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I did it to complete all my hard work of losing...

I did it to complete all my hard work of losing weight which turned out to be a bust when he ruined my body!

I went in to see my Dr. for smart lipo. At the time I weighed about 160lbs. I had just lost 20 lbs after my baby weight. I got my flanks done. I paid $3400.00 for the in office procedure. It was slightly painful but not at all like I thought. I was in there for about an hour and a half. Pretty swollen for a couple of months. I didn't see much difference so I went in for a review. The doc said it should take a couple more months. I waited. Still no change. The last time I went in I was fed up. It is a lot of money for no results. The nurse had the nerve to ask me how much weight I gained. To her surprise, after weighing me (since she didnt believe me) I had lost an additional 10 lbs. since the surgery because I was working out a lot!

The doc comes in and tells me there is great change although I cant see it and that the reason that it still looks big is because I lost weight and that area doesn't lose weight along with it! (Which I later learned that is bull!) So they lied to begin with when I was told that it is okay to get it done at 160lbs and encouraged to work out because the more I lose the more it will go down. Now they are telling me that I should have waited to have lost all my weight!?!?

So either way, he wouldn't correct the surgery unless I paid out of pocket again, though it didn't work in the first place. And here I am with weird dents and lumps on my flanks, from smart lipo (which is popular for a smooth finish) still the same large size and $3400.00 broker. And I cannot do anything about it. He is a horrible doctor! A real plastic sergeon would have fixed his mistake. If you take money you should do what you promised!

He claims he works to satisfy...I guess he has a low standard. Think twice before hiring this doc, most likely your results will not be what was asked! I have before and after pictures of the surgery, 1 year total. You can see the differrence in weight loss natural all over my body, which I am now 140lbs. and that there was no change in the flanks area, also the dents are very defined. They are available upon request!

Tacoma Plastic Surgeon

The girls in the office are great. They are happy and always smiling. It makes you feel very comfortable. Unfortunately, the girls aren't what makes the surgery a pleasant experience.

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