20 Years Old, 5'3, 115lbS, 375cc and 400cc Silicone - Tacoma, WA

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So writing a review usually isn't something that I...

So writing a review usually isn't something that I would do, but since I have found this site so helpful I thought I should share my experience as well! I'm all set for my surgery tomorrow. I plan on getting 375 and 400cc hp silicone. Still unsure of which incision site I want to use, stuck between the the transaxillary and inframammary. Im 20 years old, no kids 5'3 115lbs 32a

Before photos

Here are some before photos
Wish me luck, going into surgery today!

Out of surgery..

I'm in so much pain! The car ride home was horrible. I threw up about 5 times and it was just water that I Reid to drink right after surgery. I was in pain the whole way home (it's about an hour away) and had to wait to fill my prescriptions. Then they told me it would another hour until they were even ready!! The only thing that's helping right now are ice packs...

Post op day 1

Feeling a little better this morning, have not thrown up since last night so that's a plus. At my post op with my doctor today I'm going to ask him to switch my pain meds. Still getting nauseas with the anti nausea pill! I'm keeping ice on them and I think it makes it feel a lot better! My little nurses are the best (my aunt who has had a ba before, and my cousin who took care of her) and they're taking great care of me.
The only other complaint I have is that my back is killing me!
Will try and post some pics soon!

Post op day 1 pics

First time I have taken the bra off and actually looked at them!

Post op day 2

I feel sooo much better today! No more nausea, I'm only taking Tylenol and ibuprofen during the day. I have some soreness but no pain really! I do get some weird sensations sometimes but I guess that's normal. I went to Walmart today and bought some sports bras that clip in the front cause the ones I got before hand ended up being too small. So far I'm happy with how things are looking!

Post op day 3

I feel pretty good today. I still have some numbness on my right boob and its dropping a little faster than the left. I feel kind of like I'm hunching over due to some back pain so I'm trying to remind myself to sit and stand straight. I still feel very tight and they're still pretty high up. I know that it will take time so I am pretty happy with how they look so far!!

Post op day 4

Although I'm not in pain I'm still kind of annoyed today. I don't like the feeling of not being able to do much. I feel like the recovery is going to take forever and I'm just so over it already :( tomorrow is supposed to be my first day back at work (I'm a receptionist so I really don't do much physical activity) but I tried to drive today and I just feel so strange and uncomfortable and I think that's another reason why I'm so just ughhhh!! I just want to drive and be normal already. Anyway, I usually only work Monday - Wednesday but still I'm not sure if I'm ready to drive myself.
I went to a wedding last night and I just felt really awkward and felt like I couldn't move my arms or reach for like my glass on the table I don't know it's strange and I'm just not used to be couped up!!

Post op day 8

I had my one week follow up today and Dr said everything looks good. My back pain is not nearly as bad anymore which I'm thankful for. He said I can try to sleep on my side if I wanted but it's kind of uncomfortable. He also said I can't start exercising again which I thought was weird because everybody else says to wait a while! So I will probably start with light cardio. It's still pretty difficult to lift my arms over my head especially with my right arm. He also said I don't need to do massages but I could if I wanted to. I think I'll look some up and maybe start doing some.
The one thing that bothers me the most is just the fact that I can't move my right arm as much without it hurting. Hmm hope that goes away soon!

Post op day 11

Took a few pictures from today.
Still very high! Can't wait for them to settle down.
So far I am very happy with them.

3 weeks post op

I am definitely doing much better. I can actually move my arms around and do normal stuff without having to think about my boobs. I only have trouble reaching realllllyy far. Righty is definitely dropping faster than lefty. I hope lefty will catch up soon but I'm happy with how they are as of right now. I'm loving them more and more each day. I went to Victoria's Secret because they're having their sale right now and I got measured just for fun. They said right now I'm at a 32dd! I know that can change as time passes though so we will see. Tried on a couple 32dd bras though just to see how they would look. I hope everyone is healing great!

Post op week 5

Okay so not a lot has changed. If anything I think I'm liking them a little less... Still super high. My incisions are turning red now. My left one is still way higher than my right and it just doesn't look right. I think I'm just getting impatient.... Anyway hope everyone is doing well.

5 weeks...

Pics didn't upload on last post ...
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