24 Year Old, One Kid, Lost 80 Pounds, Mommy Makeover Much Needed. Tacoma, WA

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Hello, I went in for a consultation yesterday for...

Hello, I went in for a consultation yesterday for a mommy makeover and today I went ahead and made a deposit to book my surgery date! June 15, 2016 is when it will be happening. I developed breasts when I was 9 years old and by the time I was 13 they were a DD. The areola has been stretched out their entire existance and they have always drooped. I have stayed a DD my entire life except when I became pregnant and breastfed where they enlarged up to F. After giving birth I went on to lose 80 pounds where they sagged even more although I am now back to a DD. My belly got seriously hit too and i now have a lot of excess skin and fat that wont budge. I am an avid runner and it really sucks to have to wear extremley tight pants to control the bounce while running. I can't wait to start this whole journey and will be postinf pics as I go!

Ok, updating with pre-op pictures!

As you can see my brests heavily sag and the areola is super stretched out. Also, note all the loose skin on tummy.

I have gained a few pounds from being on vacation and my current weight is 163. I am trying to get to 155 or below!

Updating with more pre-op tummy pics

So here is my stomach when i am sitting down from the front and side. Can't wait until my mommy makeover! 2 months and 3 days away.

At this point i am just researching as much as I can. I am absolutley terrified of anesthesia. I have never been put under. Not even for my c-section or wisdom teeth removal. Someone help alleviate my fears lol!

27 days until the big day!

Wow, when I booked my surgery I had 3 months left to go and now I have 27 days. So many emotions are in my head on a day to day basis. Mostly excitment but also fear. I am so afraid of Anesthesia and something going wrong or having an undesirable outcome.

I have started buying some supplies but mostly I need a shower seat and a good girdle. I have been thinking about getting Spanx as that was what my Dr recommded. Can't wait until I am on the flat side and have breasts I love. Pre-op is on June 2nd!

Pre-op today, 13 days away from Surgery!

I have soooo many feelings today. I am mostly excited and ready to be rid of the excess skin and droopy breasts. Got my blood count and prescriptions today. I also ordered the last of the supplies I will need for after the surgery. Can't wait to post updated pics of my new body!

5 days until Surgery!

My Spanx came in today!(excuse my dirty mirror) My PS recommended spanx and i ended up ordering the Slim Cognito in Medium. It fits really well, although i would like for there to be a tiny bit more compression in the tummy. Nerves are taking over about the surgery. Getting really nervous about anesthesia and about if i will get the results i want. I trust my PS though and i am just so ready to be on the flat side!

2 days before surgery...

I got my period!!! Ugh. This is going to suck. At my pre-op they did a blood count and they said my iron was a little low. So they scheduled me to do another blood count the day i got my period (which was supposed to be tomorrow). Seriously hoping it doesn't affect anything.

Does anyone have any experience with dealing with your period during recovery? I just don't even know how im going to manage this.

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Went back to my PS's office for my blood count and they said it was perfect. Good thing i've been taking double the ammount of iron! I have so many emotions going on right now. Mostly scared. And thoughts like, "should I have lost more weight before?" "Am I going to look good?". I just want everything to be perfect. Took some final pre-op pictures and i am so ready to look different! See you on the other side ladies!

Surgery Went Well Yesterday

I've been so out of it, i can't believe my surgery was yesterday. Will post more and photos when im feeling up to it. Been mostly sleeing and feeling naseous.

Update W/ Pics!

Ok so I have been super out of it the past couple of days. Mostly dealing with nausea and loopiness from the pain meds. Couldn't eat anything without throwing it up until last night when I was able to eat some soup. Surgery day is a blur. I checked in, i was first of the day and they came in and did a pregnancy test and got me changed into a robe. The CRNA came in to ask questions. She was really nice and she made me feel a lot better about Anesthesia. Then my doctor came in to do his markings. After that i walked over to the operating suite where i climbed into a heated padded bed. It was soooo comfy. The CRNA came me something to relax and i was feeling really happy lol. Then i heard ok, we are going to do the full blown anesthesia now and then i remember waking up in the recovery suite where i did not feel good whatsoever. I got the shakes really bad and i was throwing up. I've pretty much stayed like that until last night when i started feeling better. I'm going to try cuttinf down on pain pills today just because i hate the loopy feeling. Super happy with how low my tt scar is! I think it came out beautiful. My boobs are also awesome. They feel so full and perky, and i didn't even get implants! I hope to keep healing well and feeling better. :)

Day 3 Post op

Feeling a lot better today than the past couple of days. I am in swell hell though. I actually ate some pizza today and felt really food because i have barely ate anything in 4 days. Moved my pain meds to taking them every 6 hours instead of 4. Getting a little stir crazy being on my reclined couch though. Today i set up a chair in my daughters playroom though and got to watch her play for a while. Not much else to add other than that!

Pics I forgot to post

5 days Post op

Got my Drain out today and also got cleared to shower! It was sooo nice. I bought a $32 shower chair from amazon and a detachable shower hose and it was perect. The biggest complaint I have right now is the back pain from being hunched over all the time and the swelling. The swelling is awful! I'm ready for it to be months down the road already lol. My boobs are like my star players right now lol. They aren't giving me any problems and i just get to sit here and admire them. While i was always big, a 34DD, i didnt ever get to have perky boobs and now they make me so happy. Even in the most supportive bras it's no where close to how they are now!

8 Days Post op, Emergency Room last night

Ladies, last night i ended up going to the emergency room for Fecal Impaction. Basically I was so constipated and it was lodged and not coming out of my colon. I had to have an Enema which was the worst experience of my life. I was in excruciating pain and screaming. But everything finally came out. :( Please please remember to be taking your stool softners! By the time my doctor told me to take them i was 6 days post op and it was already too late. In other news I am almost able to stand straight up. It's very tight and i am still so swollen. I don't realt have any pain though just some irritation and itching. I go to see my doctor tomorrow and im hoping he will tell me i can stop bandaging my incisions and that i can start scar treatment. Does any one know when you are allowed to wear underwire bras again?

8 days post op pics

10 days Post op

I stood in front of the mirror this evening and couldnt believe how my tummy looked. It's better than i ever imagined. Super flat and got rid of most of my stretch marks. I can fit into old shirts that my hanging stomach would never fit into or look good in. This is an emotional journey but tonight i am happy! Here is some pictures in a size SMALL shirt and some of hubbys sweatpants. :) oh and the little pooch you see in the sideways view is swelling.

2 weeks post op!

Wow i can't believe two weeks has already passed! Recovery was no where near as bad as i thought it was going to be. My biggest thing is im already itching to start working out again! I have been going on 30-40 minute walks the past three days and they feel great. I tried sleeping in my bed and it just wasnt comfortable at all so im still sleeping on my reclining couch. Been using bio oil for my stretch marks and mepitac for my incisions. My boobs still look funnyish. Even though i dont have implants i wonder when they will setttle! Swelling is still bad from my belly button area and down. Also still numb in that area. You can see my swelling in some of my pics. I hope all you ladies are healing fabulously!

3 weeks post op

The last week has been hard. I have just been feeling really depressed and over eating. I have a girls night coming up this saturday and went to the mall to get a new dress. Bad idea! My swelling made nothing fit right and i almost broke down in tears. I know its only been a short time but i am so ready to not have any swelling or numbness. Oh i also went to victorias secret and tried on bras. As of right now im a whole cup size smaller! Instead of 34DD im a 34 D. Yay! I just want to feel so happy with my results.

More 3 week pics

You can see the swelling in my lower stomach. And it's morning so it only gets worse as the day goes on! Oh also a pic of my tt scar. The lighting makes it look like one boob is bigger than the other but thats not the case.

1 month post op

Wow, time flies! Can't believe its been a whole month. I am so glad i had the surgery. I went out this past saturday and was able to wear form fitting clothes for the first time in years. I was getting looks and hit on and that was such an esteem booster! A few things i am feeling:

1. I am still sleeping on the couch. Its weird how i have no problem standing straight but the second i try to lay flat it feels like my skin is being stretched too tight lol.

2. I am dying to work out again. I feel so frumpy not doing it and my butt has turned to mush lol. I have an appointment with my PS tomorrow and i am going to ask him if i can resume working out again in 2 weeks. Hope he says yes!

3. I am regretting not getting flank lipo. I think it would have enhanced my results even more. I am going to bring this up to my ps tomorrow. I could always do it down the road but that means more money when i could have just had it done at the same time!

4. Anyone know when you can start spray tanning? Also something i will ask tomorrow.

All in all i feel really normal except my belly is still numb and at the end of the day it looks like i gained 10 lbs lol! I try not to get discouraged since its still early days but some days its difficult to not get bummed.

I got cleared....

To workout again. I'm so excited!!! My PS said everything is looking fantastic and I can go back to doing everything normal. I havent worked out yet but im planning on starting Sunday. :-D

Holy swell hell

It's the end of the day and i ran for the first time this morning. The past two days i have been feeling extremley full whenever i eat. It's a super uncomfortable feeling. So i feel really full and swollen right now. I am even swollen above my belly button and that hasnt happened so far. Ugh.

5 weeks post op

I weighed myself this morning. It upset me really bad. It's the highest weight i've been in a couple years. I am 170.2 and before surgery i was around 163. Ugh. I want to be around 155 but now im scared it might affect my lift.

Started working out again and in the evening i am so swollen its uncomfortable. I started getting my food back in check yesterday.

I am feeling very upset right now.

7 weeks Post-op

Hi everyone. I didn't update last week because I have just been feeling blue. Everyday I am still so swollen and uncomfortable. I just want to be able to fit into my clothes the right way again. I also had a cold last week and i was not able to exercise. I really REALLY wish i would have gotten my flanks lipoed. I absolutley hate them and how i always have a muffin top in clothes still. I have stopped wearing my compression garmet. I feel pretty much normal except when i try to lay on my stomach and at night when my swelling is so awful it feels like my skin is ripping apart.
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