3 Days Post-op - Tübingen, DE

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This was something I had always wanted to do but...

This was something I had always wanted to do but did not want to get it done until I was sure I wouldn't be having kids or doing anything that would drastically change my body. This might have to be in a series of reviews/updates. However, I have found this site extremely helpful and hopefully my experience will do the same.

5'2" and usually sit between 105-110 lbs
petite/small frame (but I have hips and a butt)
Starting breast size 34A-ish ("ish" since it really depends on the bra brand)
Goal: wanted something fuller and looks like it could've come naturally (sizing wise) ... hoping i'll end up with a full C (small D) once they settle and the swelling goes down
Received: Mentor Memory Gel Siltex Round High Profile 325cc under the muscle

I am presently living in Germany and my PS is Dr. Guido Kohler. He trained/worked in the US and the UK prior to moving back to Germany. He uses US products and his english is excellent. I had the opportunity to review surgical photos (sans faces and personally identifying info). I appreciated the fact that it was kind of a two-way interview during the consult. How you feel and the trust you build with your PS is crucial. You want to make sure that you are both on the same page with the same expectations of what can be achieved. He and his staff were absolutely amazing!

The interview, consultation and sizing appointments were thorough, informative, and was never rushed. I was completely prepared for my surgery (thanks to his staff and to the reviews on this site).

Surgery Day
First off, in Germany breast augmentation surgeries are done inpatient. It was required for me to stay in the hospital/clinic for 48 hours. I had my own recovery room, and it was a very peaceful place for the initial recovery. The nursing staff was super! Surgery was on a Monday. I went home Wednesday and took he rest of the week off of work. So my plan is one full week before i go back to my "office job."
So now for the not so fun stuff. I have not had kids nor have I ever been pregnant. Stretched out boobies is no joke for people who haven't experienced that milk production. I experienced a significant amount of pain (for me), particularly the first night trying to sleep. I swear I melted every ice pack...seemed like they were constantly being replaced. Also, my PS prefers to keep drainage tubes in for the duration of the stay to assist your body in getting rid of the excess fluids that accumulate during the surgery. I am pretty sure my discomfort was a combination of being stretched out, stuffed like a sausage in a compression bandage with a drainage tube on each breast to accompany the cut and stretched pectoral muscles.

1 Day Post Op
24 hours after the surgery was SO much better. I still needed pain medications but I was able to get to the bathroom by myself. Also, I wasn't having to take any narcotic pain medications that day. I got my appetite back and had a couple of lattes while I watched my iPad and slept in my fancy compression thigh highs. Even better was I got rid of that stupid compression band and was switched to the post surgical bra. I still had the drainage tubes but getting out of that band was MONEY! So, still in pain, but it was manageable and I was able to sleep pretty decently the second night. Seeing my new boobies was a shock. I didn't think they could stretch that much :-P I was kind of afraid to touch them, like they were going to pop or something. But my PS insisted I do and to get used to it.

Day 2 Post Op
Finally get to go home. After breakfast, I started organizing my stuff to checkout and got rid of those darn drainage tubes. It felt so much better having those things out. I went home midday and just kind of hung out and did nothing. I still needed the muscle relaxer and motrin but not in as frequent of dosages. Definitely make sure to invest in a good wedge pillow for elevation. You'll want to use a couple extra pillows as well as one under your knees to keep you from sliding down.

Day 3 Post Op
Woke up learning exactly what "morning boob" is ... I guess this will be a recurring theme until my muscles adjust. Putting deodorant on is kind of a challenge at the moment due to limited range of motion, as is washing my own hair. It was a very quick shower and not my usual steam shower that I prefer. The PS just asked that I use a blow dryer (low to cool setting) to dry the steri-strips prior to putting my bra back on. Less meds today and more moving around. I sometimes feel a sharp pain (totally normal) at the incision site that lasts 1-2 seconds then it is gone. Morning boob sucks and my back is a little bit sore.

I do not think I will be adding photos, but will put together a couple more reviews and am happy to answer any questions.

Post surgery pic

A post surgery photo l. 6 days post op ... Clothed but you can see the proportion.
Dr. Guido Koehler

Dr. Kohler and his staff are phenomenal. He is extremely professional and knowledgable. He was easy to work with and was an active listener. He also is the kind of doctor that likes to keep regular tabs on his patients to make sure they're recovery is progressing well. I read many reviews from both German and American clients prior to making my appointment with him. I was not disappointed!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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