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Since I was a small child I hated my neck. I also...

Since I was a small child I hated my neck. I also had a very small recessed jaw. It was totally disproportionate to my frame. I was ruthlessly mocked. Even into adulthood comments were made. I had an overbite that exasperated it. At 33 I got braces to hopefully help with the bite. My teeth looked great...but I still looked like an iguana. After raising 4 children and a lifetime military career I thought it was time to do something just for me. I think a lot of women have such a hard time with this. Like it is shallow or selfish to spend money on themselves, or to just want to look attractive to themselves. It took me 2 years to go in for a consult after I started really thinking I could actually do this. The clinic I chose was the most reasonably priced. The truth was the online before and after photos looked bad to me from all my local plastic surgeons. I focused on Education, certifications and board qualified. It wasn't until I saw the photos on Real Self I was amazed. That was after my procedure. My surgeon said I couldn't get the definition I was looking for without a chin implant. It is very small but made an incredible difference. I say don't be afraid of that. The cost is nominal for what it does for your profile. I am having for my personality... issues I don't handle well. My right side has healed very well. My left side has necrosis, bruising, I have disgusting sores on my neck. One will definitely leave an unsightly scar. The scars are much larger than I anticipated. The one under my chin blistered while healing and is still hurting. I have had 7 hyperbaric treatments I don't see where they helped. I am a full time career person and if I knew 3 weeks out I would be dealing with this I might not have done it. If you don't have to work or can handle slow healing if it happens to you then that is a factor. I knew there could be complications but I am a vegetarian, very active, don't smoke and am very healthy. So very little sleep and worry is not helping my healing. I am fairly good natured and use humor to deal with stress...it's run out. Everyone heals differently. Everyone deals with stress differently. We all make decisions on is best for us. I say look all over Real Self. Lots of success stories, Your decision has to be for you. It is a big surgery if you go full SMAS. Drains , lots of swelling, back pain from having to sleep sitting up. Research everything. My clinic didn't have a lot of info online. A lot do. Go ahead and read everything you can about how to take care of yourself...it helps. I can't commit to whether I am glad I did this. I don't even know what I am going to look like yet. I am depressed about the issues and definitely won't be having a Merry Christmas. I did it on a Holiday to work in more time off. I don't recommend that.
My surgery team was very professional. I am terrified of IVs. I have had HORRIBLE experiences with them. The girl at the clinic was an angel ...not a dot on my arm or pain when I went home. I will post pics from my phone and review clinic after it is all over. I understand healing can take a year...but right now I am not objective enough to review my care fairly. I don't have an iguana neck, I have a profile. I didn't care if I looked younger or beautiful. I didn't want a rotting ear or large sores in their place though. Just remember I am one person and there are probably thousands of people on here that sailed through it and you could be that person.

Before photos and recovey

I found the before photos. I didn't look terrible from a distance or directly in front....but the reality was terrible..... I am just 3 days short of post surgery.


Trouble loading photos...trying again ....I am almost 3 weeks post op.

17 Dec 2015

Almost a month out and my left side still look like Ronda Rousey got me.... My chin feels like a raw burn.... The photo is this morning. At 3 months I'all give my rating on whether it's worth it or not.

Very dissapointed

It is 2 months post op and I don't need a Doctor to tell me this is not the way the results are supposed to turn out. I look like I was maimed or badly burned in a fire. The very 2 things I hated about my appearance were the fat mounds next to my mouth and my neck. The mounds are still there and my neck looks worse and I cannot believe there is anything medically that could be done to correct it. Plus I would be terrified that it would look even worse. I waited patiently for the swelling to go down. A year isn't going to fix this. I have deep concave filets and striation marks. My neck may have been fat but it didn't look like this. I hate being told t cover it with makeup. Isn't that why we try to enhance our appearance or correct flaws so we don't have to hide under scarves and foundation? If I knew I had to choose between this and the trouble I experienced I think I would have stayed the other way.

7 months later

One of the things I don't like about Real Self is if your feeling down and you post, you can't remove it. My Doctor is the utmost professional and very talented at what he does. I had 4" of excess skin and fat around my neck before my neck lift. I knew going in it was a tall order to fix it. I don't like the way my neck looks right now. However, my Doctor will do a revision to tweek it at no cost to me. So it isn't whether you hit road bumps, it is how your Physician responds to it that matters. In my case he is very attentive to his patients needs and definitely responds to any dissatisfaction in a positive manner. I also do not believe any Doctor could have achieved the result I wanted with the state my face and neck was in. I looked like an iguana with a Shar pei's face. If you are in the Tacoma area the clinic and Doctor I chose would be my first choice if I had to do it all over again even knowing I had some detours. I am scheduled for a revision a year post op and I am very optimistic. Before my surgery I got asked all the time if I wanted my senior citizen discount. Now that has completely stopped.
If you are considering facial rejuvenation it is worth it. It does take a while to heal. Have Aquaphor, A&D ointment, and a nice face surgery wrap ready when you get home. I bought a snoring strap which was just the right size for my chin implant. It gave me a very comfortable feel for sleeping at night during healing. The A&D ointment helps healing and keeps your skin moist and healthy. Scar Away strips help a lot. I sleep on my back now after a lifetime of sleeping on my stomach. Have a lot of pillows waiting for you in the bed or one of those chair pillows when you get home from surgery. I was crippled for awhile so I have a hospital bed. That was a life saver. After the revision I'll post pics of the before and after. I have read other ladies testimonials who have had the same issues I did and their Doctors were awful. My Doctor has been a Saint.
Do it. Do something for yourself. I have discovered BOTOX. WOW. Amazing is all I can say. So even if you don't run right into an operating room try that and be awed by your results. My forehead is small for a brow lift and $$ wise BOTOX is less expensive over the long haul.


Tacoma Oculoplastic Surgeon

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