5'1" 100lbs 400cc mod+ silicone unders

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Yay! So excited for my Pre Op tomorrow! I will...

yay! So excited for my Pre Op tomorrow! I will officially be picking my size!!! Having a bit of trouble convincing my husband that bigger is better ;) lol. He wants me to go with more natural look but I'm sorry... if I'm paying almost 6k on these girls i want them to look like it! Go big or go home right! I've been playing around at home with some rice sizers i made and im thinking maybe 350-400ccs?! We will see tomorrow when i can try the real sizers on. I attached a few before pics and a few with my homemade sizers!

stressed out about SIZE!!!?!?!? Torn between 375cc & 400cc...

So i had my Pre Op yesterday and it went great. But I got a little carried away and choose 425cc. When i got home and showed my hubby the pics he said it was a bit much so i called in and switched to 400cc. Now today ive been a total nut case going back and forth between wanting to stay with the 400cc and wanting to call in and switch to 375cc... i did call and talk to my BA coordinator about it and she told me the difference is only 2 Tbsp and suggested i stay with the 400cc because the implant will be a bit smaller after its in than it looks in the sizing bra. So i stayed with the 400cc but im still not 100% sure... ugh... i had no idea choosing my size would be so stressful :( any advice would be great. I only have until Monday to decide, my BA is Wednesday!!!! YIKES!

about 5 hours post op!

Holy smokes!!! The pain has been quite a bit more intense than i had expected! And on top of that im dealing with pretty crappy nausea if i get up for any reason. As long as im laying down i seem to be ok though. I have taken 2 percocet since surgery and i am still in pain (especially if i move my arms and getting in and out of bed) but its bearable. Post Op is tomorrow morning at 10am abd i am NOT looking forward to the drive lol. Size wise they are SUPER HIGH (Duh ;) but i am SOOO glad i went with the 400cc!!! I think they will give me the results i was looking for after they drop anf fluff a little! All in all so glad to have it over with, my nerves about size and surgery were pure torture!!! I went from 103lbs to 95lbs IN A WEEK from not being able to eat due to my anxiety!!! Geesh! Cant wait for the nusea to go so i can STUFF MY FACE!!!!! Hahahh!

1 day Post Op

Feeling MUCH better today! Just took my first dose of ibuprofen instead of percocet (hope its strong enough!!). Had my first Post Op this morning at 10am and PS took off surgical bra and changed out the dressings over my incisions. It felt SO good to get that bra off!!! It was so tight! And i got my first look at the "girls" :) SOOOO glad i went with the 400cc!!! I think they are going to be exactly what i wanted after they drop and fluff! Right now they are super high and hard but thats just part of the process. Looking forward to watching them progress. All in all i am VERY happy with my experience so far!

Day 2 Post Op

Back on Percocets :) by bedtime last night i was so stiff and sore there was no way i was going to be able to sleep so i decided to go back to the percocet for another day. And i slept pretty darn good last night! Still on percocet this morning so feeling pretty good, not too much pain, just a bit sore. I can move my arms way better today than i could yesterday. The space in between my boobs on my sternum feels like it's bruised and if i poke it, it feels like there tiny bubbles under the skin? Hope that's normal lol. So this is random but kinda funny, my son got a kitten for his birthday and he named it John Cena after his favorite WWE wrestler. Well my boobspiration was Nikki Bella (the girl in my profile picture), john cenas girlfriend. Our kitten John Cena has been harrassing me since i came home from surgery, he just wants to lay on my boobs lol! Its so funny :) my hubby even said looks like our John Cena is a boob guy too! Hahahhh! He hasn't left me alone, silly kitten! Anyways... i guess ill try and get a nap in. Ate a quick breakfast and its time for a painkiller! Peace, love and BOOBIES!!!! ;)

day 2 post op: Bedtime

Well I've been back on ibuprofen since 6pm and I'm doing pretty good. I was sick of feeling so loopy from the percocet! And I Was able to take a shower and throw some makeup on today so that felt good. Had a bit of a melt down earlier about size, was feeling like i wish i had gone a bit bigger but im over it now. I decided i would rather be a bit smaller than feel like i went too big :) they still have to drop and fluff before i can judge them anyway! Darn boob greed, didn't think that was going to be a problem for me, lol. Anyways... Its bedtime for me! Goodnight!

day 3 post op update

Well, so far so good! Been on nothing but ibuprofen for over 24 hours now :) able to move a lot better today. Got the house tidied up and had my sister in law and niece over for dinner! Pain at its worst today was about 4/10, and only when out was time for more Ibuprofen. Really sick of the tight feeling though: ( it's driving me nuts! Can't wait to feel normal!!! Also felt like there is a bubble on the side of my right boob near my armpit and its kinda freakin me out... wah! Hope it's normal!? Think I'll call my PS office tomorrow just to be safe. Haven't had too much trouble sleeping so hope tonight goes well again! Attached a few pics just for fun! Boobs are still super high and hard! Frankenboobs!!! Lol

6 days post op

I CAN LAY ON MY SIDE AGAIN!!!! (Gently of course) oh my gosh it feels sooo good not to be stuck on my back! Im seeing progress and its very encouraging. Yestrday was a LONG rough day so by the evening i was feeling pretty emotionl and frusterated but i got a great night sleep and woke up feeling thr best i have since surgery day! My right side has been quite a bit more painful and uncomfortable than my left. Its my numb side si i think it has to do with nerve regeneration. I also have a small spot on my right boob near my ribcage and rmpit that feels like a small buldge (not visible) with a bubble in it? If i press it i can feel the bubble and liquid go in? Its kinda been stressing me out so.i will be calling my PS today just to run it by him. Praying its nothing and will take care of itself! Also, have had some off and on tingling numbness in the inside upper bicep area of my right arm. It comes and goes? It kinda feels like it has to do with the stretching of my right upper pectoral muscle. Will be asking PS about that as well. Other than those small issues i feel like i am healing really well! About 80% of the tightness feeling is gone long with the pain. And i am able to get up and down from laying easily now as well as use my arms again :) still taking it as easy as possible just to be safe! Hope you all are doing well!

1 weep post op appt. today!

Had my one week post op appointment today and all is well! The bubble i was worried about is normal and is going away on its own. PS said to keep using antibiotic ointment for a few more days but no need to keep them converted. Will go back in six weeks. Feeling great already. Boobs are dropping and softening much faster than i had expected and i couldn't be happier :) i am definitely suffering from MAJOR BOOB GREED but I'm hoping after they are done dropping and fluffing they will be a bit fuller looking. PS has assured me they will so I'm trying to be patient! It's so weird, I've felt pretty before and I've felt cute before, but this is the first time i have truely felt SEXY!!!! I freakin' LOVE my new girls

I had NO IDEA what true confidence felt like until NOW!!! SO HAPPY!!!

Pretty much feeling back to normal except the numbness on my right side. But even the weird nerve pains and twitches in my right side are improving! I feel like they are making good progress but i still dont think they look like 400ccs :( i follow a girl on instagram with almost the exact same pre op stats (height, weight, cup size etc.) And she had 325cc mod+ silicone implants and hers look way bigger than mine!?! Shes months ahead of me in recovery so hoping its just a matter of dropping and fluffing. Darn boob greed! But overall i am very happy! Got my first (super light) workout in yesterday at 2 weeks post op exactly! Cant wait till PS clears me 100% so i can get serious :) It will be just in time for "off season" training! I plan on competeing in my very first fitness comp next spring/summer in the BIKINI DIVISION now that i have boobs!!! (Ive been planning to compete next year simce before i decided to get boobs and i was going to have to compete in the figure division, NOT ANY MORE WHOOP WHOOP!!!!) And can i just say the diff in self confidence is RIDICULOUS! Sooo happy i made this decision! Before, anytime a Victoria Secret commercial would come on, or they would do a close up of the NFL cheerleaders while watching t.v. with my hubby, i would feel so uncomfortable and even get MAD at him (crazy i know lol). He would always pretend to nerd a drink, or go to the bathroom all of a sudden (because he knew it was uncomfortable and embarassing for me) and even though i knew he did it out of respect for me it somehow always made me feel worse... lol. WELL THOSE DAYS ARE GONE THANK GOD!!! Every now and then a commercial will come on with a barely dressed hot chick and forva second i start to get those feelings and THEN I REMEMBER, I HAVE MY OWN BOOBS NOW!!!! HHahaha! Oh man, crazy whatca difference a few cc's can make for a girls confidence :-D if your on the fence about going through with your BA... JUST DO IT!!!!

MAJOR boobie blues...

4 weeks post op tomorrow... i justcwant to get them redone... soooo unhappy with size. I really did want the "she's definitely had work done" look :'( so so sooo dissappointed... i don't know what to do!?!? Deal with it or have them redone!?!? Ugh.... i wanna cry...

5 weeks post op review!

Sooooo happy to report i am PAST THE BOOBIE BLUES!!! I am back to working out (except chest) and the more fit i feel the more i think they are perfect for my body!!! I am also able to sleep on my stomach all the way again!! Yaaay! Totally enjoying the drop and fluff process now :) my right side is a bit behind but it's not too noticeable and that bubble i had on my right side near the armpit is almost all the way gone! And they are starting to feel like they are a part of me
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