20 Year Old, 5'9'' 150 Lbs - Tacoma, WA

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Hello all! So I've been a bit of a lurker on this...

Hello all! So I've been a bit of a lurker on this website and finally decided to get my boobs done. I have been really self conscious of my breasts for as long as I can remember. Currently I am a small B but my procedure will hopefully bump me up to a D. I appreciate any and all advice and comments! I am here not only for support but also to see if there are any tricks or tips while healing. :)

Before surgery list??

I have seen a lot of posts and I wanna know what I should be picking up? Any help is appreciated.

Two more days!!

I haven't posted pictures yet but I will soon. I am super excited and will post on Monday. (Surgery day) If anyone has any info on what the first day is like and what to do and what not to do it would be helpful.

Third day

So today I had increased tightness, and was little more sore than yesterday. I started to take Tylenol instead of my percocet so that's expected. Other than that today was fairly easy

before pictures

I was at a 34 B

Day 4

Woke up with some tightness, slept mostly through the night although I did have to take a percocet to go back to sleep. They're still tight and I know its only day four I just hope they come together more.

Day Five

Not much change. Still really tight and I feel my right is higher than my left. But I'm off percocet and am taking strictly Tylenol. I get lightheaded whenever we drive anywhere, does that happen to anyone else?m

Day 5 photo

One week done!

I'm regaining a lot of feeling so my pain is higher. My left nipple I can feel and is suuuuuper sensitive. The side of my breasts ache more than normal but I think its because I rolled on my side last night. :( Other than that nothings changed. They don't look any different to me but maybe its just the light in the photo I'm gonna post with this update.


2 weeks down!

Dang, its already been two weeks. I've been trying to keep my self busy and I start work next week working 12 hour shifts so wish me luck. Happy holidays everyone. :) in my picture I'm posting with this it looks like they're coming together more. I've been sleeping on my side which causes mild discomfort but I can't sleep any other way. Not much pain except when I first wake up, as with everyone else at this point in healing. I have been getting pain like my implant is pushing on my incision.. And whenever I go to yawn under my breast like where the pocket was made feel like I'm pull in something I'm not supposed to.. Any thoughts??

Almost A Month!

Everything is great, they are starting to move a little.. Still haven't dropped and fluffed. But sleeping is better, not a lot of pain.. If any at all. I'll be posting at my 6 week mark, until then stay beautiful ladies. ????

About 2 months later

Acquired some stretch marks, which is a little upsetting but they feel great and they're super squishy. They're able to be pushed together for cleavege.. They even out my body and aren't too big at all. I got measured at a 34 d-dd depending on the bra.

6 months post

6months they feel wonderful! I love love love em!

6 months

Hers another

Before and after

34 B to 34 DD
Tacoma Plastic Surgeon

The office I'm working with is Aesthetica Clinique in Tacoma, WA. They are wonderfully staffed and the doctors wife Jaime has been more than helpful with any and every concern or question I've had. She's absolutely wonderful and one of the nicest women I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. The staff is very respectful and insightful. Very kind and the office has an absolutely wonderful atmosphere!

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