening, although at different times of the day they feel softer or more firm than other times. I really wish my right would begin to take the same shape as the left but I'm sure it will with time. Patience, patience, patience! I'm currently using Maderma for stretch marks which is a good thick cream and not only does it help with itching, but I'm trying to avoid new stretch marks & maybe it'll fade the old ones (although I'm not counting on that). I'm also taking a daily multivitamin & 2,000 IU's of Vitamin E everyday..... Anyhow, thanks for reading my update & I hope you are all healing excellent and happy with your outcomes! Take care!

Week 5 (day 35)

So it's been a few weeks since I last checked in and things are going great! I'm feeling good very minimal pain only occasionally, and finally done with sensitivity in my nipples! Thank goodness for that! I know there's been so much softening & dropping and they're finally starting to look like breasts! Whoo hoo! I couldn't be happier with my outcome at this point! Although I'm still asymmetrical and my girls aren't perfect I'm happy! Going into this I feel I had realistic expectations which I believe to be important. I did recently have some worries over my incisions, I still have some scabbing on the tips of the incisions & the scabs had rubbed off but I immediately started putting neosporin on them and they cleared up pretty well. Aside from the scabs though the scars are looking great! My right breast has such a fine line that I'm confident with time it'll be unnoticeable! Mondor's cord is cleared up and isn't painful one bit... I got sized at VS & I'm currently a 34 D. I went to target the other day though to buy some wireless bras & I couldn't find a 34 D for the life of me so I got some 36 C bras (in the images). I like the size, I asked Dr. Potyondy for a full C to small D and that's where I am exactly! Lots of great things happening. Thanks for checking up and reading this update. Take care!

Few pictures from week 4

Week 6! Can't believe the time has passed so quickly!

So it's week 6 and I'm noticing a lot more softening & I'm actually able to move them! I ordered some bras a few weeks ago (without knowing whether they'd fit or not) from Fredricks of Hollywood. I'm not wearing underwire quite yet though because I still have a tad bit of scabbing left. I ended up with a staph infection in my nose which was terrifying because if staph moves into the breast pocket then the implants need to be removed! I think I was able to catch it early enough thankfully! Anyway, I'm loving my new editions and I feel more like they're a part of me. It's definitely made me feel more womanly and attractive! Glad I made the decision to go through with this :-) I hope that all of you are healing well and feeling great! Thanks for reading!

Real Self App

So I decided to download the new Real Self app, OMG! I LOVE IT! Forget about Facebook, lol. And I also am stoked about the discrete privacy setting! Just had to share, I definitely recommend it!

Week 7!!!

So I'm thrilled to be in week 7, I've had some changes and I'm feeling so good! I LOVE my new additions! I feel like they've definitely dropped into place and I love the fullness in the lower pole. To be quite honest, they look a lot like my breasts did when I was nursing and I really liked that size. I know 440cc's may seem huge, but they fit well for my height and frame. So I know I've talked about the guy I'm dating, and this may seem crazy to some people but we haven't seen each other since before I had the surgery. Well I saw him over the weekend and showed him my new girls (first person to see them aside from pictures on this website), he told me they look really good... I agree. I'm not having any pain whatsoever, my strength is returning, and I couldn't be happier! Last week I talked about the staph infection I had, needless to say, it cleared up with antibiotics and now my incisions are pretty much cleared up too. All good things this week! Hopefully you ladies are also feeling great and taking care of yourselves :-)

Week 8

Hi Real Selfer's! So I'm almost to week 9 but I thought I'd post my week 8 update anyway. The holidays went well but were a busy time. Hopefully everyone else had a great thanksgiving... Not much change from week 7 to week 8, although lately I've been kinda sore & tight when I first wake up. I'm a back sleeper normally so it's not been challenging with the new implants thankfully... I've started to wear underwire every now and again & I went and bought my first Victoria's Secret bras on Black Friday, I measure a 34 D but I like the coverage of the 34 DD on some of their styles. Sometimes my incisions hurt though not sure if this is normal once all the scabbing has cleared up though so any responses about this would be much appreciated! The staph infection never returned & I'm so happy about that cuz that was terrifying! We know the risks when we opt to have a procedure like this but our hopes are that we won't have problems. My advice to anyone that has this surgery is to really watch for healing that is prolonged and definitely check in with or send your PS a picture if you think there may be an issue with your incisions healing, because trust me if you wait & infection spreads you may have to be explanted which would be heartbreaking to me! Anyway, I wish you all the best and hope you all have a blessed week :-)

Week 16! 4 Months!

I can't believe how long it's been since I last updated! Anyway thought I'd take a minute just to update quickly. Everything is still going amazing & I still love my new breasts! Since I last posted the scabs I had on my incisions have healed completely! I thought it was an issue from the staph but come to find out I spit two stitches, one on each breast! It was the creepiest thing ever! The first one I felt something poking in the crease & I rubbed it and an internal stitch popped out. The second one was poking out but I actually ended up pulling it out with tweezers! Yikes! I feel like they've dropped into place well. My left is still a tiny bit bigger than my right but I'm good with that. Everyone I know that knows about my surgery agrees that the size is perfect, not too big but just big enough. My confidence has definitely grown. Hopefully all you gals are doing well & healing beautifully! Take care...

4 months

Here's a few more pictures
Tacoma Plastic Surgeon

So far I have liked my experience! Dr. Potyondy came highly recommended from a relative that got her BA done by him. They were very welcoming and I liked the Asthetica clinic. I felt I got the attention needed and we discussed options, he was very down to earth, easy to talk to and knowledgable. I was able to get a surgery date less than a month away (could have been sooner but I needed more time to plan). I will definitely be updating this review after the pre-op and surgery. Also, his wife Jamie was so helpful and was patient with me while I worked out dates. I would recommend Dr. Potyondy based on my experience so far! UPDATE: So I got my surgery done and am very happy with Dr. Louis Potyondy's work! I would recommend him to anyone in the Tacoma/Seattle area!

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