Transsexual BA Roller Coaster 2006-2015 - Szczecin, Poland

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I started on HRH at 21 with pills. I'm 5'7''&3/4...

I started on HRH at 21 with pills. I'm 5'7''&3/4 (1,72m) and weighted 132 pounds 3 years and 11-15 pounds later I went from 36nada to 38AA got some curves but no breasts than I moved to Berlin,Germany and got my hands on Estradiol Depos and very strong Androcur, in a few months I gained about 40 pounds but only 38A breasts. I became very womanly just with tiny boobies so then I knew that I need implants. When I was 16 I calculated from nipples/chest middle radius that I gonna need 1100cc implants to be proportional with my back and shoulders and that's only possible with saline expanders first.

Follow ups

Math always does the trick if u start with no breasts.
So in 2006 after saving up like crazy for my 2 upcoming surgery- I knew that the 1st BA saline implants can't stay in my body longer than the needed expansion time, well they could have but who wants rock hard breasts??- so I planned for silicon for my end results ; I went for consultation and I spoke an hour long instead of the assistant who usually does the pre op talking. He said that never met a patient who knew so much about procedures like me :o) I was reading surgeon's textbooks since 16 so no wonder there ;-)
We agreed that I gotta need at least 800cc implants the biggest in the series to my disappointment, but then he told me about custom made silicon implants to my relief:o)
February 2006: When I woke up after my first surgery I screamed from pain so they pumped me full with morphine immediately thx God , they put in 800cc size adjustable saline implants but could fill it up only till 400cc , and it took 3&half hours and 2 surgeons to get it done. They told me that although I have real breasts tissue from the hormontherapy my muscles are so strong as a stallion horse's . That's a good thing by submuscular implants on the long run. I was extremely disappointed with that size, on my large chest it flattened out (16,1cm diameter expanders) and I was 38B cup. I was a hardcore stomach sleeper so the first 4 weeks weren't easy but thx God my Ex had waterbed so I could continue sleeping on front after they let me out (3days post op always or longer if needed) from the hospital to home. In the first 4 weeks I wanted to drain them with a needle it was so uncomfortable for my muscles, thx God common sense was stronger LOL after that I got used to them. 6 weeks later I went for the first filling (had the distance ventil about 5 inches from my armpits on the side covered up by fat so wasn't visible at all like by thin patients) and he put in 100cc saline solution. Hmmm it's better I thought looking into the mirror, and so it went every 3 weeks an other and an other 100cc , every 2nd time I increased a cup size, it was the most beautiful spring in my life watching my breasts finally growing like a teenage girl, I became 16 years old with 26 again! Lol
It went so till 800cc after that 50/60 ccs till 960 cc the max fill volume of that implants by the end of June. They've looked so cute that I went to CSD parade on the moving tracks topless in a corset with my bf . When I took of my blouse paparazzies started to shoot fotos like Madonna's we even got into the BZ newspaper, my ex still have it on his wall under glass :o)
Two months later I got my second BA with 1100cc implants, my surgeon used the periareolar technique so my muscles weren't cut at all ( just ripped of by my first BA ) so by the 2nd I had no pain at all, thx the heavens. Although did have terrible pain in the middle of my back 2 months long, managed with pain meds ( Tramadol 200mg and Diclofenac 600mg) until my muscles were stretched out and the pain went away. Ah yeah after the 2nd op they removed my drains too early (3 days after op) so my left breast had swollen up and get infection with fever so 2&half weeks later they needed to open it up to clean that out cuz the antibiotics had no effect. After that it was clear.
Periareolar submuscular with 1100cc (18cm diameter) implants were experimental and the left one started to bottoming out one year after surgery :-( after me my surgeon learned that max 1000cc with 15,5cm can be placed like that ) and by 2009 it got so bad that my breast was purple under the nipple and consulting with PS it needed a repair otherwise it could have come through my skin! They also thought after mammogram that the implant has ruptured as well. So a new one was ordered, but during my surgery (October 2009) my PS after extraction discovered that it was in tact and put it back after tissue repair instead of the new sterile implant! To save me costs. Well it didn't!
After that I started to suffering from minor chains of swellings, little fewers, not enough to feel uncomfortable and pay an other few 1000 bucks for an other surgery. Biggest mistake of my life!
And in my opinion in his career by placing not the new sterile implant , although I consulted many PS on that subject and it was inconclusive.
So forward time my boob got bigger about the size of an 1300 implant I kinda enjoyed that until it got really big 2000cc or more with deadly dangerous fever (41,2 Celsius!! In April 2013. After 1 week in bed I went to my GD they wanted to call the ambulance but I told them that I can't pay for that so I went next day to the emergency hospital myself yeah with over 41 Celsius fever. I'm really good with high fevers it doesn't knock me out like most people. There the ER doc told me that I have bacterial infection and it needs to be amputated immediately because the infection went over my heart, lungs, stomach and I'm a few days from multiple organ failure ! WtF now? I told him his balls first and left after signing the papers and psychological evaluation that the high fever doesn't compromising my decision center in my brain.
I called immediately the assistant of my PS told him what's up he picked me up in an hour from home and brought me over to the hospital in Szczecin. That evening my breast finally opened up by my nipple after taking a shower and it was like mothers milk by fully load. They've squeezed it out as much as possible (I thought gonna scream from pain, but didn't) put me in bandages and IV antibiotics but next day when my PS arrived he told me that amputation not but extraction is very likely necessary. I had over a liter infectious liquid inside it so no wonder. It was extracted against my will but between dying or that I really had no choice. To be continued...


After 2 days they took me off morphines still on IV antibiotics 7days long in the hospital (costs 1000€) I got my first nervous breakdown when I looked in the mirror, one side my beautiful 1100cc breast the other like a rubbed out bag :-/ and I break out in tears the first time. I seriously thought that I gonna kill myself once get home, but after talking to my PS about reconstruction thankfully I changed my mind. My mom was a huge help financially and with moral support during the next two and half yrs , my savings alone couldn't have covered it all:-(
I wore 7 months long spounch and during work a 650cc silicon implant in my bra (the lovely assistant let me borrow his supply) until my first reconstruction surgery. I researched the expander which I wanted because I knew that the ones with my first BA aren't big enough, after a lot of Internet research and phoning manufacturers I decided to go with mentor's biggest smooth round TE 1000cc fill volume (350-4306M) 15,5 dia.and 7,8 cm project. Of course overfilled at least 25% to not the break the medical rule again by going with bigger implant than the expander. Like by my 2nd BA
My PS agreed of course;-)
He did to try to repair the muscle with stem cell fat grafting transplant (from my belly bottom) it was only slightly very light Magellan color after surgery only a week long, yeah considering my skin tone (porcelane) it's very not bruising easily at all. He did I don't know why dual-plane implant technique and immediately after I woke up and touched my boob I knew that something is terribly wrong with it. 2 other PS in the hospital there told me that I can't feel the muscle in the inferior area cuz of the fat transfer plus they're very thinned through the previous infection but I knew that's not true. I know every muscle on my body and can flax them all (even my ears and nose like a witch) but what could I do? Nothing:-( he put in 500cc and about 150cc fat into the muscle and for my birthday two injection into my mouth winkles cuz I asked (no extra for that) because in 2011 I lost finally the 40 pounds what I gained before see middle pics , and 6 months later an other 20 pounds too, I was never so thin I weighted 121 lbs first time since I was 9 years old, yeah I was a heavy kid, with 16 I lost 60 pounds in 4 months with crush diet, and kept it until I started with hardcore HRH at 25. In 2012 I was 115/55/90cm (b/w/h) wow true hourglass figure but my face needed 3 hrs Hollywood make up before I looked okay. Plus u could see my rips back and forth so I gained back (with eating) to 155lbs and looked great. Unfortunately after my extraction I comforted my depression with food so gained unwillingly an other 20 pounds but hell no wonder.
So back after Op November 2013. 3 weeks later the assistant started to filling my expander in 6 weeks after op it was at 750cc when Christmas night I picked up something from my bathroom floor and with that the distance ventil (which btw this time was put under my breast on my rips not on the side like by the first one , through damage from the infection) rose up into my pocket, I looked in the mirror with excruciating pain and saw that the knot disappeared under the device, I popped it back with two fingers but it was already too late cuz it ruptured it:-/ waaa nice Christmas present he? High fever a week, inside bleeding und muscle fracture by ultrasound diagnosed. My PS and his assistant blamed me for it saying that my bf pushed it up by intimate contact, not true! Anyway for the replacement I still needed to pay an another 650€ . But this time he did it right at least completely submuscular, never accepted responsibility for the dual-plane mistake ( by implants it's okay but by growing expanders it's not gonna expand the pectoralis major cuz it's bottoming out constantly into the soft tissue without muscles to hold the upper projection) plus I called Mentor for the reclamation claim and they never received the device, it disappeared on the post station in Polland they said, shady? Anyway
I was happy that this time I can have the full experience of growing again without further complications. The 2nd reconstruction replacement surgery was end of January 2014. I had to watch to deflate it completely until then.
By July 2014 I was filled up till 1250cc ... To be continued...


In 2013 I called Sebbin (my implants manufacturer in France) and to my sorrow they told me that they don't make my implants anymore in that particular proportion (mod.extra board 18cm dia.) plus on the left side probably was one of the reasons for the bottoming out , I'm right handed, and of course my PS should have done my 2009 OP inframamary incision and with capsulorraphy what he did not!
So I let me email the new custom made series 1200cc was the nearest replacement implant to my old one (16,6cm dia., 7,9cm proj.) costs back then 1000€ pro implant . Because my PS severed his contract with them a few years ago, in 2009 with contract it was 750€)
So I decided if I gonna need 2 implants for 2000€ alone for them then why not choose one with more projection and cc? Hell yeah sisters! LOL
But cuz my expander was already overloaded with 25% my PS was concerned cuz he never used TEs only adjustable saline implants as expanders, as many PS does what I gathered here on RealSelf. So I searched and searched the web and found this godsend forum and could asked experienced doctors with this particular device about further overfilling. All doctors said no problem, but my PS still refused to do it , so I did it myself! Wouldn't recommend it to anybody but cuz I'm used to giving myself injections (intramuscular hormones) plus with 4 times expander I saw like 100 times how it's done (I always watched very closely) I didn't have any concerns about it at all. First I did 150cc , took me about an hour, and lost a pound of sweat LOL from 1250 to 1400, after that I wore 3 compression sports bras in the same time c pics (first the biggest then the smaller and last put on the smallest ) to avoid muscle problems. It did. Then a month or 5 weeks later I did it again with an another 130cc up till 1530cc... To be continued...


Then I went to see my PS in December 2014 and showed him what I've done. He wasn't surprised at all knowing me for 9 years, LOL
After that he agreed to make out my prescription for 1425cc implants, they are only available against Rx. I got it first in January 2015 and called Sebbin Germany distribution. Thx God that I already reserved verbally in 2013 with the manager because they increased the price by 50% in 2015! First I talked with his assistant cuz he was on sabbatical and almost got a heart attack when he told me that it's gonna cost me 3000€ instead of 2000. But when the manager got back he called me and said that we made a verbal contract so of course I gonna get them for last year's price. Hurray on that.
After reading here Dr.Pousti's articles on huge breasts I knew that I wanna have the internal bra technique with strattice, but after looking up the cost for ADM I decided to go with the much cheaper European (German) method with titanium mesh. It's more painful and takes about 2 years to heal completely but costs only 350€ pro breast, so total 700 only.
What u see on my left breast as a dimple is the scar tissue cuz the infection ate itself through my pectoralis major and it needed to be sawn together again. To bad that a rigotomy with fat grafting wasn't possible by my last OP according to my PS?? And I gonna need yet at least one more surgery to fix that and the positioning of my nipples, but other than that I'm very happy with my new twins.


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More pics

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Loosing weight after BA

After the 7th weeks mark when I could stop finally with high dose of painkillers (couldn't sleep under 600-800 mg opiates until then not even combined with tranquilizers, this time my muscles were cut under the breast 12-13cm long plus titanium into them, so when I laid down on my back, no more waterbed- that relationship ended mutually in 2008- from the pain I couldn't sleep only by overdosing on meds.
So after that I knew that my body did the biggest part of the healing process and I can start with the diet, through dangerously high blood pressure and even by the slightest training I muscle up like a bodybuilder so not doing that, diet always worked for me. I lost 10-15 pounds in 4-5 weeks already. (Don't know exactly have no measurement device except my hoses, I have them in different sizes and I know how much I weight in which one;-)
So ladies whose r complaining about weight gain after surgery: that has nothing to do with your implants! Just with your comfort. If u eat less u loose weight simple is that. Math does it again, count the calories and find out by how less u're starting to lose weight. I'm back on HRH since 4 weeks so can't even blame the endocrine system for that. Well in some cases yes of course. Once I lost what I want in weight new pics gonna be up, hopefully soon;o)

Smoking by BA

I'm a heavy smoker as u saw in some pics, here in Western Europe we don't have to be ashamed cuz of it, at least I never do that anyways. Passive smoking is a joke! Once u open your window the gasoline from the cars r million times heavier if u live on a well trafficking street then one tiny cigarette. But even in the forest lead poisoning is everywhere since 1925 since it was approved by the Supreme Court till 1996...
So that I got that off my chest ;o) I never stopped before surgery and neither after, okay I cut back quite a bit on the nicotine amount after op at least for 2 weeks and later till 4-6 weeks by buying very light 0,1-0,3mg ones and half the amount ( only 20 instead of 40/50) since my last surgery I managed to keep it on 20 even after almost 3 months post op and I'll keep it that way for good too. I never had any problems because of it by following a bit of common sense on the cutting back. My blood pressure is inherited from my grandma she never smoked a day in her life, neither did I before my sweet little 16 party and it already high rocketed since I was 10 years old so can't blame on that either. Yes I know how nicotine can cause tissue necrosis, the ex wife of the assistant had that after her first facelift but she did smoked like 40mgs daily, after she did cut back on the amount too never had that problem again... So do stop if u can and cut back on it if u can't stop completely. That's my opinion and of the smoking European operated society as well LOL really every 2nd patient in the hospital did that after my OPs and nobody had any Issues. Best wishes to anyone who r reading my ramblings LOL
I hope I can stop now writing for a while;o))))

Once upon a time...

Here are some pics from the time when I was naive and happy; before all of my problems started with the complications. Oh I wish I could travel back then;-)

Once upon an another time...

Birthday pics in November,2011. 2 years after bottoming out repair surgery on the left side. Still happy, hell yeah just lost over 40 pounds!

4 months after OP...

Today I'm exactly for months after my last BA/implants swapping...

4 months post Op state and future OP plans...

Today's the 4 months anniversary of my last breast surgery. Prior: Left boob overfilled saline TE at 1530cc, right boob implant 1100cc silicone gel. During this OP they were swapped out for 1425cc custom made silicone gel implants with total submuscular technique and inferolaterally placed titanium meshes with internal bra technique. Obviously on the left boob it wasn't enough, hey the problem child of the twins;) so in my upcoming surgery hopefully next summer I plan to do on the left side an implant repositioning with inferolateral "Hammock" capsulorraphy plus placing superiorlaterally and superiormedially (also lateral and medial from the upper part till completely down on both sides of the implant) an another 2 titanium meshes in XXXL sizes sub-muscularly (of maybe subfacially but don't think so) to strengthen the damaged muscles (pectoralis major reconstruction) with a kinda titanium mesh Dome around the whole implant in almost 360 degrees stitched inside the pocket above the implant together with the muscles. In 1-2 years after that it will generate a new very strong tissue-growth on the surface of the mesh Dome restoring with it the function of the lost muscle density and amplitude coz in the inside (medial area) of my cleavage on the left side I can feel the implant rippling if I bend forward directly under my skin, so there probably isn't left enough muscle to cover it completely and the outside side (lateral) is quite week and thin which even after the minilift with capsulorraphy wouldn't change internally only better aesthetics, so titanium mesh Dome here it gonna come! I also would like an areolar subdermal rigotomy with fat grafting to correct the "dimple" scare tissue on the lateral side of the pectoralis major and a periareolar repositioning of the nipple area to downwards most likely on my right breast that last one too, to achieve better aesthetic results possibly in symmetry;o)
Of course if he's already gonna do some fat grafting than I gonna ask him to take out 10-20 ccs more fat tissue and inject it into areas of my face where I wish some development and rejuvenation :o) why not? it gonna take an extra 15 minutes and gonna look for the next few years much younger and better. The best filler ever!
Wish me luck that business going to bloom so that I can afford it to do so all during next summer and after that to be able to take a 6 weeks sabbatical afterwards,pls;)
I'm not completely sure if a new exchange custom made implant should be ordered and placed and of course payed for during this surgery.., it would be safer to do so considering my past issues on that front, however it's so expensive one piece like a pair of normal implants are. Plus by the sign of inflammation always can make a first attempt with a high antibiotic saline solution surgical pocket wash out if things really go south and if that doesn't work order a new implant... Hopefully it ain't happening;) it won't !!!! All will be fine with enough rest and long term meds after OP... So not ordering first but gonna ask if I can get it if I would need to on the price which I bought the current ones, which was last year's price, coz since January this year they became 50% even more expensive but negotiated in 2013 and as a reorder of the original hopefully on that price too if it becomes necessary as a replacement implant. It won't! But still need to know what if...

Hopefully didn't ramble much
I'm emailing my PS this too for costs calculation. Titanium mesh is costs about or less than the 10%th of what ADM/Strattice does so the whole Dome in XXXL size is maximum 800$... Instead of 12000$ what strattice would cost by this size. Thx God it was discovered in Germany in 2009 and approved in 2011 all over Europe as breast mesh for reconstructive porpoises!

20 lbs loss after BA in the last 8 weeks

I didn't do any fitness or training in the gym or anywhere else. I'm on HRT (anti-androgen&estradiol)
which usually generates fat. Well not if u eat right. Just look at the pics;) those muscles were built up over 20 years ago since than I ain't doing nothing... They just stay without any maintenance, well a few hours a week slight "dancing"...
Ps.: so those whose are complaining about weight gain because of implants, well here is the proof that is utter nonsense!
Don't feed the trolls (aka your bellies) and u ain't gonna get overweighted ...

Barbie Noir aka the fatless Coca Cola bottle

Surreal on the silver screen;o)
Still this is how Coca Cola Light looks;) or u can call it Diet Coke bottle;) LOL

Huge boobs don't make u look fat! 18 months after BA

Big or huge/enormous breast implants don't make you look fat if u wear the right clothing, of course since my BA I lost about 25 pounds... hier some pics:

Wish u all my lovelies a Mary X-mas!

18 months (and 2 weeks) after BA; complete submuscular, Internal Bra with Titanium Meshes and from 1100cc Mod+ Silicon gel to 1425cc HP custom made silicon gel -round, textured, softest grade- implants.
After 1&half year they finally started to fluff!! So they're becoming bigger and bigger;o) OMG ????! Lost an another few pounds too; I almost can clinch my waist with my own hands;o) than it's 26" (from 32 -Sept.'15)
Who needs lipo if u can do it yourself??!
Dr. Andrzej Dmytrzak

He is a very well trained reconstructive and plastic surgeon with about 30 years of practice. He does burned victims reconstruction as well as have a lot of experience with transgenders too. We didn't interact much because he almost always has a lot to do with his reconstruction work in "real hospitals" the "Beauty farm hospital " is his private facility. Usually his German assistants are responsible for pre and post op talk&care, plus I knew already what and how I wanna have it. He brings u from the Berlin office to the hospital in Szczecin there the last pre op talk with ( u gonna have if u want and can wait to get an appointment by the Doc too ) the doctor and wait till surgery. How long? It depends on the season; from autumn till spring break they're very busy, summer time not at all. 3-4 days all inclusive after op care in the facility is truly a bless. I had my own private room every time, cuz they pair up only same gender patients and I was the only one in my category. The nurses r absolutely lovely and very professional, u just ring and they are immediately there to give u whatever u need. They never made me feel any differently cuz my sexuality exact the opposite I got the most compliments and positive reaction from them. ;-) And if u need further assistance u can get it daily in the office from the assistant in Berlin after he brings u back to the office in Berlin.( in my case till to my home door cuz I live 15min walk from his office since 2008 :o) . Yeah I choosed the location especially for that reason too. P.s.: since my last OP was summer and his new record in size with the 1425cc he did came into my room after surgery multiple times to my surprise and we had a few long talks about it:-) He was relaxed and super lovely and absolute professional to answering all of my questions and easing my concerns.

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